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Lilie King

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At the present time, the population of some countries includes a relatively large number of young adults, compared with the number of older people. Do the advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 12 Test 6 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Today, in some countries, young adults account for a comparatively large proportion of the population compared with older people. I believe the upside of this situation far outweighs its downside because young people are the main drivers of economic growth.

On the one hand, large numbers of young people can lead to high unemployment among them. Most older people already have their careers figured out. They either have stable corporate jobs or run their own businesses. In comparison, many young adults, especially those who just graduated from university, are still looking for jobs. When there are too many of them competing for the same positions, their chances of securing one are very low. However, I do not think this is a major disadvantage for young people as long as they make the leap to self-employment.

On the other hand, young people are the driving force of an economy. This is because they tend to be more productive and creative than older people, and thus are more likely to bring change and innovation to their countries. Take for example the highly innovative trillion-dollar U.S. tech industry. Most employees in this industry are only in their late 20s. I think this is a great advantage for a country because a strong economy offers people a high standard of living.

In conclusion, although large numbers of young adults can mean high jobless rates among them, I believe this disadvantage is greatly outweighed by the advantage that they can drive the economies to grow.

251 Words

Essay Structure

Introduction Paragraph
  • Paraphrase the question statement (For this question, If you use something like “account for” or “make up”, you can easily come up with a construction that is different from the original.)
  • State your opinion and summarize your reason:  I believe the upside of this phenomenon far outweighs its downside because…
Body Paragraph 1
  • Summarize the main disadvantage
  • Explain the disadvantage
  • Give an example (you don’t need to write an example for each of the body paragraphs. It’s completely fine to write an example for only one body paragraph.)
  • Explain why you think this isn’t a major disadvantage (See the red part in the second paragraph.)
Body Paragraph 2
  • Summarize the main advantage (This should be the same as the advantage you summarised in your introduction paragraph.)
  • Explain the advantage
  • Give an example
  • Explain why you think this is a great advantage (See the red part in the third paragraph.)
Conclusion Paragraph
  • State your opinion and summarize the advantage and disadvantage again.
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