In Many Countries Around the World Rural People Are Moving to Cities

Lilie King
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July 9, 2023

In many countries around the world, rural people are moving to cities, so the population in the countryside is decreasing. Do you think this is a positive or a negative development?

This essay question is from IELTS 18 Test 3 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In many countries, the population of the countryside is dwindling as rural residents leave for cities. I believe this should be seen as a negative trend because it not only hurts rural businesses but also creates challenges for maintaining essential services for rural communities.

A shrinking population in the countryside can have detrimental effects on local businesses. With fewer residents, there is reduced demand for goods and services, leading to a downturn in local businesses and therefore bringing inconvenience to the daily lives of the local community. For example, in the United States, low sales volumes caused by the decline in population in some rural areas made it financially unsustainable for Walmart to continue operating stores there. The closures of the Walmart stores meant that local residents lost a convenient and affordable shopping option that provided a range of products under one roof. Consequently, they had to travel long distances to access similar goods, which created hardships for those without reliable transportation.

Furthermore, a declining rural population poses challenges in sustaining essential local services such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure in the area. Consider rural schools. As the population dwindles, they may struggle to maintain sufficient enrollment. This, in turn, can create financial challenges for the schools and make it difficult for them to retain qualified teachers and offer a diverse range of educational programs. As a consequence, the educational disparity between students in rural areas and their counterparts in cities may be further exacerbated.

In conclusion, the decreasing rural population is a negative development that poses challenges for rural businesses and the provision of essential local services. Efforts should be made to address this issue and find ways to revitalize rural communities, ensuring their sustainable growth and well-being. (289 Words)

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  1. New Topic for Canada, Aug, 20th, 2023, academic writing task 2 was more people every travel to other countries and what are the reasons? Is this positive or negative impact? n this case, shall I put both positive and negative views?

  2. Hey Lilie, if one were to write the negatives to the countryside in BP-1, and that for the cities in BPZ-2, would that be incomplete task response?

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