In the Future More People Will Choose to Go on Holiday in Their Own Country and Not Travel Abroad on Holiday. Do You Agree or Disagree?

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June 5, 2022

In the future, more people will choose to go on holiday in their own country and not travel abroad on holiday. Do you agree or disagree?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 General Training Test 3 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In the future, there will be more people opting to spend their holidays in their own country rather than in another country. I completely agree with this point of view because traveling abroad would become unaffordable for more and more people due to inflation and automation.

Firstly, inflation has hit its highest level in decades in many countries. Back then, before inflation took off in 2021, the amount of money needed to maintain a given standard of living was lower. Therefore, it wasn’t very hard for an average person to save some money for an international trip. However, now inflation has increased the cost of living to a record high and some economists fear that this might last for a long time. That is to say, in the future, after paying rent or mortgage and buying necessities, many people wouldn’t have money left to travel abroad to enjoy their holiday. They might just travel domestically, which would be far cheaper.

Additionally, many people would lose their jobs to robots. So far cheap countries like Thailand and Indonesia haven’t been out of reach even for those who don’t make much money every month. But, sooner or later, humanless technologies, such as driverless cars and Amazon cashierless stores, would mature. By that time, many low-level workers would be made redundant. They might struggle to make a living, let alone fly to another country to enjoy a fancy holiday.

In conclusion, in the future, it will be less common for people to travel abroad on holiday and inflation and humanless technology are to blame. (261 Words)

How to Vary Your Language

Travel abroad
  • Fly to another country
  • International trips
  • Travel overseas (Only use it when appropriate. The problem with ‘overseas’ is that it implies that one has to cross an ocean/sea to get to the other country, which is often not the case.)

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  1. Hi, Hope to you are very well. In the first sentence, it seems that “are” is redundant. In fact, I think it must have been “there will be more people …”. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. I have to argue that the second point of view is a bit far-fatched. Instead, I would propose that taking globalization into consideration could be a good point, as it makes the globe flat and close-knitted. Countries and cities are losing their identities and becoming more and more similar. International trades enable people to buy worldwide goods without travelling across the borders. Therefore, people have less motivations to travel internationally.

  3. People will choose spending their holiday vacation in their home country and not overseas in the coming days. In my opinion, I completely disagree to this point of view knowing fully well that people would always love to see the world out of their own and enjoy travels.

    The insatiable nature of humans, will always be seen in the travel decisions and destinations of people. A great form of fulfillment and joy comes to dwell with many when they turn a dream to reality of going to some other countries with certain adventures that is not seen at home. For example, south Africa is well known for her safari. People come from across the globe to Africa to witness it’s wildlife, take photos, videos and documentaries. Interestingly, to many this is fulfilling.

    However, the long distant destinations of some holiday places, has necessitated having to stop at some countries to either refuel aircrafts or ships. Thereby, presenting an opportunity to passengers to feel the excitement, see the view, landscape and eat food of different countries. Take, for instance, the country of Isreal. Visitors from some parts of Africa going for pilgrimage in Jerusalem gets to make a stop in Libya before taking off again, the people are happy to ask the locals about the great Gaddafi, one of the country’s longest ruler and also see the boundary between Africa and Europe that is written on papers for ages. This is an added benefit to travels enjoyed by the travellers.

    In conclusion, I believe that many would option to spending their holiday periods outside home country in the future, for a life time chance of seeing what other places looks like and a time to enjoy what travelling has to offer. (283 words).

    Pls ma…I would love to get your remarks on this my essay and corrections. my exam is next weekend.

  4. People are likely to spend vacation in their homeland rather than travelling overseas in the future. I absolutely disagree with this point a view because having holiday in abroad will be more affordable and easier due to the rapid of technology and infrastructure improvement.
    The rapid advancement of technology nowadays supports all aspects of the word are accessible. Social media such as Facebook and Instagram have made people who are lived in different nations are be connected. This situation has made bounding which encouraged them to meet someday. In addition, with the internet, people can see by their phone screen all the beautifulness of tourist destinations around the world which trigger them to visit. The feeling to directly sense such as, tasting the local foods and seeing their culture became the most reason why people tend to travel abroad to enjoy their holiday. Moreover, many travel applications today can be used easily which support the travellers to go to their destinations. This application also provides information ranging from flights, accommodations, and tourist destinations that they can visit in the country destinations. Hence, in the future people are likely to have vacation in overseas.
    The improvement of infrastructure in this modern era also strengthens the business of travel around the world are easier and affordable. Many new roads and accommodations such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants have been made in the countries which are now become the most tourist destinations. In addition, the development of infrastructure also made more aircraft are available with shorter time flights. These facilities provide lot of options that can be chosen by tourists. Tis infrastructure rising also supports the travel business which can provide an affordable trip for visitors.
    In summary, I believe that in future, more people are encouraging to spend their holiday in abroad rather than only in their country.

  5. Thank you so much for your samples and this amazing website. I got the score I want by learning from your essays.

  6. In years to come, many persons will decide to spend their holiday in their nation rather than traveling to foreign land. This essay totally agree with this view as this can be attributed to the high cost of traveling and globalization.

    The ever increasing cost of holidaying abroad will cause people to stay in their home country in the future rather than traveling. The BBC lifestyle recent documentary analysed the rising expences of touring some places especially Maldives with predictions of price skyrocketing in the future. Therefore, many will not be able to afford the luxury of such trips as holidaymakers have made it increasingly difficult for both the middle class and the poor thus only the elites can comfortably manage such trips.

    Furthermore, the decision to stay back at one’s own state during the holidays in the coming years can be due to the fact that the world is becoming a global village. This is as a result of the strides and advances in science and technology. Consequently, one can view tourist places such as game reserves, museums, zoos et cetera in different places on television and social media platforms. For example, my class planned a visit to Beverly hills last Christmas, however, the plan was truncated upon discovery of the Inside Beverly hills series on DSTV.

    In conclusion, more people will make the choice of remaining in their home country than traveling to other nations for holidays in the coming years because of high trip expenditure and globalization, hence, the essay’s agreement with this view.

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