Nowadays Many People Choose to Be Self Employed

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May 3, 2021

Nowadays many people choose to be self-employed, rather than to work for a company or organization. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantages of being self-employed?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 14 Test 4 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Today many people choose to work for themselves rather than for others. I believe this is because the corporate world offers little work/life balance. However, self-employment may lead to even more workloads and stress.

People doing a corporate job often find it hard to balance their work and personal lives. In a world that is changing so fast, a company is unlikely to remain relevant and competitive if its employees work only the standard 40-hour work week. For instance, to compete with the rising social media star TikTok, Facebook required its engineers to work during the weekend to develop Reels, which is Facebook’s new short video feature. As a result, many people have made the leap to self-employment, hoping they can have more control over their time.

However, workloads can be even heavier for the self-employed. Being the only one in the business, a self-employed person often has to wear several hats at once. They have to, for example, do the marketing and accounting, and be the customer supports. An employee, on other hand, normally has only one job role.

Being one’s own boss can also be very stressful. This is because a person’s own business is like their own child. They put their heart and soul into it and thus may keep thinking about it every single minute. Take YouTubers for example. Many of them are constantly checking how many views, likes, and comments their videos have gotten, and become super depressed when the videos they spent hours and hours creating do not perform well.

In conclusion, many people become self-employed in an effort to keep their work and personal lives in balance. Nevertheless, self-employment is not an easy path; it can mean greater workloads and stress. (289 Words)

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Being self-employed simply means that you don’t work for an employer: it doesn’t mean or necessarily imply that you’re either an entrepreneur or that you run your own business. You could work freelance, such as a private tutor, photographer or Uber driver. So, don’t use “business owners” and “entrepreneurs” in your paraphrase of the question statement. But, you can certainly write about business owners or entrepreneurs in your body paragraphs.

To work for a company or organization
  • To work for others
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  1. Recently, the majority of people prefer to work by themselves rather than for others. I believe this is because people who do a corporate job often know that much money is never made by working. However, being a freelancer may bring mental problems.
    Individuals who are self-employed can make more money. Firstly, they are their own boss hence, instead of paying salaries to many employees, they can absorb one person instead of two. Secondly, a self-employed person often can obtain long-term loans at low-interest rates through secret relationships that he or she has made with government agencies. For example, a recent study found that in developing countries, the capacity of the labor force is double of individuals who are occupied, since employers tend to have a worker do multitask, concurrently. Well, in this case, employers earn more money.
    However, there are some drawbacks to being your own boss such as facing depression and stressful circumstances. Independent people are always stressed because they should do every task alone, consequently, they are responsible for any incident that happen at their workplace. Most of the time they suffer from a lack of schedule and this might lead to not completing customer orders, and then they have to bear a lot of stress because they consider customer dissatisfaction and breaking promises as a source of shame. Moreover, many employers do not have any business partners and work alone, they do not make close friends as a result they will be depressed.
    In conclusion, most people choose to work independently contrary to working at a company, because they want a lot of money. Nevertheless, self-employment is not an easy way which can mean sadness and stress.

  2. Many people today prefer to have their own business rather than be an employer for an organization. In my opinion, many choose this because they can not bear someone to obey them and prefer to perform their ideas, also they prefer to have their timetable and work at any hour they desire. Besides the merits this working method has, many negative points should not be ignored, such as the massive deposit it needs to carry on the business or the huge responsibility it has on the founder of the business, from creating the working place to organizing staff.
    To begin with, working in another’s company is against most people’s desire as everybody prefers to have their own business, whether be a company or an online business. The reason is that they no longer have to adjust themselves to the schedule that is arranged for them. For example, many can not wake up early in the morning and are so-called night owls. They rather work at night or even ten nights in a row and then take a long break. In addition, employers in big organizational companies might not be given the chance to propose their ideas, for example, the solution they have in resolving the company’s taxes problems.
    On the other hand, being self-employed is not always profitable. Many who embarked on a business spent heavily prices, which later could not afford anymore, and the business remained uncompleted. As a result, they lost all their savings. Moreover, being the head of a company or any business requires a great deal of attention to be paid to the staff and company. They should check any aspect of their work, and correct the mistakes made by their workers. It requires lots of energy and effort that can consequently result in mental and physical problems.
    In conclusion, although many people wish to be self-employed and have their own business, to set down their ideas at any time, they should not ignore the difficulties the job has for their health and also the price they have to pay.

    1. Thanks for your comments. They are called double questions, mixed questions or two-part questions. But it doesn’t matter what type it is. All you need to do is answer the two questions.

  3. During the last decade, technological development has offered a great number of opportunities for individuals, not only in terms of enjoyment but also regarding business. Thanks to these developments, most members of the community have preferred to run their own businesses instead of working for other corporations. I believe that this trend could have benefits and serious drawbacks.

    Self-employment can cause problems, especially for governments. When individuals select this type of working style, the number of qualified job seekers would be decreased in a way that officials would be in need of upbringing master workers again. This should be a time-consuming and expensive procedure. Moreover, this would have an ill effect on countries’ economic conditions. For instance, if a company that produces must-have products like private cars, by unskilled workers, it is more possible to deliver poor goods to customers, and as a result of that, little by little, the amount of turnover is highly likely to be dropped in the future. All of these factors make being self-employed a serious matter.

    On the other hand, being unaffiliated could have personal cons as well. Firstly, those kinds of workers are not supported by any powerful organizations in general. This could be taken as an important factor. For example, presently, people have been using online websites and internet-enabled applications such as Instagram as a platform for trading. However, under some circumstances, suspending Internet access, for example, would mean the whole of their business would shut down. Furthermore, some of the perks provided by companies and organizations, like free insurance and free travel tickets, would not be accessible to self-employed people.

    In conclusion, although self-employment could have a range of merits, its unexpected results would seriously influence a country’s economic situation, which is highly problematic as well.

  4. could you please give your comment on my bandscore ? my exam is in two weeks .
    Today many people prefer to work in the self-employment sector rather than being employed by a company or organization. I believe workload control and time flexibility it offers may be the reason. However, being apart from colleagues and work environment interactions can lead to unhappy and unexciting moments while working solitary.

    People who work in companies must follow specific rules, like being at work every morning at 8 am, while freelancers are not supposed to show up at a specific time.
    In addition, the employed workforce has limited off-work time in a year to use for holidays and vacations; self-employed, in comparison, are able to take any time off or even do their task while traveling. Regarding workload, a freelancer can choose how many projects he/she wants to fulfill, which may be related to finamcial status. On the other hand, Corporate Employees must ensure a certain amount of predefined tasks are done; no matter what the situation is, he/she must accomplish the company’s demands. As a result, many people have leaped self-employment.
    However, the isolation arising from working lonely can make someone depressed in the long term. Usually, members of a company take some time to socialize with other staff and subsequently become less stressed. On the other hand, a freelancer who works at home remotely cannot take advantage of small talks with colleagues during hard times. Because mental health is one of the most significant factors in life satisfaction, I think the long-term effect of working alone is a primary demerit.

    In conclusion, many people become self-employed in an effort to keep control of their workload and manage their time. Nevertheless, self-employment is not a safe path; it may harm their mental health due to solitary.

    1. The second paragraph. Have read the first paragraph? I made it very clear that a lack of work/life balance is the cause.

  5. Dear Lilie,
    Thank you for your helpful essay.

    In the introductory paragraph, Would it better to integrate the second with the third with the “while” or “Although”?

    “The corporate world offers little work-life balance, while self-employment can cause a lot of stress.”

    “Although the corporate world offers little work-life balance, self-employment can cause a lot of stress.”

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Best regards

  6. Dear Teacher, on the Body paragraph 01, can i explain good reasons as to why people select self employed rather than pointing out why not select to work under employer. in your eample you have explained in the second method( why not work under employee means self emp is better).
    I an confused with the best method.
    Thanks in advance.
    Your site helped me very muchto imporve the writing skill.

    1. Hi, I think it’s best to mention both “being self-employed” and “not working for a company”. In this way, we fully address all parts of the task. Even though I started the paragraph explaining why not to take a corporate job, I did mention self-employment at the end of the paragraph.

  7. At the present time, a number of individuals prefer to work freelance than they used to work for a company or organization. As a result of working alone, we might feel happier and creative because they are no one interrupt us in working hours, while I believe that cooperating one another is the best method put yourself into society and make many good friends in our related work environment.
    On the one hand, the opponents of this view think that it will be invaluable time to be productive and will not waste time for anything apart from official work. Doing job at office, there are many people whom we know very well tend to ask questions about daily works and like to talk about life issues, which will be resulted in working hours even success. Take for example, in some Asian countries, many companies are ruled by state to work employees to themselves at home and office. As they work for continued long time, they eventually created great benefits. Moreover, most of them agree and say that if they had been worked for many hours, they would have spent unnecessary time.
    On the other hand, the world is changed as we develop technologies. Consequently, people are being isolated and separated from their loved ones. Moreover, if they live from the family, they might put themselves to suicide and depression. Although working from home has many advantages such as feel and understand ourselves more, this kind of a new habit brings us negative outcomes. For instance, during the pandemic, there were many people who selected to do work at home. However, after several months, there had been harmful incidents occurred when people were living at home alone. Therefore, many individuals are demanding that they will have more chances if they go outside and work with others.
    In conclusion, we know there are many possible ways to implement if we work alone. Nevertheless, we have to understand more that what will happen in the future without the people who work in the same workplace.

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