Some People Say That Advertising Is Extremely Successful

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March 25, 2021

Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 Test 3 Writing Task 2.

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Sample Essay

Some people feel that advertising is very effective at influencing consumers’ buying decisions, while others claim that it is so commonplace and as a result cannot draw people’s attention anymore. Although social media has made advertising more common than ever before, I think it is still extremely powerful because it creates desire for the products it is selling.

On the one hand, it can be argued that social media platforms feed users with tremendous amounts of advertising. On these platforms, there are endless advertisements. What’s more, even the pictures and videos that influencers post about their daily lives can be a promotion of a certain brand. As a consequence, people may become very insensitive to what those advertisements and promotional posts are saying and just scroll through their feed as quickly as possible. However, I disagree with this argument because if advertising on social media didn’t yield sales, some social media companies and influencers would not become so wealthy.

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On the other hand, it is thought that advertisers are very good at planting a seed of desire in consumers’ minds. For instance, Many lingerie manufacturers use sex models in their commercials to send women the message that if they wear their lingerie, they can be as sexy as those models. The message arouses their desire to become more attractive and as a result, they purchase it even though they do not need any. I agree with this opinion because I purchased many unnecessary things which I wouldn’t even have thought of buying if advertisers hadn’t planted the ideas in my head.

In conclusion, while the overwhelming amount of advertising on social networking sites may make people immune to it, I believe it is still very effective because it creates the desire in consumers to buy products. (296 Words)

How to Paraphrase ‘Advertising’

Please don’t change “advertising” to “advertisements” in your introduction when you are paraphrasing the question statement. Advertising is a process for getting people to buy a product. In one branch of advertising, what the public sees is advertisements, but advertising is far more than advertisements.

But, in your body paragraphs, you may use the words below the avoid repeating “advertising”.

  • Advertisement
  • Commercial
  • Promotion
  • To promote
  • Advertiser

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  1. Although it is often argued by a number of individuals that advertising could not draw their attention, some people believe advertising is completely important for convincing others to purchase goods. From my point of view, advertising might have a significant impact to persuade individuals in order to catch their attention to objects. Therefore, I will elaborate both sides through some strong arguments and salient examples and state my opinion.

    On the one hand, a number of individuals suggest advertising is a frustrating waste of time and energy because it couldn’t be successful to draw people’s attention. In other words, it has been not only ordinary among individuals but also low quality. Take a routine advertisement method for special staff in the long term as an example, it is far more likely that it will be a useless procedure to attract people’s attention in the future. Therefore, from where I stand, in some cases advertisements neither give new information to the audience nor could be effective to absorb them.

    On the other hand, it is often discussed by a cohort of people that advertising is a vital ingredient to being a successful company. To illustrate this more, they suppose advertising either brings abundance of information related to the products or plays major roles to catch them off guard. Take a company which has been constantly modifying in order to ponder better advertising policies to persuade buyers. Therefore, to the best of my knowledge, if companies push advertising in high quality, it is quite probable that it could have a strong impact on attracting people’s attention to the goods.

    By way of conclusion, although some individuals believe advertising is not useful, others state that it could be effective in order to draw people’s attention. In my opinion, if enterprises don’t rectify their ways to demonstrate reliability of products, it is far more likely that they will deteriorate.

  2. Some people believe that advertising is the most persuasive platform that tends to buy us things, while other people think that advertisements are no longer effective and we ignore them most of the time. In this essay, I will give my views on both points and then give my opinion on the topic.
    Advertisements are part of marketing the product of the company, and some people think that they are a platform that persuades us to buy things. As ads introduce new product features and explain why we need them, I believe this statement is correct. For example, if someone is too concerned about cross-app tracking or privacy on their phone and they see an ongoing advertisement for Apple’s (iOS mobile phones) new feature of prohibiting cross-app tracking, they will feel they have won it, and in fact, they will do it to maintain their privacy on their phones.
    On the other hand, some people think that ads are no longer effective. Let’s think of it in an actual marketing way. It is said that “where there is demand, there should be supply,” which means where there is no demand, even the supply of goods is useless. Assume the same example as we did first, but here the person is not concerned about cross-app tracking and saw the advertisement for Apple’s new cross-app tracking prohibition feature. As he/she isn’t interested in the privacy feature of Apple, the person won’t feel a need to own one, and hence, she/he thinks the advertisement is not interesting at all and will ignore it, believing ads are useless.
    In conclusion, ads are used to introduce the uniqueness of the product, and people who feel the desire to buy a product due to some outstanding features do so according to their own will and doing. I feel “the need for the product creates demand,” and that ad might be responsible for creating a need in some cases.

  3. Several people argue that advertising is very much successful in influencing us to buy things. While, some people claim that nowadays advertising is to common that people give less attention to it. In my opinion, advertising has a huge role in persuading us to buy things if ad are portrayed effectively.

    On the one hand, During this time life has become very fast due to technology in 19th century people used to conventional TV’s and when they see advertising about a product they immediately bought or they see product advertisement through newspaper or magazine for example my father still use to read newspaper and watch TV and most of the time when the ad came regarding mobile phones where they are explaining its feature or about the new launch car or about any apartment. There is some sort of spark emerge in him and he immediately started research about the things and tends to buy it. While in our generation we use mobile phone for instance, when we are scrolling social media and sudden ad came through in videos which we are watching. ads like about sun glasses, tourism or any event which makes us to click the link and go through the page and if we are interest we buy these things.

    On the other hand, people who think about advertising is so common that no longer pay attention is because of that maybe they are fed up the ads. For example if we talk about cricket during the cricket matches ads definitely come when bowler takes a wicket or batter hits a boundary ad immediately pop up which is ok for quite some while but same ad every time repeating makes it annoying and people no longer focused on the product.

    To sum up, I want to say this ads are very important to bring interest in the person but they should not be repeated that much so person feel uninterested about the ad.

  4. In these modern times, advertisements are used by almost all consumer-based companies to persuade customers to buy their products. Many believe this method to be extremely successful while others say due to advertisement are now common, thus no one pays much attention to it. Both opinions have their valid reasons and I’ll discuss them on this essay.
    On one hand, the competition between brands has gone up tremendously, which in turn have made it impossible for them to stay relevant without planned marketing. To keep up with the forever changing consumer needs, companies also try to find new effective ways to promote their sales. Celebrity brand deals, influencer marketing and other digital form of advertisement have turned out to be very promising. For instance, Prime, a hydration drink by KSI and Logan Paul (You-tubers) , outsold some of the established beverages in their launch week, purely because of the influence these two hold.
    On the other hand, with all these companies trying to push themselves in the market shelf, the amount of advertisement we see on a daily basis has skyrocketed. We see a promotional post on almost every social media platform and it wouldn’t be wrong to say the entire internet is ad-driven. Owning to the fact, people now take these posts as nuisance rather than an advertisement and try their best to avoid them. Furthermore, the sheer number defeats the purpose of standing out, thus customers are hardly swayed at all.
    To sum up, advertisements, if and when they stand out are really efficient to convince possible customers but with frequent consumption it can easily become irritating which results in the opposite of intended.

  5. Certain number of folks believe that promotion has significant effect on our brain and persuades us to purchase things. However, others have the thinking that advertisements have become too common that they no longer have any effect on us. Both views are correct at their own place, but I agree with the former one. However, both the views will be discussed in this essay.
    Almost each and every social media applications are involved in advertisements these days like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. People spent hours of their day on these apps and are therefore habitual of seeing the ads. This has resulted in such a way that we have become insensitive to these commercials and automatically ignore them as they appear Infront of us. If we are on social media, we simply scroll through it as quickly as possible, or if advertisements begin in between a TV show during a break, we go to do some other works.
    In this advancing era, advertisements use different science and technological ideas to make great impact on us and convince us to buy their products. The commercials on television and social media platforms have such effects and editing that they create a lurking in our mind for the product. I agree that as a result of promotional videos people buy the items, and it benefits the business in a great deal. Consider the advertisements of soft drinks, as we watch it, we resultantly crave for it.
    To conclude, although Advertising the items has become too common, but I believe that still it has a huge impact on us in some ways.

  6. In the materialistic world of today, advertisement has different impacts on the society. Some argue that it can provoke people to buy goods,whereas, others believe the counter-argument. This essay will shed light on both view and are on the same wavelength with second idea.
    On the one hand, not only does advertisement play vital role in the companies profit, it also use the cutting-edge science to influence the customers. The firms are naturally established to make a money, thereby, using ads to stimulate individuals purchase their products. Therefore, they enjoy the scientific methods to affect the citizens. These ways, for instance, psychological ones, target the mind, and in different occasions would be lucrative. Therefore in some cases, people intend to buy the advertised products.
    On the other hand and in my view, these days advertising are prevalent,so people do not take care of them. The social media, for example Facebook, Telegram, and Beetalk, pave the way for increasing the costumers’ awareness about the commercials and their techniques. Thanks to this valuable information, idea behind the ads have revealed. therefore, under no circumstances, do consumers pay attention to them. Provided that an advertising agency intends to manipulate mind to make individuals buy their merchandises, they will be able to search about it in applications and web to check its reliability.
    In conclusion, considering ads, people either are affected by them and buy products, or in the aggregate neglect them. The integral reason for first idea is methodology of companies, on the other side, social media raise the people information about this ways and nowadays a multitudinous ones condone them.

  7. Happy to find out your essays, which are really helpful to get a band score higher properly. Definitely, everyone should take a look at this website before the exam! 🙂

  8. Please, can you give me feedback?
    Advertisement has always been crucial part in the world of marketing. Advertising is considered an effective way to promote products and increase sales of products. Alright, are ads still successful way of marketing?
    Some people believe that advertising plays a vital role in convincing consumers to purchase goods and services. When TV programmee takes an ad break, countless commercials are represented one after another. For instance, the content of the commercial would be a snack. It might make you feel hungary because of it’s showed several times. Thus, you go out and buy one, and they earn money. In fact, this can be regarded as an old-fashioned method anymore. Nowdays product placement is more popular. For example, the woman who is a character of a serie is making a coffee in the coffee maschine which is located consicously to attrack the attention of audiences. When you see the coffee maschin, you think about buy one whether you need it or not. Moreover when you surf on the net, some pop-ups reveal abruptly. In addition, people come across frequently ads of products they’ve looked before on the web sites. It’s a one of the new techniques. Actually, it seems really work.
    On the other hand, some individuals argue that advertisement is so prevalent and they haven’t an impressive feature as in the past. They claim that ads are in vicious circle anymore. They say that commercials have repetitive concepts and this caused people to ignore. People who consider like that change the channel when ad comes up, click on the “SKIP AD” when they use social platforms namely YouTube.
    As a result, both groups advocating opposing ideas have logical reasons. I think most of advertisements are common in the whole world now therefore, advertising agencies need find some creative tecniques to not lose consumers have a potential for purchase. In my opinion, advertising might be still an influential mechanism to influence customers, if employees work in advertising industry create more imaginative concepts and original ideas.

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