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Lilie King

Lilie King

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This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 16 Test 2 Writing Task 2.

In their advertising, businesses nowadays usually emphasise that their products are new in some way. Why is this? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

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In their advertising, businesses today often promote the idea that there is something new in their products. I believe they do this because it can help them beat their competitors. This should be seen as a positive development because new features are there to respond to consumers’ new needs.

By advertising something new they have created, brands can increase their chances of staying ahead of their competitors. No matter what product a company sells, there are always hundreds, if not thousands, of similar ones on the market that consumers can choose from. If the company does not inform consumers through its marketing that the product is innovative in some way, it will just be one of the many out there, rather than one that is different and grabs consumers’ attention. For example, in an iPhone commercial, Apple effectively delivers the message that the latest version of iOS allows users to disable cross-app tracking. This new feature which no other smartphone has can definitely help Apple attract new buyers since nowadays people are becoming more and more concerned about their online privacy.

I think this is a positive development because consumers have new requirements that need new products to satisfy them. For example, with all the digital devices at their fingertips, people nowadays want to limit their screen time more than they did a decade ago. Noticing this change, Amazon has launched a screenless fitness band called the Amazon Halo. This screenless feature is something existing fitness trackers such as Apple Watches and Fitbits cannot offer.

In conclusion, emphasizing the newness of their products in advertising is an effective way for brands to stand out from the competition. This is a positive development because new features can meet customers’ new needs.

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  1. Hi Thank you for your time in advance. I would like to know my mark.

    In recent societies, there is a wide range of advertisement in our daily lives and they have often put emphasis on their latest products. As far as I am concerned, this is the result of the pursuit of new merchandises by the consumers and I am convinced that this has brought positive effects to the societies.

    Nowadays, the public is in pursuit of the latest goods. With the technological advancement, products have always been designed for several times by companies to achieve better performances. Take smart phones for example, cutting- edge products are released at least once a year and the citizens have easy access to their promotions or advertisements when they are launched.

    In my opinion, this is definitely a beneficial phenomenon since the consumers are well educated about the most advanced objects at the moment. When receiving the information of the newest goods, the potential buyers could maker some comparisons between similar products and make their own choices.

    From my perspective, it is reasonable that the promotions are mainly consisted of the latest products’ information since this content can attract public attention enormously. With the requirement of more well designed products to promote, the enterprises would make their best efforts to provide the customers with better goods and to me, it is obviously advantageous.

  2. Ma. Please can you mark my essay too.

    These days advertising focuses more on what makes the product unique and different. In my opinion, this is necessary for sales mostly now that the market is saturated and it is harder to get customers. This makes it an improvement for the individual, company, and market.

    We are constantly been exposed to a lot of advertisements of similar products every day that offer the same features when the marketing is aimed at showing how unique the product is, this draws people’s interest. For example, every year Apple’s iPhone makes the biggest sale of phones in the electronic industry because its marketing shows how sleek and functional their phones are compared to other phones that focus on the same thing like a minimal update every year. Moreover, recycled ideas make people lose interest and trust in the company because it seems like the company is not growing.

    Emphasizing on what makes a product stand out is advantageous to the company because they attract customers and make better income from sales. Furthermore, when new ideas are promoted it encourages competition and innovation in the industry as other companies have to work harder to meet up the new ideas. For example, Apple made the wireless earphone which was a turnaround for the industry as every other company was focusing on wired earphones or headphones. This idea brought about positive development as other companies started creating other similar features to meet customer’s needs.

    In conclusion, businesses stressing the novelty of the product is beneficial as it draws in customer’s attention which leads to better sales and this can encourage creativity and growth in the production and marketing industry.

  3. Can you please mark my essay? My exam is going to be held in 28. Aug

    In these contemporary era, more and more businesses showcase their product as fresh and new through adverts. They are highlighting their product in order to persuade people to purchase their products. In my opinion, I believe that this is a negative development as it encourage consumer to buy unnecessary products.

    To begin with, A growing number of enterprises are trying to market their product as effective than others these days. This is due to competition between companies and it becomes harder for them to influence costumer towards their brands. For example, Recent survey by Business weekly Magazine has shown that in the UK significant proportion of companies are advertising their product as reliable and trustworthy, thus, to attract much more people towards their products.

    In my view, This trend has more negative impact than benefits because it can lure people to buy irrelevant items, especially among teenagers as they are always enthusiastic to purchase new items, which can be main reason for unnecessary spending. To illustrate this, research by Time Magazine suggests that one third of Indian youngsters opt to purchase product immediately if they saw any appealing products on TV commercials, as a result, they pester their parents to buy those products owing to unnecessary expenditures. Due to this effect on adolescents, this strategy followed by businesses is negative development.

    In conclusion, there is no doubt that, companies are highlighting their brands on ads as new in some extent in order to gain more costumer attention towards them. I think it is negative development as it can be main reason for people,in particular young one, to spend a lot on unwanted products.

    1. Hi, I think you misunderstood the word “new” in the question. Therefore, your essay is not on topic. Perhaps, a 5.5.

      1. Mam. Isn’t question asking for why business these days highlight that their products are new in some way. ( We have to answer causes of this and positive or negative development)

      1. If a product is new in some way, it offers something that people haven’t seen before. In your first body paragraph, you used adjectives “effective”, “reliable” and “trustworthy”. How do they have anything to do with “new”?

  4. Hello, please can I get feedback. Thanks in advance.

    Businesses’ way of marketing nowadays tends to illustrate that their products are unlike any other in the market. This became common due to the increase in the number of businesses that have the same product, thus making the market more competitive. However, this can positively reflect on the shops and the quality of the products in it and as a result, people will be the most benefited.

    These days, selling a product is difficult which forces the businesses to grab people’s attention by focusing on their product’s new features and how they differ from others. This is because the market is congested with similar goods and to be able to introduce any new merchandise, it should have something that is not found in any other to succeed and create more profits. Moreover, people always prefer buying new products than old ones even if they will spend more. For example, amazon found that labeling majority of the product sold out first in their stores are the ones labeled with “newest” or “latest”.

    In my opinion, the pros of this new way of marketing between businesses to sell their products outweigh the cons. Moreover, the healthy competition between businesses benefits people as businesses now focus to come up with something unique in order to create more profits. As a result, new products are introduced to the market and even with lesser prices. Taking mobile phones companies as an example, the company that works harder throughout the year and provides the market with phones with state-of-the-art features are the ones that get the highest earnings. This way both businesses and people are satisfied.

    In conclusion, the flooding of the market with products and the high competition between businesses resulted in them coming up with alternative ways of effective advertising for their products to get more customers as a result it positively affects both the buyers and the sellers.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I give it a 5.5.
      The inaccurate uses of linking words, such as “moreover” in your third paragraph, make your essay hard to follow.

      You have two main ideas in your second paragraph. It’s better to have just one.

      OMG, your last paragraph has only one sentence!😜 How about focusing on writing idiomatic sentences that are easy to read?

      1. Thanks for your reply. While writing I thought that the second paragraph has one topic sentence and elaborating on it but seems like there are two ideas.
        Just now realized that the conclusion is only one sentence, RIP 🙂

    1. It’s a double question. In your first body paragraph, you answer the first question: Why is this? In your second body paragraph, you answer the second question: Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

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