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March 27, 2021

In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 Test 4 Writing Task 2.

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In some cultures, children are often given the message that as long as they work hard enough, they can accomplish anything. I believe sending them this message may increase their chances of success in life and also help them grow as a person. The main downsides may be that it can deprive them of a happy childhood and even make them doubt themselves.

On the positive side, the message in question may help increase children’s odds of success in life. It can make them believe in their talents and abilities. Such self-assurance can motivate them to work hard to move toward their goal. They may also experience personal growth in the process. When they commit to a goal, they learn to become, for example, more accountable and resourceful in order to make it a reality. Abilities like these can be valuable in their personal as well as their future professional lives.

On the negative side, telling children they can realize any of their dreams through hard work may prevent them from enjoying their childhood. They may devote all their free time to pursuing their goal, leaving little time to have fun with their peers. The message may also lead to self-doubt. Children are too young to be mentally strong enough to face big failures in life. The fact that they fail despite all the hard work may lead them to doubt their ability and intelligence. 

In conclusion, telling children anything is achievable if they put in enough effort may raise their odds of success in life and also help in their personal growth. However, it may also come with the disadvantages of causing self-doubt and keeping them from having a happy childhood.

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How to Vary Your Language

Achieve anything
  • Accomplish anything
  • Realize any of their dreams
  • Make anything happen
  • Anything is achievable
If they try hard enough
  • If they put in enough effort
  • As long as they are devoted enough

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  1. In some Nations, children are given the message that if they give best effort, they can achieve anything. Although there are many drawbacks, including unable to enjoy childhood and doubt about talent, it has numerous potential merits such as be a confident person and increase ratio of success.
    On the positive side, it’s help children potential of success in life as they believe in Their talent, they give best effort to attain whatever they want. For example, when a child want to achieve something, he become accountable for seeking information to gain his goals. Moreover, kids can become Self – confidence and in future be a great personality. because of believeing his potentialities children do many works and search information from different resources. As a result, they can boost their knowledge, which will work in long run.
    On the other hand, children may doubt about his odds. Sometimes, children may do not able to achieve something. They are not mature enough and do not have experience
    Therefore, they can think their talents are not sufficient to gain something. What’s more, they may unable to enjoy childhood life. If children provide maximum of time on Working their talens, they do not get enough time to play with others.
    Giving children the message that they can achieve anything too common in some Nations. It has both positive such as, able them to be confidence and broaden horizon and negative impact like doubt potentialities and unable to enjoy life on minors.

  2. In some communities, encouraging children with trying hard that they can achieve whatever they want is accepted as exceptional development. Although several disadvantages like opportunity loss or deriving creative thinking, there are still positive impacts, such as learning and experiencing new knowledge as well as forming some life-improving qualities. In this essay, I will shed light on the advantages and drawbacks of this development.
    On the one hand, giving excessive pressure to children can be harmful their mental and social development. The most detrimental effect is opportunity loss that children are allocated from their peers, influencing their social life. As a result, they can not socialize easily with other people during their whole life and character of introverted person will shape them. Another critical downside is loss of creative thinking. Such perspective which all things are achieved after laboriously hardworking is developed them, which they cannot approach stuff creatively. As a consequence, they cannot do and enjoy simply.
    On the other hand, given the several disadvantages of this trend discussed above, there are still positive sides of it. The most beneficial aspect of it is to learn new knowledge and probe them in practical as well as acquire skills, such as communication or leadership. For example, children can develop teamwork skills by playing football. Another useful side of this trend is that it help foster children to be resilience, proactive and open-minded. For instance, by learning foreign languages, children not only learn it, but also learn customs, traditions, cultures and history.
    In conclusion, it is true that this development may harm children’s social life. However, positive aspects of it outweigh and people should encourage children to obtain new knowledge in their early age.

  3. Actually, I have been following your web for a long time. I have a question which’s been in my mind for a while that since your essays are already beyond band 7 , why do you try to keep it just as ones at band 7?

    1. Hi Lyn, all the essays on this site have been improved by highly-educated native speakers so I think they deserve at least an 8.

  4. Leaving a technical request 😁. I don’t know why the words in essay are not clickable. Please enable it cause I want to get the meaning of the words by just delay clicking shortcut.

  5. In some traditions, teenagers often hear that they can achieve anything they want if they make efforts. This message brings bulk of advantages such as the chances of being successful gets higher. Along with the merits it has significant demerits also like getting their mental health affected.
    Childrens who hear motivational speeches in their culture can gain bulk of benefits. Inspirational lessons work as an fuel to someone who have desire to be successful. For example, inspirational lectures do the work of fuel to those high school learners who want to become astronauts, scientists at a very young age.
    On the other hand, little ones who hear that achieving anything is possible after trying hard can get themselves in degrading positions. Firstly, motivational quotes bring children in a stressful environment. For example, a desirable teen would be so focused on achieving his or her planned goal that eventually his or her mental pressure or stress will rise up to the roof. As a result, brain would stop releasing dopamine chemicals. Secondly, they would lose their communication skills, so their ability to be social would slowly fade away. For instance, a friend of mine consistently studied for more than two years. As a result, her personality became lame, and her social expertise also faded away.
    In conclusion, in some traditions, younger ones often here that everything is possible if they consistently make efforts. This quote makes their chances of being successful high. Whereas, motivational messages can affect their mental health badly.

  6. ” devote all their free time to pursuing their goal”.. Wouldn’t it be to pursue their goal? Or this structure is okay…I’m bit confused about that..

    1. Hi, “to” is a preposition here so “pursuing” should be used. “Pursue” is wrong.

  7. In some nations, Trainers train childrens that if they work hard, they can achieve anything. I will discuss the pros and Cons of this message.

    On the positive side, Children mostly live a life without purpose, and hard work can give children a chance to achieve anything. For example, if a kid born in a family. Where he or she saw that his or her father is working hard and father told them to word hard so they will implement in real life. In this way, They will succeed in their practical life. Secondly, childhood is the only age when the child can learn anything, and he or she would definitely live a better life in a young age. In many countries spend time for playing and in a young age they got advises from experts. After this, they start their journey for working hard.
    However, if child get guidance in an early age, he or she will be successful before 25. And then they can enjoy everything which they want. On the negative side, this society critisize those who are unsuccessful.
    They mostly guide how to earn money and in the end those who took quidance from them they mostly focus on earning money. If they successful, they have no idea what they should deliver in society. So that’s the reason other’s has not the proper guidance.
    Secondly, Achieve anything is not the main priority. Family and society both are the priorities for children.

    But they focus on achieving. But the drawback is that they lost other things like family and society. So that’s
    the reason many of the countries of people facing depression because they have everything but peace is missing. In conclusion, hard word is the way of Success in childhood and they can attain anything before old age. Nevertheless. After obtaining everything the positive response of what they should deliver to society is lacking and they have no peace after all having.

  8. Youth is the future of nation. A country’s growth is dependent on the ration of young people forming a part of that economy. Numerous studies have proved that humans are the most active during their teenage. Therefore, in some countries it is being expected from kids to work hard so that they can massively contribute towards the development of the country.

    Let us start by considering the fact that, being focused and determined keeps the life on track. Setting goals and working hard on it give a fruitful result. Which is being cherished later. Working hard to accomplish a task is what makes human grow rapidly mentally. To exemplify, in a survey by ‘Champions of tomorrow’ it was being observed that the kids with set targets were more determined on the contrary the other kids were carefree and less ambitious.

    Every coin has two sides. Similarly, in some countries children are forced to try hard to achieve their goals and neglect the anxiety and pressure on child. Which, however, becomes hazard for a child’s overall health and concludes the child to be monotonous. Moreover, no other co-curricular activities can make the child physically unfit, or the child may get obese as well. Which will, consequently, end up having health issues.

    In my humble perspective, I believe that the tendency of an individual should be examined before expectation. In addition to this, I surely believe that every child is different and setting the same target for two different youngsters would not be justice with the one having other creative perspective and abilities. Consequently, children should be encouraged and on the other hand they should be given liberty to choose their choice of interest with no working hard condition.

  9. We often hear from our teachers and parents that hardworking is the key to success. Although hard work is vital to fulfilling our goals, getting anything, we want is impossible. In some countries, children are often given the message that as long as they work hard, they can accomplish anything. I believe giving them this message may keep them motivated and increase their chances of success. Meanwhile, there could be some drawbacks, like they can be unsocial and disappointed if they fail to achieve their desired results.
    On the positive side, the message in the question may help children keep themselves busy in their studies so that they cannot be engaged in bad habits and stay motivated to achieve their goals. They may also feel personal growth and self-discipline in the process. When they commit to goals, they use their energy on positive things and learn to overcome challenges to make anything possible. Many successful people have achieved whatever they want; Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla car company, is a clear example of what he accomplished through hard work.
    On the negative side, telling children, they can realize any of their dreams through hard work may prevent them from social life. They would be unable to enjoy and play with their peers if they work all the time. Moreover, they may face huge disappointment in case of failure and feel doubt in their abilities.
    In conclusion, hardworking may have both positive and negative aspects in practical life. Telling children anything is achievable if they put effort may raise chances of success and help in personal growth. However, it may also come with the disadvantages of causing self-doubts and keeping them unsocial.

  10. Hy Lilie king.
    I am writing this comment for your thanks but i have a confusion in my mind .Can i get 7+ bands by writing only one advantage in MBP 1 and only one disadvantage in MBP 2.

  11. hello lilie, i am confused about structure, should if i am going to write 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages, then should i write 2 advantages in 1 body paragraph and 2 disadvantages in another or should i just write both pros in 1 single mbp and both cons in another single paragraph

    1. Thanks for your question. I would include the two advantages in one single paragraph. The same is true of the two disadvantages. Otherwise, we will have six paragraphs in total. Besides, when we need to write two advantages and two disadvantages, we don’t need to develop them as fully as when we need to write only one advantage and one disadvantage. So, if we write one advantage in a paragraph, the paragraph will be very short. I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking. Let me know if you have any further concerns.

  12. Nowadays, children have had principal roles in each country since they will make the next generation. There are some controversies about kids, which as how a child cloud achieve anything. One argument is that in several cultures, children are told they might achieve anything if they try hard. In fact, this attitude has its benefits and drawbacks. In the ensuing lines, I will investigate some advantages and disadvantages of this idea.

    The first advantage is that the number of hardworking people in society will increase, and the country will be promoted. As a matter of fact, this belief creates kind of rules in children’s brains about hardworking, and they always have to make an effort for everything that they want. Therefore, they grow up with this habit. As a result, since they make the future generation, the society will have many hardworking people. Another positive effect of this idea on children is that it increases optimistic kids in the country. In this case, when children do not reach anything that they want, they will not be a pessimist because they believe in a try and think that if they try again, they will get anything. Therefore, they will never be hopeless about themselves, and the country will be full of these kids.

    On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to this idea. First and foremost, this belief causes a decrease in brain performance in children. In fact, kids who have trust in hardworking for everything usually think a hardworking is the best way. Therefore, they do not try to find an easy way. Actually, they do not use their creativity to find a comfortable way since they do not believe in simple methods. This causes they do not to obtain their thoughts and brains in their life. As a result, after a while, their brain’s performance decreases. Another disadvantage is that it hurts the child’s health mind. A kid with this opinion is always involved with struggles, and she/he always tries to reach anything with effort. This child could not enjoy living since she/he usually cares about complex methods. After a while, she/he loses her/his feeling about enjoyable things, which might cause mental or physical illness.

    To sum up, I think this attitude has positive and negative consequences on children. This is because it makes hardworking kids in each society; however, it can hurt children’s health. Finally, let us hope that cultures create realistic opinions in children, which are useful for them.

  13. The increasing world population has led to tough competition among individuals. Understanding it parents in some countries teach their children to work hard to succeed in life. Although this approach can be stressful for young children, I believe that encouraging children to work hard with appropriate psychological support can result in a happy life.
    It is believed that children’s mental health is fragile in comparison to adults. This means that demanding from youngsters to be the perfect put on their shoulders a lot of pressure, which can be too stressful. Many children can handle it, but there are also some for whom this method can make a devastating impact. For example, according to statistical information, the highest percent of suicide among adolescents is in North Korea which famous for its education system where children are forced to work hard. However, this kind of problem can be avoided if support children psychologically.
    It is clear that only being professional in a particular area like science or sport can guarantee individuals to belong at least to the middle class and avoid poverty. These skills are gained by working hard within years since young ages. It can be hard at the beginning but beneficial in the future. But most of the children do not know it and without advice from adults may lose the opportunity. For instance, if I had known the merits of knowing English, I would have put a lot of effort into learning it since school time.
    To conclude, while forcing children to work hard can be harmful to their personality, an appropriate approach by using psychological methods of giving children this habit is more advantages than disadvantages.

  14. Hi, could you give me some advice for my essay? I am self studying so it will help me a lot. Thank you.
    In many parts of the world, children are advised to try their best to achieve their goals. In my view, this motto can lead to personal success, but it can adversely affect their mental health.
    On the one hand, it helps if children are encouraged to try their best in most aspects of life. This message can act as a motivation to push them to perform well in school subjects and many other extra-curricular activities. Parents and teachers understand how much competition there is in the world, and teenagers are often willing to receive advice from them. If a student wants to be a doctor, he needs to study hard at school, do homework regularly and get good marks, all of which cannot be achieved if he is lazy. Furthermore, children can develop a sense of determination and ambition, which helps them work successfully as adults. For example, when getting the first prize in a sporting event, children may learn that innate skills are not enough, but hard work is equally significant.
    On the other hand, there seem to be some negative effects if children are constantly given this message. They might become stressed and fall into depression, which is harmful to their mental and physical health. There are some areas, such as art and music, in which hard work is not as important as talent. Children might encounter a situation when they can not be the best singer or drawer in the class however hard they try, just because they are not talented enough. In that case, they might be disappointed and suffer from peer pressure, ending up losing interest and determination in other areas of study. Furthermore, life is not a race, and children should learn that there is always something we can not achieve, and we need to respect the person who has beaten us.
    In conclusion, encouraging children to try their best is beneficial in some ways, but it does have several drawbacks for several reasons.

  15. Hi.
    How are you?
    thanks for this sample.
    To be honest I couldn’t realize the relation of first paragraph with the question. why this message that children should try hard to reach their goal can avoid facing obstacle ? did you mean children should not know about goals to have mental health?
    I would be appreciate if you make it clear for me,

    1. No, that’s not what I mean. I mean if children try very hard to achieve their goal but end up not achieving their goal, they may run into self-doubt. Hope this helps.

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