Doctors Recommend That Older People Exercise Regularly. However, Many of Them Do Not Exercise Enough. What Are the Causes? What Can Be Done to Encourage Them to Exercise?

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June 5, 2023

Doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly. However, many of them do not exercise enough. What are the causes? What can be done to encourage them to exercise?

This IELTS Writing Task 2 question was reported in June 2023. Click here to read more questions reported in 2023.

Sample Essay

Doctors recommend regular exercise for older individuals, yet a significant number of them do not engage in sufficient physical activity. In my opinion, health problems and social isolation are two key factors contributing to their physical inactivity. To address this issue, it is crucial to create exercise programs specifically tailored to their needs and conditions.

Older people may have underlying health conditions or physical limitations that discourage them from participating in regular physical activity. For instance, those with heart diseases may be hesitant to engage in cardio exercises due to the fear of triggering a heart attack. 

Additionally, social isolation can greatly impact the motivation of elderly people to exercise. Retirement and health issues may make it challenging for them to find exercise partners. Without a supportive network or companions to exercise with, their motivation to engage in regular physical activity diminishes.

To encourage older individuals to exercise more, local governments can offer group classes in community centers exclusively designed for them. These classes should take into account their specific health conditions, limitations, and abilities. By customizing exercises to meet their needs, their confidence in participating in physical activities can be boosted. Moreover, participating in group classes at community centers provides an excellent opportunity for seniors to connect with peers facing similar health challenges. They can support and motivate each other, fostering a sense of camaraderie (Use friendship if you feel camaraderie is too advanced) and increasing their commitment to regular exercise.

In conclusion, the lack of physical activity among older adults can be attributed to health problems and social isolation. To empower them to lead healthier and more active lives, it is important to develop exercise programs that cater to their specific needs and circumstances. (277 Words)

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  1. Hi Lilie, this question task doesn’t state “what do you think..”, so is it necessary to write your opinion throughout the essay?

  2. The conclusion part, I think this sentence should be ” the lack of physical activity among older adults can contribute to health problems and social isolation” Or ” Health problems and social isolation can be attributed to the lack of …” Could you explain to me how do you use this structure in this context?

    1. Both “contribute to” and “be attributed to” can be used in that sentence. “Be attributed to” means to credit or assign a particular cause, reason, or source to something. For instance, if success in a project is attributed to hard work and teamwork, it means that these factors are recognized as the reasons behind the project’s success. Hope this helps.

  3. hi Lilie
    aren’t you going to provide more essays on recent topics?
    please do so I find them very helpful!

  4. Thank you Lilie and Gregory. I loved your writing Lilie and wish you luck with your studying and work. keep up please.

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