Some People Say History Is One of the Most Important School Subjects

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May 5, 2021

Some people say History is one of the most important school subjects. Other people think that, in today’s world, subjects like Science and Technology are more important than History. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 3 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Some people argue that courses in history should be a top priority in the school curriculum, whereas others claim that nowadays courses related to science and technology are of greater importance than history courses. I agree with the latter opinion because those who focus on disciplines related to science and technology can earn higher salaries in the future.

On the one hand, it can be argued that courses in history can foster patriotism in the young. This is because by taking these courses, young people can know that without their ancestors’ sacrifice and hard work, they would not be able to live the type of lifestyle they are living now. As a result, they will love their country more and want to give back to their country. However, I think history courses do not equip students with the hard skills needed to contribute to their nation, which makes patriotism useless.

On the other hand, students who put much effort into courses in science and technology will have a better chance of securing high-paying positions in the future. The reason is that these courses train their ability to innovate, and with this ability, they will be able to bring innovation to their future employers. Their employers in turn will reward them with high salaries. For example, even entry-level software engineers at Facebook get paid 166, 000 dollars a year. I agree with this argument because getting a well-paid job after graduation is the main reason why most people go to school.

In conclusion, while courses in history can turn students into patriots, I believe subjects related to science and technology are more important because they help students get high-paying jobs. (279 Words)

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  1. Schools are the first institute of every student. The basis of every subject was developed in early life. Most people argue that history subjects are more paramount than other academic subjects while few have the vice versa opinion. Both visions along with relevant examples are discussed in this essay.
    Courses related to history are the representation of all the actions done in the past. In order to acknowledge and implement the lessons in the present time, teachers should educate it students. Moreover, it is truly admitted that, what we have today, is the outcome of the continuous efforts done by our ancestors. Besides, the mistake and struggles are open lessons by which we learn and improve our future by implementing the lessons from olden times. Along with this, learning about the hard work done in the golden time to win the nation also lightens up the sense of patriotism in children.
    On the other hand, subjects like science, fiancés, technology, and development have their own worth. For the reason that, we should also acknowledge this; science and technology will be the demand of tomorrow. So, teachers should spotlight science and technology more than other history subjects. Like all the inventions and discoveries that ease our lives will be dependent on science, whether it is related to the food industry, healthcare sector, textile, or business. Therefore, it’s the requirement of the future to focus on research and development. Thanks, to the brilliant scientific approach done during the time of pandemic which enables us to take ourselves out of danger.
    In my opinion, each subject has its own importance. If science is the backbone of the future then history reflects our past. In academics, students should learn all courses. Students should get basic knowledge of every field because it helps them in the selection of fields.
    Conclusively, all the subjects studied in school are the basis of available professions. Undoubtedly, History helps in acknowledging and implementing the efforts and lessons done in ancient times, whereas science helps us to fulfill the need of the forthcoming time, that’s technology and development.


  2. After the students passed class 12th they want to study a good subject for their bright future. Quite a few individuals assume that history is the most important subject. On the contrary, other people think that Science & Technology subject is created a furnished future for pupils. However, students gather more experience and skills while they will be studied in Science & Technology related subjects. I strongly support Science & Technology subject that I will disclose in the following paragraph.

    On the other hand, some people believe that Science & Technology related subjects are the best ones. For a start, when university goers finished their studies, they will able to experience & skillful people. In addition, those subjects ensure job opportunities for the students. For instance, Software engineers on Facebook get paid 166,000 dollars a year. I agree with this argument because getting a good salary after graduation is the main reason why most people go to school.

    On the other hand, when students will study history-based subjects so that they can know about the history of their country. They will also know how people sacrificed their lives to protect the freedom of the country. As a result, they will be awakened to love for their country.

    In conclusion, the study of history can make students into patriots. I believe Science & Technology related subjects can change a student’s lifestyle and improve their skills and experience. Besides they can have opportunities to get high-salary jobs.

  3. There has always been a controversial discussion among history and science advocates about which topic is the most significant subject in the school curriculum.

    On the one hand, some people argue that history courses can raise students’ awareness of their culture. So in the future, a new generation will have appeared which try to keep their country’s traditions alive. Hence this purpose won’t be fulfilled unless school managers foster students’ historical fondness through golding more history classes.
    But I criticize this argument because I believe that the future job market requires technology-related skills rather than history.

    On the other hand, according to the pace of technology most of the renowned companies which recruit annually a large number of employees, require technical skills such as coding, the ability to work with new softwares and etc.
    With regard to this fact, most parents prefer their youngsters to attend science and technology classes rather than other courses. It is evident that developing technological ability leads to securing a well-paid job in the future.

    In conclusion, although history courses are intriguing for a group of people, others prefer to put technology and science as their first priority and I completely agree with the latter group because technology experts can secure a better job easily in the future.

  4. Some people argue that nowadays, courses that are related to science and technology are much more important than history to be taught to students at school. I agree with the latter idea because today’s modern life demands more advanced technological modules daily, which is not attainable only by educating generations to provide it.

    Some people, especially those with a nationalistic attitude, would say if people do not have proper knowledge of their history, consisting of its up and down, victories and failures, they will be paralyzed to make a brighter future for their country. They believe the lesson embedded inside history is a must to learn for younger generations. In my idea, past is past, and we should not dwell on past events because they always remain unchanged for good. Thus, the history-related subjects, no matter world history or the countries, must be read as a story and not more than that.

    On the other hand, teaching science and technology in an extraordinary teaching style will inspire students and draw their attention to cutting-edge technology. In today’s world, many people face high-tech phenomena, for example, the driving assistant systems that take control of the car when a crucial situation happens and save the driver and pedestrians’ lives. The public now demands fully driverless vehicles. How this and other high-tech inventions may come true in the future? The answer is in educating students willing to push the science borderlines. I believe the modernized world asks for innovations, and this may not happen only by filling the majority time of students at school schedules with scientific subjects.
    In conclusion, whether putting history or science and technology subjects as the main course at schools is controversial. I believe science subjects are much more profitable due to today’s world’s needs for innovation and automation.

  5. Hi Lilie, could you please check my answer & judge my band?
    Some believe that History is the most important subject to learn. I am not completely agree with this belief. However, I believe that every students must have some basic knowledge of history.
    We learn about our rulers, wars,incidences happened in the past from the history. Students can learn basic ethics and culture from past of a nation. Considering this point, it is momentous to learn a history. For instance, if students do not have idea on some important figures of history, who brought major change in the society, they will not understand their sacrifices and deeds, and that will not carry forward to their future generation.

    Other have belief that Science and Technology should be emphasized more than History considering modern world. I am agree with this opinion up to a great extent; however, i believe that students ought to have knowledge of other subjects too. Nowadays, Technology is changing drastically and growing at faster pace than before. Thus, the world is adapting science and technology in a daily life, which makes our lives easy and comfortable. Moreover, job market is demanding more graduates from Science and Technology rather than other fields. For instance, nowadays, we come across numerous news which state the major unemployment in many areas except Science and Technology.

    To conclude, I strongly opine that, considering modern scenario, Science and Technolgy is very important than History, howbeit every students must have some knowledge of a history.

  6. In this modern era, Science and technology has played a vital role in humans life. Courses like science and technology helps to enhance the knowledge of the students, on the other hand we cannot forget the sacrifice made by our ancestors for the betterment of our country. In my opinion subjects related to science helps to develop the knowledge and lifestyle of people.

  7. Some people says history is one of the most important school subjects . Other people think that ,in today’s world , subjects like science and technology are more important than history.

    Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

    It is sometimes considered that history is one of the highly essential educational courses since its promotes national identity and educate individuals about their ancestors origin,while others argue that science and technology subjects are more crucial in this contemporary time because its produce expertises in various fields and boast nation economy. In my opinion, l agree that science courses are the most relevant.

    To begin with, incorporating science courses into the school curriculums give room for students to learn about their country traditions and beliefs at early age which in turns will give them a sense of belongings.Furthermore, history related courses play an indispensable roles in enlighten people about their progenitors origin. For example, how Nigeria got independent from British colony are being taught at elementary education.Therefore, history subjects enable citizens to have basic informations about their nation.

    In contract, science and technology subjects are more valuable in the societies nowadays because graduates which are very vast in the fields of mecidine, technology and engineering are highly sought for . In other words, they provide essential services to humanity.For instance, ln 2020,when Covid 19 pandemic evolved and the global health was at stake, the service rendered by Nurses, Doctors and Scientists cannot be underemphasized. Moreso, innovative works of science and technology such as solar power, robotics, web design had contributed tremendously to country economy. To illustrate, CNN news in January 2021 reported that about 35 trillions dollars are generated annually from solar energy and petroleum production. Hence, science subjects make undeniable impact on national wealth.

    The knowledge derived from science and technology can be utilize to make informed decision in all sphere of life. Thus, l am of the opinion that science courses are paramount in the communities than history.

    In conclusion, although history broadening people understanding about way of life and give sense of belonging, the positive impact of science and technology in the world at large can not be relingated to the background.

    Pls help me vet my essay🙏🙏🙏

  8. Various disciplines are being studied at the educational institutes. Some people say that history is one of the most prominent courses at schools whereas others, including myself, think that studying scientific and technological courses are more beneficial for students’ life, especially their work compared to history.

    On the one hand, there might be a reason why history courses are crucial. It is likely related to the incidents and accidents which took place in the past. For example, through reading books about wars between nations in the past, the pupils can analyze the circumstances. In fact, the aim of learning this subject is to judge the events and give a conclusion from them. But in my opinion this course does not play main role in the development of children’s analysis skill.

    On the other hand, I personally believe that pupils should be involved courses in science and technology more. This is mainly because the employees who qualified with science and technology will have more chances to get a high-paid position in the future. So youngsters should be nurtured at this atmosphere from their childhood. The other reason is that these courses are practical. Students do not work at abstract situations. All the knowledge are acquired practically not theoretically. As a result, it leads to increase students’ cognitive skill.

    All in all, although for many people history courses are one of the vital courses at school, I say that It is not so advantageous as science and technology in the students’ future career.

    1. Neither of your body paragraphs has a topic sentence that states its main idea. Also, each body paragraph should have only one main idea, but your second body paragraph has two. For this type of question, you need to first discuss why some people think so, and then give your own opinion: say why you agree or disagree with them. I hope this helps.

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