The Most Important Aim of Science Should Be to Improve People’s Lives

Lilie King
Written by Lilie

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August 17, 2023

The most important aim of science should be to improve people’s lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample Essay

While enhancing human well-being through science is important, I believe that by no means should it be solely the primary goal of science. Equally important are safeguarding the environment and respecting animal rights.

In the practice of science, the improvement of human lives should never come at the cost of the environment. As the world’s population increases, creating better ways to produce food, such as more effective pesticides, becomes vital. Yet, if the focus remains solely on boosting crop yields, the pesticides developed may not only affect pests but also make the land infertile, worsening the preexisting issue of food scarcity. This highlights the importance of taking a balanced approach to scientific advancement that focuses on caring for both human lives and the health of the environment that they depend on.

Furthermore, testing drugs on animals raises serious ethical concerns. Ensuring the safety of novel medicines for human use is critical, but prioritizing human health over animal rights is morally unacceptable. Animals, much like humans, experience emotions and share the right to live freely and without unnecessary suffering. Subjecting them to prolonged captivity solely for testing can result in both physical and psychological suffering. As moral beings, we have a responsibility to treat animals compassionately and avoid such acts of brutality in the name of human betterment.

In conclusion, although improving people’s lives is an important aim of science, I believe that it should never overshadow other vital objectives within the field. We must also give equal priority to environmental preservation and animal welfare, striking a balance between scientific progress and ethics for a better world. (266 Words)

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  1. Hi Lilie I would like to thank you. I got overall 7 and 6.5 in writing. Especially your writing tips and sample essays were extremely helpful. It is much appreciated. thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Lilie, your first body paragraph begins with a focus on ‘scientific progress,’ which seems a bit off-topic from the essay prompt about science’s role in improving human lives. Could you clarify how this ties into the main aim of the essay? Thanks for considering my feedback!

  3. hi lily, I was wondering regarding the type of question ” to what extent do you agree or disagree” in this sample of essay, I can see you dont use the opinion as previously you suggested that is ” I completely agree / disagree” can you clarify this?

    1. Hi rani, you’re right. I’ve added “by no means” and “never” to the first and last paragraphs respectively. Please read again.

  4. Thanks lilie for make this expensive contend free fo cost I really appreciate it and please make more you tube video for us

  5. Technology has been escalating day by day since the last few seconds weather to give generous to human lives or protect themselves from detrimental eyes. It is widely acknowledged that, modern science will ruin our lives as well as hazardous threats for humans, but as far as I am concerned, I reckon that, it improves our life-standard and gives us long-lasting. To support my opinion, a narrate discussion is given below.

    First of all, science plays a pivotal role in medicine. With the help of science and modern technology human beings are capable of generating new and beneficial antibiotics. consequently, folk who are infected by any adverse disease can eat this in order to secure some death, hence here it is proved that science helps a lot to live longer and bring prosperity in each individual life.

    Furthermore, rather than giving advantages in the field of pharmacy, it has a lot of virtue in production of food. Since science already widely gives its 90% in the agriculture field, production of food rice and wheat should be boosted, so at the end, people do not die just because of food scarcity. Therefore, science should also more contributed in the area of agriculture.

    On the contrary, it is commonly considered that, science might be improved in just a single perspective which is military purpose. They think that the primary focus of technology and science must be prioritised on developing war equipments rather than focus on human life’s and according to me it is totally wrong it has many knock-on impacts.

    To conclude that, although contemporary science and technology are focused more on enhancing military power such as equipment and not much concerned about human life, science should be given precedence to individual life and this aim must be on primary goal.

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