Some People Say That the Main Environmental Problem of Our Time

Some people say that the main environmental problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals. Others say that there are more important environmental problems.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 14 Test 2 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Some people argue that the extinction of certain plant and animal species is the biggest environmental issue that we confront today, while others claim that there are other environmental problems that are more important. I agree with the former viewpoint because some plant and animal species play a key role in keeping the ecosystem in balance.

On the one hand, climate change has already started affecting our lives. With rising global temperatures, natural disasters, such as wildfires and storms, are becoming more frequent and dangerous. They tear down our homes and infrastructure and even take many lives. However, I think global warming is not the most serious environmental challenge we face today since its causal relationship with natural disasters is not fully backed up by science.

On the other hand, the loss of particular animal and plant species will result in an imbalanced ecosystem. For example, if the primary predator, the lion, ceased to exist, the species it used to prey on, such as deer and giraffes, would reproduce in large numbers. This could really alter the balance of Earth’s ecosystems because they could destroy forests and also carry disease. Since we depend on a well-balanced ecosystem to provide us with crucial resources such as clean air, freshwater, and medicine, I think protecting certain species of plants and animals from becoming extinct should take the highest priority.

In conclusion, even though climate change might have started impacting our lives already, I think protecting certain plant and animal species is more urgent because their extinction will upset the balance of the ecosystem.

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How to Vary Your Language

Particular species of plants and animals
  • Certain plant and animal species

This is a good paraphrase because it uses different grammar in the noun phrase, even though the vocabulary is basically the same.

  • Extinction
  • To become extinct
  • To die out
  • To cease to exist
Environmental problems of our time
  • Environmental issues we confront today
  • Environmental challenges we face today

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  1. In these days, environment has been at forefront of public attention. While a group of people claim that the dramatic decrease of flora and fauna is the major environmental concern, many people argue that there are some other issues which needed to be resolve to save our lives on earth. In my opinion, I believe that we are facing various environmental problem and there is no one problem that is the worst.
    With regards to losing biodiversity, it leads to the destruction of harmony between the lives and earth and resulting imbalance on environment. This is happening mostly because of human errors. We can mention here that people are cutting large number of trees and make deforestation to build their home. At the same time, they are reluctant for plantation. Though these humans made activities cause the reduction of habitats for animals and species and their life endanger, we can mitigate these by creating mass awareness and taking various initiatives by the government. For example, in many countries, government introduced punishment system for cutting trees and hunting birds and animals.
    On the other hand, climate change has been considered the major threat to our planet in recent decades. Due to climate change, the level of sea water is rising and it is predicted that one third of our land will go under water in near future. The increasing rate of ecological catastrophe and epidemic are also the effect of climate change. As people around the globe are the victim of the deleterious problem, they are trying to find its solutions unitedly. For instance, every year global leaders meet at Copenhagen to discuss about climate change and trying to find out ways to protect our planet. Some other ecological problem like global warming, greenhouse gas emission, air and water pollution, soil erosion are also becoming the concern of the environmentalists.
    In conclusion, though the decline of trees and animals is growing in an alarming rate, we cannot ignore the other issues of natural discomfort which needed to fix to save our world in the nearest day. I think we should take a holistic approach to protect our environment and also to help ourselves.

  2. Hi every body,
    I ask all of you that is disappearing species is the worst problem? What about global warming?
    We should think logically at first.

  3. These days, lack of particular plants and animals has become a concern of some ones that believe it is a chief issue about the environment, in contrast, others argue that other surrounding problems are more crucial. This essay will shed light on both arguments and have same wavelength with second one.
    On the one hand, some individuals find the flora and fauna the most integral point of planets’ concerns, subsequently, take lack of them as a largest problem in this matter. As ecosystem scientists say, there are a right balance in the environment that remained stable by existence of creatures and under no circumstances does it change. Moreover, there are some of them that play a vital role in the world, for instance, a special type of bee that makes a significant role in the economy of south Africa.
    On the other hand and in my viewpoint, other citizens are on the side of the idea that there are other focal issues about the biosphere. They bring some meaningful examples and anecdotal evidence to prove their argument, for instance the earth has witnessed manifold extinction of special species without a noticing consequences. Also, across the world, people say that if any type of plants or animals are on the verge of extinction, other ones compensate their role. From other angle, our geographical connected planet are very vast and complex, therefore no one can find one focal problem for it and should take it as a set of things.
    In conclusion, notwithstanding disappearing of some plants and animals are known by some as a main environmental problem, others have a counter-argument.based on aforementioned reasons and examples and my perspective second one is more convincing.

  4. Hi lilie what a writing . Very simple and easy explaining both the view . Good on u . Keep posting . Thanks for sharing .

  5. I wrote an essay on this topic. Would you plz read and give some feedbacks?
    Where can I send you? in comment box or your email?

  6. It has good coherence while it avoids high complexity with rich vocab please explain more how you develop writings

  7. Hi ,
    in body para 1 can i say that the environmental problem is the loss of plants due to CUT DOWN OF TRESS to contruct houses and buildings instead natural instint and animals due to inbalance in bio diversity. ?
    pls advise.
    Your site very much helpfull and thanks a lot for time in publishing these contents.

    1. Thanks for your question. No, you can’t write a paragraph about cutting down trees. The task asks you to “discuss both these views and give your own opinion.” That is to say, you need to first discuss why some people think the main environmental problem of our time is the loss of particular species of plants and animals, and then in the same paragraph, say whether you agree or disagree with these people.

  8. hi . thank you lot , lilie king >> this essay is really useful vocabulary >> please , can you write more essay >>> i need learn more and more ,, please help me

  9. Hi Lilie! Thank you so much for the hardwork. I love your podcast. It’s a lot of help to construct a better ideas for writing an essay. Thank you again for helping me with my ielts preaparation :))


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