Your English Speaking Friend

Your English-speaking friend who lives in your town has asked for your advice about learning a new sport.

Write an email to your friend. In your email

  • recommend a new sport that would be suitable for your friend to learn
  • explain how your friend could learn this sport
  • suggest that you both learn this sport together

This informal letter question is from Cambridge IELTS 17 General Training Test 1 Writing Task 1.

Sample Letter 170 Words

Dear Amy,

You asked me to recommend a new sport for you to try and my recommendation is figure skating! I think it’d be the perfect sport for you since you already know how to skate and have been speed skating for the past few years. Plus, I think you’d love the pretty dresses figure skaters wear for competitions. 

You could start learning to figure skate by signing up for classes here in town. They are offered on both a weekly and monthly basis and are fairly affordable considering how much you’d learn in each session. All their trainers speak good English so you don’t need to worry about any communication problems.

Maybe we could attend the classes together? I’m not a great skater but I know the basics and I’m sure with a bit of practice and good guidance I could be doing triple axel jumps in no time! Anyways, I’m totally open to signing up together if you are. Let me know what you think.

Best wishes,


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