Some People Say It Is Important to Keep Your Home and Your Workplace Tidy

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November 24, 2022

Some people say it is important to keep your home and your workplace tidy, with everything organized and in the correct place. What is your opinion about this?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 13 General Training Test 4 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Some argue that it is important to tidy and organize your home and workplace. I completely agree with this because it ensures healthy working and personal relationships and also brings ease and efficiency to your life.

Firstly, a messy home and workplace can make professional and personal relationships more difficult. Imagine for a second that a colleague comes to your desk to discuss something you are working on together, only to find notepads, USB chargers, used bottles, and other belongings all over your desk. This can leave the impression that you are a messy and unorganized person who can’t work in a professional environment. As a result, your colleague may choose someone else to collaborate with next time. The same can be true of when your home is in a chaotic state. It can discourage friends and family from wanting to visit again and create distance between you.

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Additionally, a disorganized environment can make your life inefficient. Suppose you need to be on a Zoom call with your manager in ten minutes but can’t find your headphones. You must spend time searching for them and might be late for the meeting. Doesn’t this also apply to your personal life? You may find yourself looking everywhere for your matching clothes when going out with friends if your closet is disorganized.

In conclusion, it is of the utmost importance to clean up and streamline your working and living environments. Otherwise, relationships in both the personal and professional worlds may become strained, and the ease and efficiency with which your life operates may suffer. (261 Words)

How to Paraphrase “Keep Your Home and Your Workplace Tidy With Everything Organized and in the Correct Place”

  • To tidy and organize your working and living environments
  • To clean up and streamline your environment
  • A clean and organized environment

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