In the Future People May No Longer Be Able to Pay for Things in Shops Using Cash

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September 30, 2022

In the future, people may no longer be able to pay for things in shops using cash. All payments may have to be made by card or using phones. Do you think this will happen one day? Why do you think some people might not be happy to give up using cash?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 17 General Training Test 1 Writing Task 2.

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In the future, there may be no cashiers in stores. People may have to pay with a card or mobile app instead of cash. I believe this will undoubtedly become a reality as cashier-less store technology matures. However, some people may be unhappy about it because it denies them the opportunity to interact with other people.

Sooner or later, cashier-less technology will be in every shop. Amazon has already been testing and perfecting this technology in its Amazon Go stores, where customers enter, take the products they want, and just walk out without scanning or interacting with a cashier.  This technology will eventually mature and by that time Amazon will be able to license it to other retailers. With inflation and rising labor costs, eventually all retailers will adopt this technology to maximize profit.

Sadly, not all shoppers will welcome cashierless stores where there is little to no human interaction. Many people visit physical stores because they enjoy interacting with the staff there. Consider lonely working-from-home workers who go to their local Starbucks stores every day because the baristas there warmly greet them whenever they visit and know their coffee preferences so well. Imagine that one day they won’t be able to engage with their favorite baristas. They  just grab their coffee and leave. How sad is that!

In conclusion, cashier-less technology will eventually arrive at every retail store and this means that people won’t be able to pay by cash anymore. Unfortunately, some people might not be happy about this transformation because it will eliminate social interaction. (258 Words)

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  1. Hello sister, can you please check my writing for this particular question? i have tried this for the first time with the knowledge that i have.

    All the transaction people do in the shops with cash will soon be replaced by cards or other online methods in coming future. In my opinion, this will be real someday because of rapid growth of technology. However, some people may be unhappy about this situation because of the extra fees they have to pay during every transactions.

    In the future, every payments will be done using online method replacing cash because of the technological advancements. In other words, as we grow, technology will be so developed that form of online payments will have many features with high security. For instance, people from Nepal can buy something from the US and pay directly using their mobile phones securely. Because of that, people might stop using cash and switch to online methods.

    However, some individuals might not like this idea of giving up cash payment because of the extra fees they have to pay during every transactions they perform. Whenever, someone does payment using card or online mediums, he or she has to pay some extra fees for that. A example of this is a connect ips app where 10 cents is deducted for every transactions. That is why, I believe some people might not prefer using online payments.

    In conclusion, rapid development in technology will lead to change in the format of how people pay from cash to cashless. However, some individuals may be unhappy of this idea as a result of the fees they have to pay.

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