The Chart Below Shows the Results of a Survey About People’s Coffee and Tea

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The chart below shows the results of a survey about people’s coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five Australian cities.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 Test 1 Writing Task 1.

Coffee and tea buying and drinking habits in five cities in Australia

the chart below shows the results of a survey about people’s coffee and tea

The bar graph displays the data collected in a survey about the coffee and tea buying and drinking habits of residents in five cities in Australia in the last four weeks.

Overall, in all the cities except Adelaide, more people went to a cafe for coffee or tea than bought instant or fresh coffee. In Adelaide, going to a cafe and buying instant coffee were almost equally common.

Most residents in Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, and Brisbane visited a cafe for coffee or tea, at approximately 64, 63, 62, and 55 percent respectively, whereas just under half of residents in Adelaide did so. These 5 cities also had roughly half of residents purchasing instant coffee, and the figures in Hobart and Brisbane were almost 55 percent.

In comparison, the proportion of people who bought fresh coffee was never as high as 45% in any of the five cities, with those in Brisbane and Adelaide, both at nearly 35 percent, less likely than those in the other 3 cities to do so.

170 Words

Last 4 Weeks

Make sure to include ‘last four weeks’ in your introduction paragraph. Once you establish the context, you don’t need to repeat ‘last 4 weeks’ again and again in the rest of your essay.

How to Write the Overview

In your overview paragraph, you can simply point out the biggest categories in each of the five cities. In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Hobart, “went to a cafe for coffee” is the biggest category, while in Adelaide both “went to a cafe” and “bought instance coffee” are the biggest categories.

How to Select Data

The category “went to a cafe for coffee” is very important because it has the biggest figures. So, I included all five figures in this category.

The category “bought instant coffee” is less important, so I only singled out the two biggest figures in this category, which are the figures for Hobart and Brisbane.

“Bought fresh coffee” is the smallest category. So, for this category, the figures for Brisbane and Adelaide are the most important because they are the two smallest.

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7 Responses

  1. The given chart illustrates consequences of search about purchasing and drinking coffee and tea by people who live in five different cities of Australia.
    It can be seen that, there is no big difference between percentages of these regions buying and drinking coffee or tea. Visiting coffee formed higher percentage in Melbourne and Hobart than others while the smallest percentage was buying instant coffee.
    According to the results of survey, the citizens who live in Hobart visiting to cafe for coffee was more than 63% in last 4 weeks. The percentages of Melbourne in this category was almost the same as Hobart. Also, Sydney stays in third place by that category, about 61% In Adelaide, people went to cafe to drink or buy coffee and tea less than other regions, around 50% of city residents.
    Buying fresh coffee was much fewer than other categories in all five cities. The biggest percentage was under 40% while the smallest one was a little bit fewer than 35%. In Brisbane and Adelaide had the same percentages by this category(around 35%) Buying instant coffee formed almost the same results around 50%. The biggest one was about 50% while smallest percentage was 45% in Hobart and Sydney respectively.

  2. The bar chart displays the outcome of a questionary about people’s coffee and tea buying and drinking activities in five Australian cities.
    Overall, going to a cafe is accounts for the largest proportion almost in all cities, followed by buying instant coffee and fresh coffee.
    In Melbourne and Hobart about 63% of city residents, which is the largest percentage among others, went to a cafe in the last 4 weeks while roughly 60% and 55% of citizens did the same activity in Sydney and Brisbane respectively. By contrast, only in Adelaide getting instant coffee was more popular than visiting a cafe.
    Buying instant coffee seems to reflect almost the same pattern. In Hobart, about 54% of people preferred instant coffee, approximately 53% in Brisbane, and about 48% and 45% in Melbourne and Sydney respectively.
    However, in buying fresh coffee the reverse is true. In Sydney, 44% would have liked to get fresh coffee while in Hobart only 37%

  3. The graph illustrates the different ways of purchasing and consuming tea and coffee in 5 cities around Australia in the last 4 weeks.
    It’s clearly noticeable that most people in those mentioned cities, had gone to a caffe for the purpose of buying coffee or tea in the last 4 weeks, while the least favorite option for residents, is buying fresh coffee.
    First taking Sydney, more than 60% of the city population had gone to a café for coffee or tea in the last 4 weeks. Adding to that, the percentage of people who bought fresh or instant coffee in the last 4 week in Sydney is quite close with numbers between 43% and 47%. Moving to Melbourne where we have the highest percentage of people who went to café with a percentage of 63%. Moreover, people in Brisbane and Adelaide tends less to buy fresh coffee with numbers between 33% and 34 %, but the number rise dramatically in the percentage of people who bought instant coffee and went to café. Furthermore, Adelaide has the lowest percentage in the people who drink or buy coffee or tea with numbers between 33% and 50 %. Next, in Hobart, the numbers climb again with the highest percentage of instant coffee buyers, about 54%.

  4. The bar chart compares the proportion of Australians’ buying and drinking habits on 2 kinds of beverages among five cities, namely, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart, over the past 4 weeks.

    It is clear that the residents in Melbourne had the highest tendency to visit a cafe for either coffee or tea in the previous 4 weeks. It is also noticeable that a significantly higher amount of Australians purchased instant coffee over fresh coffee, among the 5 cities shown above.

    Melbourne has the highest portion of citizens visiting a cafe for tea or coffee in the last 4 weeks, at around 63%. The figures for Sydney and Hobart were slightly lower than Melbourne, at approximately 60%. Similarly, around 55% of Brisbane citizens went for tea or coffee at the same period. By contrast, the smallest proportion of people who went to a cafe was seen in Adelaide, at about 50%.

    Instant coffee has higher popularity than fresh coffee amongst all the 5 Australian cities. In particular, the greatest differences between the portion of people selecting the 2 types of coffee was seen in Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart, differing by around 17%. By contrast, people in Sydney and Melbourne projected the least differences between choosing fresh coffee and instant coffee, contrasting by around 1% and 5% respectively.

  5. The provided bar chart represents, the five different cities residents in Australia purchasing and drinking tea and coffee percentage wise under three categories in last month.
    According to the given percentage that, went to a cafeteria for having some coffee or tea were dominated four cities. As well, for the fresh coffee has low demand in last month.
    Turning to the details, in Melbourne, Hobart and Sydney were the mostly popular for consumption coffee or tea in a snack bar which is 63%, 62% and 61% respectively. On the other hand, Brisbane (53%) and Hobart (54%) were the highest contribution of the instant coffee among the Australian people. In comparison, the percentage of brought instant coffee and went to the coffee shop for tea or coffee were remained stable at 50%.although, brought fresh coffee in Brisbane and Adelaide were stayed at the same level (35%).
    In conclusion, Australian peoples were notably enjoyed for drinks coffee or tea in a cafe while least demand for the brought fresh coffee at Australia in last month

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