In Many Countries Around the World Rural People Are Moving to Cities

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July 9, 2023

In many countries around the world, rural people are moving to cities, so the population in the countryside is decreasing. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

This essay question is from IELTS 18 Test 3 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In many countries, the population of the countryside is dwindling as rural residents leave for cities. I believe this should be seen as a negative trend because it not only hurts rural businesses but also creates challenges for maintaining essential services for rural communities.

A shrinking population in the countryside can have detrimental effects on local businesses. With fewer residents, there is reduced demand for goods and services, leading to a downturn in local businesses and therefore bringing inconvenience to the daily lives of the local community. For example, in the United States, low sales volumes caused by the decline in population in some rural areas made it financially unsustainable for Walmart to continue operating stores there. The closures of the Walmart stores meant that local residents lost a convenient and affordable shopping option that provided a range of products under one roof. Consequently, they had to travel long distances to access similar goods, which created hardships for those without reliable transportation.

Furthermore, a declining rural population poses challenges in sustaining essential local services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure in the area. Consider rural schools. As the population dwindles, they may struggle to maintain sufficient enrollment. This, in turn, can create financial challenges for the schools and make it difficult for them to retain qualified teachers and offer a diverse range of educational programs. As a consequence, the educational disparity between students in rural areas and their counterparts in cities may be further exacerbated.

In conclusion, the decreasing rural population is a negative development that poses challenges for rural businesses and the provision of essential local services. Efforts should be made to address this issue and find ways to revitalize rural communities, ensuring their sustainable growth and well-being. (289 Words)

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  1. 👋 from Afghanistan
    I hope you are doing well. Firstly, i am thankful to you for helps you have been doing. Secondly, i am requesting you to please add more informations related to essay (how to paraphrase, and point out some essential parts, videos on YouTube ) as you did in the previous ielts writing tasks 2.
    Best regards

  2. The population of rural areas is declining due to migration from rural to urban areas in numerous countries worldwide. However, I strongly believe that wide-ranging advantages may be reflected not only on cultivation development but also on repopulation of rural areas.
    Concerning the improvement of agriculture, the more village dwellers leave, the more space farmers could use for growing food. Literally, if we had fewer people in the countryside, agriculturalists would be able to use robotic technology and artificial intelligence to improve the empty lands so as to feed the increasing population in the cities. Therefore, although it appears that rural migration will result in dropping people in rural places, it can be argued that this leaving-out in fact increases the agricultural area percentage.
    In terms of resettling, you may offer a scientific solution to rural problems like a lack of families. I mean, newcomers who want peace and quiet would be able to move there, set up real lodging, and make frequent visits to the greener areas. There is no denying the importance of maintaining a balance between the numbers of people living in rural and urban areas, but it is also evident that frequent moves and updated repopulation contribute significantly.
    In conclusion, while fewer people choosing to live in the country for the sake of urban life may occasionally have detrimental effects on the rural community’s ability to survive, there are also advantages to expanding agricultural lands and welcoming newcomers. It is frequently proposed that predictable difficulties may come with useful advice.

  3. Nowadays there is a trend of rural people moving from the countryside to the cities all around the globe, Although this advancement has some small advantages, I think this disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

    On the other hand, rural residents may benefit from this kind of immigration so they are are able to locate for better paying work. Because there are more work options in cities than in the countryside.
    For example, they will have access to various medical facilities and their children will have the opportunity to study in prestigious schools and universities.

    On the other hand, one of the main negative effects of this growing trend is the overpopulation in cities. In fact, the lack of adequate infrastructure for the large number of residents will pose serious problems for the local governments in the future. An example would be the congestion on roads and public transport, especially at rush hour. As the population of cities increases, city dwellers find it difficult to move around easily. Another example of underdevelopment is that the increased demand for real estate will drive up the prices, making the cost of living in the city unaffordable for most residents..

  4. Hi Lily I’m confused actually I don’t know we should deal with this kind of questions like agree and disagree or like advantages outweigh the disadvantages? What I’m trying to say is that is it necessary for us to mention both negative and positive aspects and then put our concentrate on for example the positive aspects or negative aspects or like agree and disagree we have to just mention if we agree the main idia for being agree and write 2 paragraphs and develop it?

  5. before, i do not really believe asian people can create such wonderful pieces of essay due to their narrowing on what they are learning. Until i see what you have written, i start to change my mind! You are a really intelligent girl who is capable of helping students around the globe to tackle their Ielts writing problems.

  6. New Topic for Canada, Aug, 20th, 2023, academic writing task 2 was more people every travel to other countries and what are the reasons? Is this positive or negative impact? n this case, shall I put both positive and negative views?

  7. Hey Lilie, if one were to write the negatives to the countryside in BP-1, and that for the cities in BPZ-2, would that be incomplete task response?

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