Some People Believe That It Is Best to Accept a Bad Situation

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April 14, 2021

Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation, such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. Others argue that it is better to try and improve such situations. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 14 Test 1 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

There are differing views on how to handle an unsatisfactory situation. Although accepting it may minimize risks, I advocate for actively working to improve it, as in the process, a person may undergo great self-improvement.

On the one hand, it can be argued that staying in an unpleasant situation may help reduce risks. When a person makes a change, things may not turn out the way they thought they would. As a consequence, they may even lose what they had. For example, if a worker quits the corporate job they hate but fails to find a new one, they will even lose the income their old job provided. However, I think this perspective lacks foresight. Neglecting to improve a situation can exacerbate it, ultimately paving the way for greater risks in the long term.

On the other hand, those who strive to improve unsatisfying situations often experience significant personal growth as they learn and develop new skills to navigate those circumstances. This can be best illustrated by women who leave financially supportive but abusive partners and gain self-reliance by finding new accommodation or securing employment. I believe this approach to an unsatisfactory situation is far more beneficial, as personal growth can bring a great sense of fulfillment and ultimately contribute to a more meaningful life.

In conclusion, while people who play it safe may be able to reduce risks in the short run, I believe putting effort into improving a bad situation can lead to great personal growth and therefore is a better approach to addressing such situations. (258 Words)

How to Vary Your Language

Accept a bad situation
  • Stay in an unsatisfactory situation
  • Endure an unpleasant situation
  • Stay in an unsatisfying situation

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  1. It is often argue that, few individual opine that it is good to accept a unwanted circumstance such as unsatisfactory occupation or lack of money where other claim that it is better to try and improve such situations for better life. This essay will examine both views as far as i am concerned i am in favour of latter notion
    To commence with, in the journey of life people face so many problems as well as we also obstacles and unfair of their life. Life can be havey when we face such problems but we should accept such situations to improve our life in next version or we also get new lessons while accepting ourselves in bad situations and we can be mentally strong and well prepared,.for instance if people do not have chunk of money then they value the money while facing difficult time .
    Shift to ward the final view, while money is irreplaceable assets in life so a lot of people face such problems like financial crisis and low paid job , so we have to work hard to improve our financial explain it, money affects everything such as level of education, health insurance day by day basic needs so we have to work really hard to make better life in future. For example, now we have to pay any things even a bottle of water everything are commercialized so we have to make good income sources.

  2. what band score do I might get for this one
    There is no doubt that unpleasant work or sacristy of money is stressing condition. Although some people who think it is safer to go with the unpleasant situation, I would argue that it is better to seek for better opportunity.

    On the one hand, people who believe committing to current job is better might argue that it is safer for the family. because of the commitments of the children and family might require constant income. For example, children’s education and life essentials like diapers, food and clothe. but if you quit your job trying to search for better life, it might lead to being in debt rather than raising your income.

    On the other hand, my view is that getting out of comfort zone seeking for better opportunity in more likely to result in better rewards than being trapped by your fair. because accepting the initial low income at first as a exchange for experience will pay off in the future and the improvement will be exponentially. Most of the successful businessmen and entrepreneurs had similar stars like this. but accepting the bad condition never led to happier life. So, it is worth trying. And as people say, the salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams.

    To conclude, although accepting your job is safer for the family, I believe looking forward to improving your job pays off in long term because

  3. People fall into different types of difficulties in various parts of life. Every time they want to get rid of these situations, but it is not guaranteed that they will be successful each time. In my opinion, people should always try to improve their bad situations through hard work while accepting their current status as well.
    People face several problems in every stage of life, such as lack of money, hostile job environments, rude neighbors, sudden accidents, etc. As human beings, we should stay strong in these bad patches of life. I know a person who faced a deadly accident and barely survived with a broken leg. Initially he was thinking too much, as he couldn’t accept reality. He primarily took the decision to commit suicide, though his mental health improved after taking advice from a famous psychiatrist. If people can’t keep their nerve in hardship, they may not be able to improve the conditions in the future.
    Everyone in this world tries to be a successful person to his family, teachers, friends, etc. Despite the fact that some bad moments take all our inner strength, we still need to concentrate on improving ourselves for the betterment of our beloved individuals and ourselves. Almost all the billionaires faced hard times in life, although they overcame them with wisdom and knowledge. We all has some friends who were very weak in studies when they were in schools and colleges but today they are holding respectable positions in society.
    In conclusion, my realization is that people should accept their present situation and keep trying to improve it.

  4. A group of people thinks that accepting poor condition is the perfect of way of living, however, another group of people believes we should do our best to make life better. I think both opinions have their own credibility.

    On the one hand, a growing number of people say that, in many cases we fail to achieve our desired life, consequently, we become frustrate. We try as hard as we can to get our goal which is actually non-gainable. As a result, more drepressive situation is created and the life become more tiring and hectic. I also think that, running behind into something which is so far from reach point is not a wise decision. To examplify, one of friends had a job where he was not satisfied as because of low salary and he always try to earn more from other sources. The regular job was less priority and he was not doing well in it, similarly earnings form outside work was not good as well. At the end of the day, he was fired from the job of inconsistent working style. Eventually, now his life is more depressive and full with frustration. With realization if he would able to keep himself calm the life would have more better than it is now.

    On the other hand, there is common belief we should not lose our hope to and we should must struggle until the end as we know no success come without struggle. This means that, obstacle is natural thing in the way of life. But, with proper hard work all barrier can be removed as we all want the best life. More importantly, it is the human nature of trying. I think Steeve Jobs is the best example, having been raised in a poor family he always tried to go to the better position in life and he did it.

    In conclusion, there are many situation where we should be in accepting mood but in many cases with determination becoming successful is possible.

  5. Hi, how can we copy and paste the text inside the site? Many words and tips are useful and valuable then we can save time by copying them.

      1. I’m with you on this. Thank you for helping us to progress in writing. I hope to make maximum use of your informative content.

      2. Hi, I am a big fan of your work, but please understand this one thing, someone can take a screenshot of your webpage and push it into an online converter and crunch the text out of it. So, please do something so that taking a screenshot is not possible also. Thank you.

    1. Hi, thanks for your question. They are the main topics of the two body paragraphs. I used different ways to say them to avoid repetition.

  6. in the second paragraph, it can be mentioned “As a consequence, they may even lose what they had and experience a great sense of loss. ”

    or in the third one, at the first line :”On the other hand, those who try to improve their unsatisfactory situations can feel a sense of self-confidence and achievement.”

    warmest regards

    1. As a consequence, they may even lose what they had, making them feel a great sense of loss.

      1. Yes, “sense of loss” does work in that context. In fact, it works extra well with the word “feel”. But there is a grammatical error in your sentence. Try the two below.

        They might even lose what they had. This could make them feel a great sense of loss.
        They might even lose what they had and feel a great sense of loss.

    2. Yes, you can use “feel a sense of confidence and achievement”. Just make sure to explain why they can feel so.

  7. Hi,
    The expression of “experience a great sence of loss” or “feel a great sense of self-confidence and achievement” can be helpful to state the arguments.

  8. Hi, hope you are doing great.

    The sentence “if a person endures a bad situation for too long, they may develop ….”.
    I want to note that the “he or she” can use instead of “they”. This is because it refer to “a person”, which is single. So, please correct me if I am wrong.

    Warmest regards

  9. Ambition and Satisfaction are the two fuels driving humans from the Old Stone Age to the 21st Century invaded by science and technology. Humans are built to crave desire and have big ambitions. According to Stephen Hawking, “We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.” Hence, why settle for less? Although we humans have no culture of appreciation and satisfaction, this might lead to eternal suffering from desire and ambitions.
    Acceptance of truth and unavoidable events is the key to end suffering. Death of close family member, fatal diseases, loss from natural calamities, financial crisis, etc. are some situations when the quicker you accept the truth, the better you feel. On the contrary, acceptance of some other situations make our life miserable. For example: You are in your late 20s and your job offers you minimum salary which you can use to eat and hardly pay rent. In this situation, accepting your fate and low income job is like surrendering your precious life to misery.
    On the other hand, fighting for our needs and desires help us achieve our goals with satisfaction. From Mt.Everest to Olympus Mons, we humans set our ambitions and in a matter of time, our flags wave there. You get less grades in Mathematics and declare yourself a loser. In this situation, you need to accept that a single subject should not decide your future. Acceptance of your flaws and courage to move ahead is the only way to survive this competitive world. We humans with our inner desire and self discipline are capable of conquering the entre universe.
    In my opinion, we need to accept certain truth but never a situation. Accepting your disinterest in a certain field and searching for new goals is growth but accepting that you’re incapable of achieving things in life just because you can’t get good grades in science is plain negligence and lack of courage to get out of your coccon. Hence, one must always try to accept the flaws, the unavoidables and run for higher and better goals.

  10. There are different views on whether people should accept to live with hard life issues such as few amount of money or an undesirable job, or struggle for changing the current situation to achieve a better lifestyle.
    On one hand, there are some reasons why an individual endures the existing unsatisfactory job or low salary. Firstly, many people who stick to a bad vocation, have no other choice to change their current position because they might not have sufficient skills or required qualifications for new jobs. Next, some people have a lot of responsibility and it is difficult for them to spend an unpredictable time to find a new occupation while they have to fulfill their family’s necessities. As a result, it can be seen that there is a kind of obligation to remain in an unsuitable job or accept the shortage of money without any incentive to alter the way of life.
    On the other hand, many people believe that they should try to modify the bad situations when their job and income cannot make them happy. It might require learning new skills and making extra efforts to look for new employment while it should not be assumed simple. Considering the difficulties in this way, people will be motivated to make a better plan in future and this attitude makes them happy and they feel worthy. The other reason is that the opportunities come and leave quickly, so if an individual does not make an attempt to overcome the problems, he probably loses unique chances to improve his life like a well-paid job.
    In conclusion, although some people disagree with the change of unfavorable situations, I advocate the latter view that says trying to improve the current conditions often derives self-satisfaction in life and the person will be able to seize the chances as well.

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