Some People Believe That Nowadays We Have Too Many Choices

Lilie King
Written by Lilie

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May 3, 2021

Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 2 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

It is argued that people today are confronted with an overload of options. I completely agree with this point of view because of the endless stream of information offered by online retailers and search engines.

People nowadays are bombarded with a vast selection of merchandise when shopping online. Unlike physical stores, e-commerce sites, such as Amazon and eBay, do not have space constraints. Thus, when a consumer searches for something on these sites, often hundreds if not thousands of related products appear. To compare them, they have to spend much time reading their descriptions and reviews. As a result, they may experience decision fatigue, which in turn paralyzes them.

In addition, search engines are making people suffer from information overload. In other words, people may feel overwhelmed by the number of search results they receive and end up learning nothing. Take for example those who are searching YouTube for how to get a band 7 on the IELTS writing test. In a second, they would get so many recommendations from the platform’s algorithm. They may feel they need to watch all these videos so that they do not miss out on any valuable content. But in the end, they may get confused by the different advice given by those video creators, and still not know the key to scoring high on the writing test.

In conclusion, I believe that people nowadays are faced with an excess of choices because of the amount of suggestions they get from online retailers and search engines. (252 Words)

How to Paraphrase “Have Too Many Choices”

You can use the two below in your paraphrase of the question statement:
  • be confronted with an overload of options
  • be faced with an excess of choices
I also used these two in my body paragraphs:
  • a vast selection of merchandise
  • an endless stream of information

Be Careful With “Too Many Choices”

The word “too” has a negative implication. So, we can’t simply say the kinds of choices we have. We also need to explain why this is a negative thing!

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  1. “Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices”.

    By just this sentence, how will we understand whether the topic is IT related or others? Or it’s an open option or choice, anyone can explain about any topic?

  2. Hello mam, I can’t understand your writing.but, I try to everyday. I don’t know how to improve my writing. Please mam, given some tips for me?

  3. Hi Lillie,
    Sometimes, there are some topics like that we can’t either completely agree or disagree. In those cases what should we do? Should we discuss both the agree side and disagree side and give example? Take, for example, the sample answer provided in the cambridge IELTS 13 test 2 writing task 2. Examiner give 7.0 band, though the writer discuss both the agree and disagree side and give his answer. Is it possible to get higher band by explaining like this?

  4. Hi,I think in the last paragraph,the use”an excess of”is a little repetitive.Better transform that into “excessive”.

  5. It is believed that we have numerous alternatives now compared to past. I agree with this statement.
    Our selection in different topics such as clothes, cars and food is varied to a wide range compared to past. Due to increasing number of experts in different industries, creativity is growing consequently and various version of different types of products can be designed. As a result we can have a wide range of alternatives for any types of products. For instance, 10 years ago there were only few types of cars in my country and there were only limited options. Meanwhile, nowadays people are able to pick any kind of cars from different factories.
    The company are forced to manufacture diverse products. Day by day demands for various manufacture items in different industries are increasing. Companies are facing consumers with significant range of demands ,and they have to provide what they ask for in order to satisfy them. 20 years ago population of vegetarians and vegans in the whole world was negligible compared to current population of vegans and vegetarians. Consequently food companies have to ponied vegan and vegetarian foods in order to content consumers.
    In conclusion, our selection have increased considerably compared to the past and this could be due to increase in creativity of different companies and increase in demand of consumers.

  6. Having a chance to select among excess choices has been one of the most fascinating and hottest topics in recent years.
    I would argue that I completely agree that nowadays we are living an interchangeable life thanks to the various options which have surrounded us.
    According to some research, the rate of commitment has decreased recently among employees because of the various jobs which they can choose. Concerning this fact, after leaving a position, it takes approximately a week for a job seeker to find a new job.
    In addition, a relationship won’t be started unless both sides analyze all of their options. I mean, these days youngsters prefer to develop various connections through social media applications like Instagram, Whatsapp, etc and after assessing their options they fall in love with the best one as opposed to their parents who hadn’t any chance during their youth to become develop a strong bond with opposite sex except face to face date.
    At the same time, humans are bombarded with a wide range of options when they want to shop.
    for example, after signing in to an online shop’s website, their search engine will recommend a bunch of similar merchandise which makes it difficult to select your desired one.
    In conclusion, it is true that in this day and age humans are bombarded with excess choices to select.
    I agree that most aspects of our life were tide with this new phenomenon

    1. Hi, thanks for your question. No, “opportunity” is a very positive word but having too many choices is a negative thing.

  7. In the 21st century, some people insist that we have many options in our lives. Although I agree that some people may have fundamentally different opinions on this issue, I fully agree with this statement in connection with the increase in the number of shops, hospitals, schools, and other important areas of life.
    Our world has changed every time, and no one can describe the future. A few decades ago, our ancestors had no choice in many things and events, for example, they could not work where they wanted, on the contrary, they dreamed of getting a job with a big salary owing to the fact that of hard times and responsibility to the family and the country. However, this has now completely changed; every teenager can choose the profession in which he prefers to be a specialist. Not all of them are looking at promotion and money because almost every job is respected. In my own experience, some of the students at the school I studied with decided to become archaeologists; in the past, it was a very unusual job, but not now.
    On the other hand, people have many options in material conditions. Thanks to the global economy, we know all the trends in cosmetics, food, and even interior design. In addition, we can purchase these products online; it is a great platform that helps us to buy anything. In my own experience, my aunt started her dress-making business thanks to a Chinese website; she buys new and modern models. Moreover, my aunt sells them in Kazakhstan on her platform, which is called Flip.
    It can be concluded that individuals have a huge range of options in every area of life

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