In Many Countries People Are Now Living Longer Than Ever Before

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June 21, 2023

In many countries, people are now living longer than ever before. Some people say an aging population creates problems for governments. Other people think there are benefits if society has more elderly people. To what extent do the advantages of having an aging population outweigh the disadvantages?

This essay question is from IELTS 18 Test 2 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In many countries, the elderly population is growing at an unprecedented rate, presenting both challenges and opportunities for governments. Although older generations can promote workplace diversity, they create an enormous burden on healthcare systems, which, in my opinion, far outweighs any possible advantage.

On the positive side, older individuals can bring valuable contributions to the workforce, particularly in terms of diversity. Their wealth of experience and unique perspectives can enhance innovation and problem-solving within organizations. It is not uncommon to see seasoned professionals occupying top positions in renowned companies such as Apple and Google. However, it is important to note that this only applies to a small fraction of the workforce. In many cases, elderly workers may struggle to match the productivity levels of their younger counterparts. Challenges such as meeting deadlines or responding swiftly to emerging issues can diminish the added value they bring to the team.

Conversely, an aging population places significant strain on healthcare systems. As individuals age, they are more prone to develop age-related health conditions, necessitating increased medical attention, long-term care, and assistance with chronic ailments. The mounting demand for healthcare can be seen as a major disadvantage to society because it potentially diverts resources away from other crucial sectors like business subsidies, education, and infrastructure. Consequently, the overall quality of life in a country may decline due to the overwhelmed healthcare system.

In conclusion, while older individuals can foster workplace diversity, I believe that the burden they place on healthcare systems greatly outweighs this advantage because the need to allocate substantial funds to meet the growing healthcare demands of an aging population can have detrimental effects on other vital areas of society. (278 Words)

How to Paraphrase ‘Elderly People’

  • The elderly
  • Older generations
  • Older individuals
  • Elderly workers
  • The elderly population
  • An aging population

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  1. Please guide me how will I able to enhance of thinking and vocabulary. I’m facing problem in generating ideas with related examples and also the presentation in writing by accurate words.. Please help me..

  2. I’m going to take IELTS on 24th DEcember, and I also want to leave an appreciation comment like others, after getting my result.

  3. Dear Miss,
    I’m from Sri Lanka and I took my IELTS ACADEMIC test on 10th August 2023 and this is my result.
    Listening – 7.5
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    Your guidance was really helpful for me throughout my IELTS journey and thank you soo much.
    God Bless You!!!!

  4. I thought the answer should be advantages far outweigh any potential disadvantages because old people can have the information of history with experiences.😅

  5. There is a problem that most of the countries on this planet have been facing, which is the size aged population increased in an unprecedented rate. Some people believed that aged community can benefit the society, while some others took the side effects into account, such as burdening with the country’s healthcare system and government’s spendings on commonwealth. In my tuppence worth, the disadvantage outweighs the advantage.

    On the positive side, elders can offer experience and advice that are priceless to the younger generations. As people nowadays tend to have a longer expected age, they usually postpone the retirement age to their late-60s or even 70s. It gives more opportunities to the elder employees and the fresh graduates to collaborate in the workplaces. Not only creative ideas will be exchanged through communication, older individuals can also share useful personal experience and lessons they have learnt from them, which youngsters are going to find relatable, not only to their employment but the other aspects in their life.

    Meanwhile younger generations gain benefits from the elders, the aging population may also bring pressure to the healthcare infrastructures. Although aged population is expected to live longer than they did, they are also likely to become more vulnerable to chronic diseases and pandemic. The hospitality and morality rate were always having a significant differences between younger generation and the older’s. The budget that government and healthcare administration have put is increasing every year, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Population, who older than 65 years old had greater death rate when comparing to other age groups, so they were needing more medical attention and protection against the fatal virus. Trillions dollars had been spent on providing free vaccines, quarantine resources and medications to particularly the aged community, it was when younger generation found themselves healthy enough to tackle in pandemic. Skyrocketing amount of expenditure spent on healthcare infrastructure and aged care industry can cause financial pressure to the society, thus lesser money can be spared to other criteria, say education and space exploration.

    In summary, while elders can enhance the depth in the workforces by providing valuable experience that boost productivity, it is to believe that burden that aged population place to the healthcare system bring detrimental effects on a country’s financial status. More public money have to be spent in order to meet the surging healthcare demands, which somehow harms our society.

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