In Spite of the Advances Made in Agriculture Many People Around the World Still Go Hungry

Lilie King

Lilie King

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In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.

Why is this the case?

What can be done about this problem?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 4 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Even though progress has been made in agriculture, a large number of people around the globe still face hunger. I think poverty is the main culprit of this problem, and developing the economy is how we could solve it.

There are still many people living in poverty. Even though advances in agriculture have greatly improved food output, many people are too poor to afford any. Take India for example. it certainly has some advanced agricultural technologies; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to become one of the biggest food producers in the world. However, millions of Indians either have no income or earn less than one dollar a week. Having no money to buy food, these people have to suffer starvation.

To resolve the hunger problem caused by poverty, governments need to focus on growing their economies. Poor people are often unskilled; building a strong economy means even the unskilled can find a job. To achieve this goal, governments can open up their countries to foreign investment. For example, since Amazon entered the Indian market, it has created hundreds of thousands of warehouse jobs for unskilled, local workers. A stable job like this allows the poor to have a steady income to feed themselves and their families.

In conclusion, although technology has increased food production, many people are still starving because they do not have enough money to buy food. To improve this situation, governments need to develop their economies so that even the poorest can find work to feed themselves.

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How to Paraphrase “Go Hungry”

  • face hunger
  • suffer starvation
  • people are starving
  • the hunger problem

Task Response

Notice that in the second paragraph, I not only explained how poverty can casue the hunger problem, but also addressed “in spite of the advances made in agriculture”.

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