You Have Bought Some Clothing Online and Are Not Satisfied With Your Purchase

You have bought some clothing online and are not satisfied with your purchase.

Write an email to the company that you bought the clothing from. In your email

  • give details of the purchase
  • describe the problem
  • explain why you need a replacement urgently

This formal letter question is from Cambridge IELTS 17 General Training Test 4 Writing Task 1.

Sample Letter 191 Words

Dear Sir or Madam, 

I recently ordered several dresses from your online store and I have an issue with the purchase. I ordered the empire waisted maxi, in a navy blue, and two wrap dresses, in both maroon and black. All of the dresses were supposed to be size mediums. 

Unfortunately, when the dresses arrived I noticed several issues with the purchase. The empire-waisted maxi arrived in the correct color but it was a size extra large instead of the medium that I ordered. This dress is much too large. As for the wrap dresses, both were the correct size but each had their own issues. The maroon wrap dress had a hole in the shoulder seam and looked like it had been previously worn. I did not receive the black wrap dress; instead, a green one came in the package. 

I need these issues rectified immediately because these dresses were supposed to be part of my work wardrobe for my new job. I begin this job in only seven days; I need you to send me replacement garments today, so that I can have them in time. 


Jennifer Adam

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