In Many Countries Today Crime Novels

In many countries today, crime novels and TV crime dramas are becoming more and more popular. Why do you think these books and TV shows are so popular? What is your opinion of crime fiction and TV crime dramas?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 General Training Test 1 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In many countries, there is a rise in the popularity of novels and TV dramas about crime. I believe this is because they do a good job keeping the audience engaged. In general, they are good because they can act as a warning of potential danger.

You are actively engaged with the suspense created in a crime book or show. Unlike other types of books and TV series where you just passively watch plots continue, crime books and dramas keep you thinking and guessing. You are like a detective, analyzing clues and unfolding mysteries. Did the husband murder his wife because she found his money-laundering secret? Or did the neighbor next door kill the wife because he wants to hide their affair? Suspense like this really gets you strongly involved in the story and wanting more of it.

Crime novels and dramas can warn you of potential dangers. Many crime dramas on TV are based on true stories. Crime novels might also be loosely based on real cases. They inform you of methods real-life criminals might use. For example, a Netflix show depicts a serial killer pretending to have mobility issues by walking with a cane. He asks his victims to help him carry things to his car. Once the victims are leaning into his car, he hits their head with a crowbar. This educates you that exploiting the trusting nature of people is a method that criminals might use to lure you and that you should never fully trust someone you’ve only just met.

In conclusion, crime novels and dramas are so popular in many countries because they keep the audience engaged. They can be educational because they can warn of potential dangers. (284 Words)

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  1. There are two questions on this topic.
    The second one asked about your opinion. Have you elucidated that in 2nd body paragraph?

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