In Some Countries More and More People Are Becoming

In some countries, more and more people are becoming interested in finding out about the history of the house or building they live in. What are the reasons for this? How can people research this?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 16 Test 1 Writing Task 2.

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In some countries, there is a growing interest among people in tracing the history of their homes. I think they research this for many reasons, perhaps out of interest, or to find a sense of connection. For help with finding answers, they should turn to the seniors in their neighborhoods.

Some people delve into the stories of their homes simply because they are curious. Many historical buildings have been torn down, which makes those that remain uncommon treasures in the city. As a result, it is likely that residents in the surviving buildings can’t help finding out more about them, such as when they were built and why they look the way they do.

There are also people who do research to find a sense of connection. With concrete residential buildings everywhere, neighborhoods nowadays look very alike and, therefore, it is hard for people to feel something special about where they live. However, by learning about the buildings that once stood there and the people who lived in them, for example, a sense of connection and involvement may be fostered.

The best way for people to explore, I believe, is to ask the elderly in their neighborhood. Many seniors have lived in the same neighborhood all their lives. They have seen it change around them. They have witnessed people coming and going. Talking to them can definitely help one uncover some intriguing stories of the place where one lives.

In conclusion, curiosity and a desire to seek a connection are two possible reasons why people investigate the history of their homes. To find answers, they should ask the old people in their neighborhood for help. (275 Words)

How to Paraphrase “ find out about the history of the house or building they live in”

  • Trace the history of their homes
  • Research the history of their homes
  • Explore the history of their homes
  • Investigate the history of their homes

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  1. In some countries, day by day people are getting interested to look out the history of their homes or buildings. I think the reason could be that people are curious these days to know about the things that is their concern as it’s also a human nature to being curious to the things of your concern. So people are trying to know about their homes that who lived before. Also there are some people who believe in the existence of souls and of ghostly world, so get themselves clear of this myth they believe in knowing about it as their major concern. For example if a person already have been through some experiences of the myths he/she believed in so the person would never ever want to have the same experience so this is his/her concern to find out about the building or the home.
    Secondly people can have a research on it by asking the neighbours or the landlord who allot them the home. Also people can ask any person who live nearby. Multiple ways can be used to reach out what you’re looking for. But the better can know the elderly neighbour’s who’re living there since ages because the neighbours can tell better as they know who’s coming and who’s going so it’s better to seek out neighbours than the other person.
    In conclusion, it’s the curiosity and the concern in the people to know about their homes and it’s a positive things to have a concern as it’s better for a person so that he/she can’t fall in any trouble. And the proper way to know about is to ask elderly neighbours who can guide well.

  2. Hi please give your assessment .
    The proposed claim stating the proclivity of people to understand and know about the history of the buildings and houses they reside in has a both logical as well as mythical angle to it. To accept only logic and degrade the myth as a simple fad would undermine our understanding. While it would look like a myth to one, it may seem emotionally important for those who believe in the myth.

    Many people make efforts to understand the history of the buildings or the houses simply to understand the previous owners, their experiences and choices. It could also be done to understand the structure of the infrastructure, the raw material it includes, the quality of the infrastructure, safety measures undertaken or regulations of the building as well as compliance with the government rules and regulations. All of these are imperative for a homeowner to understand the home they would be stepping into. It also pays importance for ascertaining the loan or providing necessary information to the banks/financial institution providing the loan to purchase the house/ flat in the concerned building. Many would perform this simple task to acquaint themselves with the neighbors or the builder. They may even do this to understand if any additional value is attributed to the house/building with respect to its past or the proximity to where it is located. This will also help them understand the market value of the house/building in case it is to be sold in the future. Overall, this aspect of research to understand the history of the buildings/houses is mostly an involuntary instinct of the homeowner to gain general knowledge about the house’s/buildings’ whereabouts. This is done as a simple process during a real estate purchase by a customer.

    On the other hand, a mythical angle to it, which might seem as taboo in a few minds of the intellects, is quite prevalent in many nations including developed nations such as the United States of America. Many homeowners try to understand the history to draw a link to any abnormal activities that might occur in the house. These activities could be a simple coincidence or it could be related to paranormal activities. We have seen movies such as Conjuring or Insidious which portray such incidents in cinema claiming them to be based on a true story. These claims could be false or even true to those who experienced them. This particular belief is very prevalent in India where they coin certain palaces or homes being haunted by previously lived kings, queens or ministers. However, these claims are subject to controversy or are close to impossible to be proved true. One can only choose to believe or not believe them based on their understanding.

    Information about the history and previous incidents about a house/ building can be easily procured through the internet, real estate agents, neighbors, previous homeowners, government documents, shops, malls and facility owners located in the proximity of the house/building. It is rather simple to do a small survey to understand the backstory of any place, this could be done through newspapers and now more popularly through the internet.

    As far as my personal experience includes, I have never encountered a situation involving a myth about the presence of some houses haunted by deceased owners, except the historical palaces in India where it would be a story explained by a tour guide to explain the significance of a historical monument or palace. But a few times, I have witnessed my parents doing a small investigation regarding the economic potentiality, neighbors, facilities, prices etc., in an attempt to make the right purchase decision about real estate.

    In a nutshell, while there are two sides to the same claim, they both stand their ground and are observed by many under both circumstances of logic and myth.

  3. Hi, please help in evaluating my essay:

    With changing times and growing knowledge about the world, people are becoming interested even in minute details of things and often people are keen in knowing about the history of their house or building they live in. While it is important to have knowledge about the house or building you live, there can be many other reasons to do so, lets discuss few of the reasons.

    The first reason can be to know about any significant cultural or traditional association with something, for example, association of the house with any famous personalities or freedom fighter. If this is the case then it gives a sense of pride in people living there and they try to maintain and aware people living in vicinity. Secondly they can be keen in knowing how climate or natural calamities might have affected house or people living in the house earlier so that they can take precautionary measures beforehand. Another reason for people enquiring can be simply to feel safe and secure in the place where they live.

    While there are many ways to know about the history, the fastest of them all is internet, now many information related to a building, area or a locality is available online, people can know about the history within a blink of an eye. Secondly, people can query the neighbours about the times when earlier people used to stay in the house. Furthermore, if people are really interested to know about history, they can visit local authority and a lot of information can be derived from there in terms of year of construction and earlier times.

    In conclusion, buying a house or an apartment is a dream for many and for some it takes a lifetime of savings to make their dreams come true. If people are investing their lifetime savings into this, they are obliged to know about the history of their house or any association with historical events in the past.

  4. Nowadays, the vast majority of some nations’ people are inclining to know the history of their living home. In this essay respectively reasons and the ways that they can search about it will be presented.
    There are two main reasons, interest and fear, related to the fact that individuals have a tendency to understand about their residence history. from psychological point of view, dwellers are interested in their property, for instance their home and car. Based of plethora of research, conducted by prominent scientists, some fears from living in a place that in the past time had bad application, for example prison. This is deeply rooted in mental viewpoint of them and make householders to investigate about the history of their place of living. Moreover, some buildings have a special feature or architecture that give rise to be more appealing to search about their past records.
    Although, there are some methods that individuals can find some information about the history of their home, the most effective one is asking from elderly people. The older people have more knowledge that younger generation and can be a lucrative source of houses history. provided that a man or woman go to the library, they can access to beneficial references for instance book, handwriting, and magazine related to their purpose. In some cases, inside the house some pictures and artifacts may be found that provide some information about the home.
    in conclusion, consider all above-mentioned reasons and methods, dwellers in search of interest and fear intend to search about prior data about their place that are located in it. It can be done by referring to elderly people, libraries and things existed in house.

  5. Thanks for uploading the video. It is clear and helpful!

    I am uploading my writing, see if anyone can give advice and suggestions on how to improve it.

    Nowadays, more and more people are interested in finding out the history of the house or building they live in. The reason why is obvious. People have been gradually realising the importance of cultural and historical heritage in those buildings as well as the benefits they brought to them and the city.

    To begin with, the cultural and historical value of the houses and buildings is irreplaceable and unmeasurable. In modern society, the city renovation plan has destroyed many traditional buildings and replaced them with skyscrapers. After decades, citizens finally found the concrete jungle they live had lost its own cultural identity. To answer their children’s questions like who we are and where we are from, people start researching on the historical background of themselves. The very first step starts from the property they are currently living.

    What’s more, the reality proved that buildings with rich historical and cultural relics brought plenty of benefits to the owners and the city, which further motivated people to look into it. Take Shanghai as an example, many buildings and houses owned by previous celebrities and public figures have been protected, preserved and even served as a tourist attraction now. The city has finally gained back its historical and cultural name cards and the property priced has rocketed at the same time. Another example is the Si He Yuan in Beijing. Representing the unique and traditional architectural aesthetic tastes, Si He Yuan has been valued more than 100 million each and become one of the places tourists would visit in Beijing.

    To look for more information, people can go to the local historical museum focusing on city development and local historical and cultural heritage. Also, modern technology could also make information easily accessible. Just simply click online, we can get a whole picture of the historical stories behind the buildings and houses.

    In conclusion, with greater awareness of the importance of historical values in properties, people are becoming more interested in the house or building they live in. It encouraged us to value the place we live in and helped to protect and preserve the history and culture hidden behind.

  6. You rarely used cohesive devices in your writing? Why is this the case? And your writing is fully developed, I love the way you have written deserves a band above 8, however why you had to end up in 7?

    1. Hi, thanks for your questions. Cohesive devices are just one of the several ways to link sentences and paragraphs and it’s actually better not to overuse them.
      All essays published on this site were corrected and improved by native speakers so they are way better than what I wrote on the actual exams.

  7. I think this question did not ask for personal opinion, it’s a generalized question. But you have given a personal opinion on the introduction, why is it?

    1. Hi, of course, the question asks YOUR OPINION about the reasons for researching home history and YOUR OPINION about how people can research it. Every Task 2 Question asks your opinion. It’s just that sometimes they don’t say “do you think”. Hope this helps.

  8. Can somebody help me with rating this?
    Nowadays many people in some countries around the world are interested in discovering out history about the house or building they live in. Curiosity has always been connected with human in many different ways.
    In the world there are many different people, some people don’t care about place they live in. In the other hand, the second group of people want to know details about each part of their house or building. Each group has it right to find out if they are interested, sometimes it’s maybe harder to find out without having a good way.
    People want to find out details about place where they spend a lot of their free time. During the free time people have they want to feel safe and relaxed in their home knowing the history behind the walls. Knowing the main details and using knowledge they can connect the story pretty quickly. Exploring the local library is one of the ways of how to reasearch.
    Knowing the details about story behind place they live in people can decide future plans they have. If they are connected with the house through the family members including them in research can help alot. If house in which people live had been bought by grandparents, asking them about way how did they improve it throught the years is the way. But, if the house or building is recently bought the first and easiest way is with help of the neighbors. A good neighbor with a loads of life time experience is the best friend you can have for research.
    In conclusion, discovering the details about place you feel like home is just an example of people curiosity.

  9. In recent years, people have been more curious about their accommodation’s background. Figuring out that who had lived in their house previously is interesting for them. Curiosity in the lives of previous owners will be achieved by asking from the people that are aware and involved.

    There are various reasons why individuals want to know about their building’s history. Firstly, some people like to be aware of the architecture, the age and the way that their house has been built. The construction date of a building reveals the type of architecture at that time. For example, some buildings in London have constructed almost 200 years ago and they have Gothic style. This style is typical architecture of London’s building during eighteen century. Apart from this, some people are superstitious and they believe that had somebody died in a specific building, their soul could be still wandering and haunting in their property. So the house would be possessed by ghosts.

    Some sources will help people who want to know about their building. To begin with, some departments are placed in a municipality that has information about sellers and buyers of accommodation in a city. They have a database of contacts that record the owners’ names. In addition, asking information about the owners of a house in detail from landlords in the neighborhood could elaborate the previous owner’s identity

    In conclusion, knowing about the past of the house that people buy is interesting. Because some people like to have information about the history and architecture of their house. There are some organizations as well as other neighbors who will help them to figure the history out.

      1. Hi, the issues I see in this essay are that each of your body paragraphs has two main ideas. To get a 7, make sure that every paragraph contains only one main idea.

        Because you have two main ideas, your solution paragraph isn’t fully developed. You’re simply listing points.

        Also, you say that people are interested in architecture but neither of your solutions talks about how they can research it.

        Hope this helps.

  10. Nowadays, many people in different countries of the world becoming more curious to find out more about the history of the potential building they will live in. In this essay, I am going to discuss the reason makes people explore the history of their likely house before transferring to it, and the right approach was taken to collect the required information.
    In terms of the reasons, the primary one is that ensure that the building has no major structural issues. The fundamental reason provided to support this claim is that if the house construction is safe, the new owner will not face any potential problem for several years. To demonstrate, many contractors use building material of low quality during the construction of the house, therefore, the householder wants to change this home as soon as discovering any cracks on the building walls. On top of that, some people make building code violations so, the owner of this house wants to get rid of it before demolishing the building by legal authority.
    Apart from this, there are several approaches to get information about any building. Essentially, you can ask the neighbour in the neighbourhood to collect the required information. To illustrate, most of the families in the same district have a relationship. Therefore, they are visited each other occasionally. On top of this, the buyer could check the governmental records to be sure that there is no issue if he buys this house.
    In conclusion, it is evident that the importance of having awareness about the history of the potential building which we are going to live in, therefore, we have to follow the right approach to get them all right information before transferring to it.

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