Many People Work Long Hours

Lilie King
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November 8, 2022

Many people work long hours, leaving very little time for leisure activities. Does this situation have more advantages or more disadvantages?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 14 General Training Test 4 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Many people have experienced a loss of leisure time due to having to work long hours. It is my opinion that this loss of leisure time has more negative than positive effects because it is bad for mental and social well-being. 

Firstly, overworked people are prone to mental health issues. Consider cyber security incident responders. As the number of hacks worldwide has gone up significantly, many of them are required to work nights, weekends and holidays to respond to the increasing incidents. This leaves them no time to participate in any leisure activity they enjoy in which they can get relaxed and recover from work. The result is that many feel stressed and suffer associated side effects such as anxiety and sleep problems. 

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Additionally, little leisure time also has a great impact on social well-being. Leisure activities are very important for developing and strengthening relationships outside of the context of work. Many people use the time outside of work to have meaningful experiences with people they care about, whether that means a romantic dinner with their significant other or a movie night with a close friend. Without such activities to bond, they may become distant from each other. <In connection with relationships, “distant” means “less close”, either physically (seeing less of a person) or emotionally (speaking less, or having less depth to the relationship).>

Despite these facts, there is one advantage to working long hours and sacrificing leisure time. Putting a lot of hours into anything will eventually make a person more skilled at that activity and more skilled workers are more likely to receive a raise or be promoted to a better position. 

In conclusion, a loss in leisure time for people who overwork is largely disadvantageous because it leads to worsened mental and social well-being. That said, working harder and becoming a more skilled employee might increase their chances of earning a raise or promotion. (292 Words)

How to Paraphrase “Work Long Hours”

  • Overworked people
  • People who overwork
  • People who are overworked

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  1. HI, thanks for your informative essays.

    I’d like to ask you two questions.

    1. I’m wondering how many ideas I should develop in this kind of question.
    it seems that you have two ideas for the negative side and one idea for the positive side.
    it seems that the same is true of the other essay of yours.
    I initially thought I had to state two ideas for each side, given the question statement: advantages and disadvantages, plurals.
    But, the site called IELTS Advantage developed one idea for each side.

    2. shouldn’t the intro state both positive(s) and negative(s)?
    it seems that your intro states only two negatives although you state both sides in the conclusion.

    I’d be grateful if you could explain them. Thanks!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment.
      1. we can write only one disadvantage if we think there are more advantages than disadvantages.
      2. In the introduction, the thing we must do is to state our opinion (I believe there are more advantages than disadvantages). It doesn’t matter whether you summarize both sides or only one side. Either way works. In the conclusion, I think it’s best to summarize both sides to give the essay a good summary.
      Hope this helps.

  2. In recent years, a lot of people are overworking.Indeed, there is little time leaves for doing their favourite activities. There are bunch of pros and cons. let’s start by looking at advantages. If people overwork, they can afford a lot of stuff like tuition, house as well as cars and necessary things.Because of work their social skills may improve.What I mean by this is, have you ever thought that overworked people are good at communicating, have organisational skills and show lots of initiative.
    Moreover, they also have a lot of friends to hang out and spend some time with.
    On the other hand, free time activities can give you a chance to think about yourself and do some activities like spending time with your family, go out with friends and siblings
    What is more, in leisure time, you may gain opportunities to think about your plans and goals for the nearest future.
    All in all. I believe that spending more time for leisure activities os great superiority than working.
    17- March
    Please give me a feedback for my writing

  3. Thank you for the lovely essay. I have a question. If I think there are more benefits than drawbacks to this, can I only talk about the benefits? or do I have to include the other side as well? Thanks.

    1. Hi John, I’ve never tried the method you mentioned so I’m not sure if it works or not. To be safe, better include both sides.

      1. You normally use 4 paragraph structure. Why 5 in this? Can you provide some guidelines for this please?

      2. Thanks a lot. You are doing great👍 May Almighty increase you in more beneficial knowledge

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