The Graph Shows the Number of Boys and Girls Playing Sports in an English Town in 2012

This is a reported IELTS Writing Task 1 question.

The graph below shows the number of boys and girls playing sports in an English town in 2012.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

number of boys and girls playing sports in an English town in 2012

Sample Essay

The bar graph displays how many boys and girls participated in sports in a town in England in 2012.

Overall, participation was higher among the boys than among the girls in all the sports except swimming and badminton. In addition, while football was the most played sport among the boys, more girls took part in swimming than in the other sports.

Football was the most popular sport among the boys with 60 of them participating, whereas only about 20 girls played it. There were also more boys than girls who did tennis and cycling: around 50 boys versus 38 girls playing tennis, and 38 boys versus 20 girls cycling. Although hockey was the least common sport among both sexes, the boys still showed greater participation than the girls. Roughly 15 boys took part in it compared with 9 girls.

Swimming and badminton were the most and second most popular sports among the girls respectively, with 50 and 40 of them participating. In comparison, the numbers of boys who took part in these two sports were approximately 40 and 30.

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How to Vary Your Language

  • to do tennis
  • to participate in tennis
  • to take part in tennis
  • to do cycling
  • to cycle

How to group information

I grouped football, tennis, cycling, and hockey in one paragraph because these four sports were more popular among the boys. I grouped swimming and badminton together because they are more popular among the girls.

How to Compare Data

Only pointing out which sports have higher participation among the boys and which ones have higher participation among the girls is not enough. Please note that I also mentioned the most and least popular sports for the two sexes.

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