Many Famous Sports Players Advertise Sports Products

Many famous sports players advertise sports products. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

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Sample Essay

Many well-known sports people promote sports products. I believe the upside of this phenomenon far outweighs its downside because these people can help brands boost sales.

On the one hand, product endorsements from sports personalities can lead to compulsive buying behavior among sports fans. Sports fans want to be like their favorite athletes, using the same products as they do. Thus, if a sports star promotes certain sports gear by posting pictures of themselves on social media using it in their everyday training, their fans may very likely want and buy some even if they already have something similar. However, I do not think this is a great disadvantage for sports fans because, unlike luxury items, most sports products are not very expensive. That is to say, it is unlikely that a fan will get into debt as a result of buying too many of them.

On the other hand, sports companies can boost sales by hiring sports celebrities as their spokespeople. These celebrities are those at the top of their game. If they say that a certain product plays a role in their success, many of their raving fans will use that product to improve their athletic ability as well. For example, many swimming enthusiasts wear TYR suits at practice because they are what world record holders such as Katie Ledecky wear to compete at the Olympic Games. I think this brings great benefits to society because when a brand sells well, it can offer many job opportunities for people nationwide or even worldwide.

In conclusion, even though sports lovers may purchase a product compulsively after seeing a sports star promoting it,  I believe this disadvantage is greatly outweighed by the advantage that famous sports figures can help brands increase sales.

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How to Vary Your Language

Sports players
  • Sportspeople/ Sports people (Both are correct.)
  • Sports figures
  • Sports celebrities
  • Sports personalities
  • Sports stars
  • Athletes
Advertising sports products
  • Promoting sports products
  • Product endorsements
  • Spokespeople (Example    Sports companies can boost sales by hiring sports celebrities as their spokespeople.)

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  1. I think the question says advantageS and disadvantageS, dont we have to write more than one of both of these. Is it fine doing like the sample example at this page. I loved your writings btw.

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