In the Future All Cars Buses and Trucks Will Be Driverless

Lilie King

Lilie King

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In the future all cars, buses and trucks will be driverless. The only people travelling inside these vehicles will be passengers.

Do you think the advantages of driverless vehicles outweigh the disadvantages?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 16 Test 4 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In the future, all vehicles will be autonomous. Passengers will be the only people inside them. I believe businesses can cut costs by using driverless cars, and this advantage far outweighs any potential disadvantage.

One downside of self-driving cars is that they would lead to large employment losses. Nowadays, in many countries, a great number of people are making a living by driving, be they truckers, bus drivers, or delivery couriers. Imagine all these people are made redundant by autonomous cars. That would raise the unemployment rates in these countries significantly. However, I think this can be avoided if drivers can reskill to get themselves a job in a new sector.

On the positive side, driverless cars can help businesses reduce operating expenses. This is because, with these cars, they would not need to hire drivers to deliver their products or services to their customers anymore. For example, the American logistics company UPS currently has hundreds of thousands of truck drivers and pays them an average of 60,000 dollars per year, which adds up to tens of billions of dollars annually. Replacing these drivers with autonomous cars would mean that these huge salary payments could be eliminated. I think this would create a major advantage for companies because the money saved on labor could be devoted to improving other aspects of their businesses.

In conclusion, although self-driving vehicles would result in many job losses, I believe this downside is greatly outweighed by the upside that these vehicles could help businesses save operating costs.

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How to Paraphrase “Driverless Cars”

  • self-driving cars
  • autonomous cars

Task Response

My opinion is that the advantage of driverless cars outweighs the disadvantage. Therefore, at the end of the “disadvantage” paragraph, I explained why the disadvantage is not a big deal, and at the end of the “advantage” paragraph, I explained why the advantage is a great advantage (see the red parts).

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5 Responses

  1. In the coming years, driversless vehicles will be the preferred mode for commuting by passengers as it has many advantages for their daily travelings. This essay will discuss the merits and demerits of this technological innovation.

    On the one hand, the introduction of autonomous cars will mean that many people will be off the driving job market as a result may increase the number of unemployment. Secondly, this innovation will will also put pressure on government and road regulatory bodies to make sure that all roads are in good shape to accommodate this vehicles, CCTV cameras must be installed on the roads to track faulty cars which come at a cost. Moreover, the commuters will need to sensitize on the importance of using driverless vehicles in other to get them to patronage.

    On the other hand, the Indra of introducing autonomous vehicles in the near future has many advantages which outweigh any possible disadvantages.
    Firstly, using driverless vehicles will reduce road traffic accident as a result government will be able to save more money on health which can be used on other projects. Secondly, these cars will provide services that are faster and more reliable as compared to human drivers, delivery services will be faster than the former as the autonomous cars can locate the exact location of a client using GPS of the receiver.
    In addition, autonomous cars will be helpful in regulating traffic situations as they will respond to the directives of the traffic. Finally, this technological advancement will also save a lot of money for companies that have employed huge number of drivers as there will be no human being driving, companies can use the money to develop their business to expand employment.

    In conclusion, the introduction of driverless vehicles in the near future will help both companies and government to make savings for other projects and investment . I believe the benefits outweighs the problem which can be tackled in diverse ways.

  2. In the upcoming years, all types of vehicles will become autonomous and only passengers will be commuting in them without the need of a driver behind the steering wheel. This essay will discuss that the positive effect of increasing road safety due to this technology outweighs the negativity of leaving behind a lot of jobless people.

    One possible drawback of this technology is the idea that it is driverless and doesn’t need a human driver anymore. Hence, causing an increasing number of jobless people. Not only it will take the place of taxi or truck drivers but also any kind of manual delivery service. To illustrate, Amazon is currently testing out new drones and small cars that could autonomously deliver orders in less time and cost. These people, therefore, will lose their main source of income and may not be able to find another job as they may have been years in this work and don’t know any other craft to work in. Nevertheless, government could create special programs alleviating this problem by teaching these drivers a new craft that would create for them more opportunities and this could also help in covering certain jobs that have a shortage of workers.

    The significant pro of autonomous vehicles is that it can mitigate the problem of car accidents and ensure all in all roading safety. The equipment of multiple cameras and different sensors surrounding these vehicles, scanning all possible threats and results in fewer car accidents as all blind spots that humans can’t be seen are covered by these sensors in addition to having a faster response time that humans. Thus, decreasing the chance of human error accidents which are an overwhelming 90% of all occurring accidents.

    To conclude, the introduction of driverless vehicles in the future is imminent. Although it may cost a lot of people to go jobless, it can save more lives than get lost every day around the world due to avoidable accidents.

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