Fewer People Today Visit Museums Than in the Past

Lilie King
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June 24, 2021

Fewer people today visit museums than in the past. Why is this? What can be done to encourage more people to visit museums in the future?

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Sample Essay

There are fewer visitors to museums than there were in the past. I believe the endless stream of entertainment on the Internet is the principal cause of this phenomenon. To increase visitor numbers, museums should promote their collections online.

There is a wide choice of entertainment on the Internet. In the pre-Internet era, there was not much people could do at home in their free time, so visiting museums became one of their major leisure activities. However, now with the Internet, people are able to have entertainment at their fingertips. For example, they can just sit at home watching Game of Thrones on Netflix. This is much easier than going to visit museums, which leads to a decline in their popularity.

To increase attendance, museums should promote their collections on the Internet. People today tend to spend a large amount of time online, and thus museums should produce content that tells the stories behind their exhibits and publish it on the Internet. For instance, the National Gallery can make some Youtube videos about how and why Vincent van Gogh created his famous paintings of sunflowers. Since stories easily resonate with people, telling them a work of art’s story could inspire them to visit a gallery to see it firsthand.

In conclusion, the main reason for the decline in the number of visitors to museums is the endless entertainment on the Internet. To solve this problem, museums should take advantage of the Internet and create online content to publicize their works.

250 Words

How many reasons and solutions should I write?

It’s best to write only one cause and one solution. This is because if you include more than one cause and solution, you wouldn’t be able to fully develop them by writing under 300 words.

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  1. Hello, Maam. Could I ask you one question! Can I have “not alone” in my writing? Is it informal? Like the example: they find it hard to have a manual job, not alone a well-paid one.

    Thanks for your time and Have a nice day!!!

    1. Hi Đinh, I believe the phrase you need is “let alone”, not “not alone”. Yes, you can use “let alone” in your writing, it isn’t informal.

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