Although There Is a Lot of Translation Software Available

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June 14, 2021

Although there is a lot of software available today that can translate from one language to another, it is still necessary for people to learn a foreign language. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Sample Essay

Despite the availability of a great deal of language translation software, foreign language learning is still necessary. I completely agree with this statement because people tend not to interact with each other further when using a translation tool. Besides, they can have higher chances to succeed in life if they speak another language.

Translation software discourages further interaction. For example, if a tourist asks a local for directions by using a translation tool, the local would probably say nothing more than the directions since most people do not like communicating with a machine.  By contrast, tourists who are able to speak the local language show that they respect and love local culture. Locals in turn would extend their hospitality, asking about where they are from or even showing them around.

In addition, speaking a second language increases a person’s chances of success in life.  The Internet has made the world unbounded. This allows a person to easily make their voices heard by people in another country as long as they share a common language. Take for example the famous Norwegian YouTuber Nora Alex. His Channel wouldn’t have reached more than one million subscribers if he weren’t able to speak English well and just used translation software to add English captions to his videos.

In conclusion, even though there are many translation tools available, learning another language is still necessary. For one thing, these tools tend to put people off further interaction, and for another those who speak a second language can gain the advantage of reaching more people and thus raise the odds of success in life.

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How to Paraphrase the Question Statement

By changing ‘although’ to ‘despite’, we can easily use different grammar because ‘although’ needs to be followed by a clause whereas ‘despite’ needs to be followed by a noun phrase.
  • Original:

Although there is a lot of software available today that can translate from one language to another, it is still necessary for people to learn a foreign language.

  • My Paraphrase:

Despite the availability of a great deal of language translation software, foreign language learning is still necessary.

How to Vary Your Language

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To learn a foreign language
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  1. Many people claim that thanks to the modern technology learning languages will be redundant and students ought to focus on handling those translation programmes. Whereas others believe that despite the technological inventions people always will be required to learn foreign languages.
    First of all, it can be said that gestures and mimics cannot be conveyed by softwares. If one cannot see the emotional statements of their speaking partner, one can easily misunderstood even a precisely formed context. It has to be acknowledged that human communication happens mainly in nonverbal way, so when using translation applications lots of valuable pieces of information get lost.
    Secondly, it is widely known that learning new languages boosts people‘s mental capacity. Cramming new vocabulary, using foreign structures strengthens the connection between mental cells, as a result, speakers of multiple languages are likely to learn faster. Considering this “superpower” it would be pity to deprive them of it. Not to mention the fact how enriching can be to speak several languages at the same time from social perspectives. Forming a bond, create a close connection is unlikely to happen through translation programs.
    On the other hand, it is not deniable that those applications can sometimes be extremely helpful, especially by unique rare languages. Relaying on them in every situation would be a bad decision though.
    To conclude, learning foreign languages will have always a high priority in our society and polyglots will be appreciated based on their considerable knowledge.

  2. Being bilingual or multilingual, people can know the cultures of foreign nations. Today, in the era of progressing technology, there are a lot of software as well as that translating from one language to another. Nevertheless, learning a foreign language is actual for humans. Personally, I completely agree with the statement and this essay will expatiate my stance with lucid examples.

    Firstly, the foremost reason for the notion is that any word or sentence are not translated accurately. That is why any language has its own what not translating word for word such as idioms, collocations and so on and any translating soft wares face a problem during translation. For instance, the idiom, “think out of the box” means thinking laterally not thinking outside the box. Hence, people have to know the foreign language instead of using such gadgets.

    Secondly, translating software is unfit for bringing up with yourself. In other words, such software especially works online. Therefore, if you are in where without the Internet, you cannot use that. As an example from my own life, a few years ago, I had to go Kenya and I cannot speak with inhabitants. Unfortunately, my mobile phone was offline and I faced the consequences of my monolingual.

    In a conclusion, though today it is easy that translating from one language to another due to the achievements of the technology, folk try to learn foreign languages due to the software is not enable to translating in the original sense of the word and working offline. Aforementioned paragraphs elucidated my pose with irrefutable examples.

    1. You developed your body paragraphs well, but I don’t recommend using your personal experience as an example. Most of your sentences are unidiomatic and have grammatical errors. Also, what’s the point of using template sentences?

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