Governments Should Spend Money on Railways

Lilie King

Lilie King

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Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

This essay question is in Cambridge IELTS 11 Test 1 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

It is argued that governments should invest money in railways instead of roads. I completely agree with this point of view because railways are environmentally friendly and also an important economic driver.

Railways help to protect the environment. Improving roads amounts to encouraging the public to use cars. The more cars on the road, the more carbon emissions. However, if governments spend money constructing railways, be they subways or tram lines, more people would opt for public transportation instead of private cars when traveling. Take Wuhan, China for example. Over the past 5 years, the government has built 10 subway lines that connect the entire city, making it easy for people to get around. As a result, city road traffic has gone down significantly. This is good for the environment since public transportation has much lower per capita carbon emissions than private vehicles.

In addition, railway networks help to drive economies forward. Different cities have different strengths. With these networks, a country can become more connected, and thus businesses in different cities can collaborate more easily. For example, in China, all major cities are linked by high-speed rail. This allows various hubs, such as the tech hub Shenzhen, manufacturing hub Wuhan, and e-commerce hub Guangzhou, to work together to bring the best products out to the market fast.

In conclusion, government spending should be on railways rather than roads. For one thing, improving railways encourages the use of public transportation and therefore benefits the environment. For another, railways play a key role in economic growth.

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How to Understand “Railways” and “Roads”

The question is quite general. “Railways” might include subways, high-speed rail networks, tram lines, international trains, etc. “Roads” might include streets, highways, country roads, etc. The question asks about all types of railways and all types of roads. That is to say, you shouldn’t talk about only one type of railway in your body paragraphs. But you can definitely talk about only one type, such as subways or tram lines, in your examples.

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7 Responses

  1. Most people prefer that authorities must allocate more cash on railroad than on road freight.I completely agree with this idea given that rail transportation is more reliable and environment friendly.

    First and foremost,they are always reputable because they have a standardized transit.They are neither affected by traffic nor unfavorable weather conditions.More so,its trusted by most people because of its standardized schedule which is well known to the public.For instance,in India the state has invested in underground railways which most of its citizens use as the main mode of transport.Thus,the incumbency ought to channel more funds on railways given that its not reliable than roads.

    Furthermore,tramlines are eco-friendly.This is because the trains emits Less carbon dioxide as compared to trucks, which has helped in reducing air pollution.In addition,it has also contributed in reduction of noise pollution since addition of more trains has resulted in lesser number of vehicles on the road .To illiterate,a recent study carried out by Environment scientists in India ,shows that the amount of carbon and ammonia in the air has reduced due to advancement in subway transit.Therefore,the governments should budget more capital on tube carriage since its pollution free to thesurroundings.

    In conclusion,i completely agree that the administration need to spend more finances on bulding and maintaining rail lines given that its environmentally friendly as well as its the most trusted long distance mode of transport than the use of road freight.

  2. Hello, this is big help to get idea about essay. here is my essay and you please check and give feedback on that?

    Public transport is very crucially affect to economic and people of the country whereas trains have taken place as a predominant public transport media in certain countries. Therefore, the best way is to develop the railways as much as possible, and I have to agree with that more investments should be paid on railways than roads.

    In recent world, traffic congestion is the most burning an issue which especially gives impact on country economy. These phenomena are an often happening due to lack of good facility, quality, and availability of good public transporting system. As an example, in many of South Asian countries, there are no sufficient public transport services even train service. Therefore, this became as one of main reasons to increase traffic jams due to people’s trend to use their private vehicles. Therefore, railway system is the easiest, low cost, time saving and safe transporting media. So, many of developed countries expend their more money to expand, maintain, and re-innovate their rail system rather than roads.

    In addition, in the great developed countries, the high speed trains have been added to their transportation sector to enhance the passenger’s satisfaction and reduce traffic congestion on the road. Because of this may cause to not to use private travelling ways for daily travels. As an example, many people who live in remote areas with good railway system, travel daily in long distance to their workplace. On other hand, transportation cost is very low when compared to other means by road, air, and water ways.

    Therefore, there is worthy if government spends more budget to develop railway system rather than roads. This will directly affect to boost country economy by means of saving cost, time, and energy. By the way, government should carry on individual assessment to choose the best transport strategy based on economical and geographical factors.

  3. Hello!
    This is my essay. I would appreciate it if you assess it. Could you please give me a score?

    Some people assert that governments should fund projects related to the construction of railways instead of road paths. However, I believe that spending money on the roads possesses higher importance, owing to several compelling reasons which will elaborate more in the following paragraphs.

    Considering that due to the convenience of private vehicles, most individuals are using their cars, expending money on boosting the quality of available roads or constructing new ways between cities could lead to a significant decline in accidents rates. This, in turn, has a far-reaching, positive impact on the health conditions of drivers and passengers together with a notable reduction in the other expenditures. Take the amount of time and money required for receiving hospitality services or mending the transportation means as two overt examples; the more money each government dedicates for improving the roads conditions, the more money the government would save due to its role in the prevention of needless accidents. Therefore, spending money on roads rather than railways has beneficial influences on the general state of citizens’ well-being.

    Train, furthermore, contributes to the higher level of noise and air pollutions than cars made them unsuitable for nearby residents. Employing the rail-based solutions for transport poses a healthy potential threat; Given that new platforms probably will be located near the city centers like the previous ones, the amount of noise and air pollutions, which constantly affects the dwellers, probably leaves detrimental effects on the mental and physical well-being of certain parts of the populace living near train stations. Considering the medical aspects of this issue, launching schemes related to roads would be more beneficial.

    To conclude, despite being more secure, railways’ lack of popularity alongside undesirable impacts on the local populace makes the alternative transport systems, namely roads and airlines, more wise decisions for dedicating state resources. Improving the quality of existing roads and constructing novel paths between cities are higher likely to boost roads’ security, and therefore decline the combined number of accidents which would be a great boon.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I think the biggest issue in terms of task response is that your body paragraphs lack focus. Each of your body paragraphs contains several points. It would be better to have only one main point and fully develop it. Your essay also contains many grammatical errors. I’d give it a 5 or 5.5.

  4. Every governments provide capital for the better transportation system for the develop their the countries. It is a often argued that it is more advantages to the government expected allocate funds on railways instead of roads. In my opinion, I agree with this statement and think that trains are much fast, protective, environmental friendly and save money.
    First of all, transportation on trains are faster than other moter vehicles but it has become safe and ecofriendly solution for the present world. It is because that the trains reduces number of accidents and wasting time in the community. Also this is the preferable idea to restore the fell down environmental polution. Recent studies show that the trains can drop traffic congestion in main cities. Not only that but also most of people use this type of railway transportation system for saving the travelling time. Therefore, it will give more benefits by improving the railway facilities.
    Secondly, trains can carry lot of passengers and several tonnes of goods at a time while, road vehicle unable to like that. At the same time population of the world is increasing rapidly. Therefore, the transpotation has given much value for money. For example a recent research has proved that most of countries use trains for the cargo system has become easy and popular. For this reason, companies cut the some maintainance wages. Morever, proper construction and maintance of the relevant system will become an investment in the future.
    Finally, in my opinion I strongly agree believe that governments expected allocate capital on railways ratherthan roads because, the trains have given better travel experience and value for the money.

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