The Diagram Below Shows How Geothermal Energy Is Used to Produce Electricity

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September 29, 2021

The diagram below shows how geothermal energy is used to produce electricity.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 12 Test 8 Writing Task 1.

Geothermal power plant

the diagram below shows how geothermal energy is used to produce electricity

Sample Essay

The diagram displays how a geothermal power station generates electricity.

Overall, the station produces electricity in five main steps: pumping cold water underground, heating it, pumping heated water to the surface, converting it into steam, and using the steam to turn the turbine to create electricity.

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First of all, cold water stored in the container is pumped down to the injection well that is 4.5 kilometers deep beneath the Earth’s surface. The well then injects the water into the geothermal zone where it is heated by hot rocks.

The superheated water is subsequently pumped above ground and into the condenser. Here, its pressure is lowered, which turns it into steam. As the steam passes through the turbine, it drives its blades to rotate. The spinning turbine then powers the generator connected to it to create electricity. Finally, the electricity generated is delivered to the power grid through power lines.

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The Wrong Way to Write the Overview

Only summarizing the first and last steps is not enough. Please read the examiner’s comment on page 133 of Cambridge IELTS 16. Besides, although the diagram doesn’t show, the process is actually cyclical and so doesn’t end.

❎ Overall, the production of geothermal power is a man-made process, beginning with pumping cold water underground and end with using steam to turn the turbine to create electricity.


There is an error in the diagram. Whatever the thing is in Step 4, it clearly isn’t a condenser. A condenser turns steam into water through cooling. It does not turn water into steam. However, we have to describe what the diagram depicts, so this cannot be helped. Just be careful not to write that the condenser brings down the water’s temperature because water turns to steam when you increase its temperature. Use “lower the pressure” instead: the condenser lowers the waters’ pressure and turns it into steam.

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  1. your approach to deal with the task is so much up-to the mark. thank you so much for the provided content.

  2. The diagram illustrates the procedure for generating electricity using geothermal energy.

    Overall, cold water is heated in the deep underground geothermal zone to produce steam, which makes the turbine rotate resulting in powering the generator which ultimately produces electricity.

    Firstly, a 4.5km injection well is dug up to pump down the cold water from the surface, which, then, goes through the already existing underground geothermal zone made of hot rocks. The water gets heated up and comes to the production well that is connected to the injection well via this hot zone. Afterward, the hot water from this well is pumped up to a condenser set up on the surface.

    On the surface, a generator and a turbine are wired to each other and connected through a thin pathway to the condenser. The vapor that the condenser stores from the hot water flow through this pressurized line. While the turbine rotates in a circular motion with the help of the high-pressured steam coming from the condenser, it powers the generator that is connected to it. Finally, the electricity that the generator produces is then supplied to the power grid directly.

    give feedback if possible. Thanks

  3. 4th step -There is a condenser in the surface above the production well, purpose to condense the exhaust steam from steam turbine to obtain maximum efficiency.

  4. The process diagram illustrates how a geothermal power plant produces electricity utilizing the water resource.
    Overall, the process consists of the following steps: collection of water, heating up the water using geothermal energy, condensation, and electricity generation using a combination of turbine and a generator.
    In the initial step, cold water is collected in a storage tank which is then pushed through a pump, having a depth of approximately 4.5 km beneath the earth’s surface, into the injection well. Geothermal energy stored in hot rocks in geothermal zone, situated between the two wells, turns the water temperature hot when it is passed through this area and is subsequently sent into the production well.
    Boiling water is pumped up and then condensed forming steam in a condenser post this it is pushed to the turbine. Subsequently, steam helps in rotating the turbine which fuels up the generator to produce electricity. In the last step, electricity produced is transferred to the electrical tower.

  5. Please give feedbacks
    The diagram displays the procedure of generating electricity in a geothermal power plant.

    Overall, the process consists of five stages before reaching to the required places beginning with cold water stored in a reservoir and ending up with creating the electricity.

    First of all, the cold water is pumped down 4.5 km from the surface via a pipe. In the next stage, the water have to pass the injection well where it is heated with the help of hot rocks. After passing along the geothermal zone, the water is then pumped up above the surface through the medium of production well where it is reserved in a condenser.

    Following this, the steam that comes out from the condenser after the water being condensed thrusts the turbine which will eventually leads the generator to be powered and produce electricity and then finally supplying it to the transmission tower before reaching to domestic household’s.

  6. This post is helpful. I made the same mistake mentioned starting with a process and ending with one in the overview part.

  7. please give feedback

    The diagram illustrates the process of the generation of electric power used by geothermal energy.

    Overall, the process takes five major steps to complete the whole process. Pumping cold water under the surface, heated it, hot water pumping up, converting it as steam, and the process finished with using the steam to turn the turbine to create electricity.

    First of all, the process starts with cold water pumping under the surface through the long injection well which is 4.5 km long, here in the geothermal zone water become hot to use hot rocks, then hot water pumping above the surface through the production well into the condenser, later that it converts as steam and pass through the turbine, it drives its blades to rotate. The spinning turbine then powers the generator connected to it to create electricity. Finally, the electricity generated is delivered to the power grid through power lines.

  8. Actually i know that the ielts examiner don’t count one or two word and they mention that you have to write at least 150 words.Your answer are written at least 150 words.So,is there any chance to get lower marks because of it?

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