In Some Countries Owning a Home

Lilie King
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March 25, 2021

In some countries owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. Why might this be the case? Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 Test 1 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

In some nations, people think it is very important to be a homeowner rather than a renter. I believe the primary cause of this phenomenon is that becoming a homeowner changes how a person’s financial status is evaluated by others. However, it should be seen as a negative situation for homeowners since they may become less happy as a result of mortgage loans.

Owning a home means higher perceived financial status. Nowadays, house prices are extremely high, which means a home is not something someone in the lower middle class or working class can afford to buy. That is to say,  if a person owns a home, others will think that this person has a high-paying job and is doing very well financially. For example, in China, many women will only consider marrying men who own their own homes because they think these men have enough money to provide a comfortable family life.

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However, I think purchasing a house or an apartment can make a person less happy. Many people have borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from their bank to buy a home. After paying their mortgage every month, they may not have much money left to spend on activities they enjoy, such as visiting another city and dining in a nice restaurant.

In conclusion, the main reason why home ownership is important for people in some countries is that these people think it can increase their perceived financial standing. Nevertheless, it can lead to a decrease in happiness and as a result is a negative situation for them. (260 Words)

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  1. Dear Lilie can you please check my easy it will be really appreciated.
    In some nations people like to own the house instead of renting them, and in my personal opinion there could me many reasons as people give it more importance. Owning a house could also be a symbol of being wealthy. In my personal opinion it has both positive and negative sides.
    Firstly, many people tend to purchase their own place as they can easily live there for as long as they want, and it also makes them relax. Secondly, some people also buy the house just for investment purpose.
    As we can see nowadays the population in increasing day by day and the places are getting expensive, so due to that majority of people tend to own a piece of land where they can live rent free. While on other hand there are many people who even can’t afford to have a place due to their financial condition.
    Till my knowledge the society also plays a vital role in this, as majority of people trying to make it a important part for persons life , and due to that there are many people who just purchase it by taking the loan due to society and end up in huge amount of mortgage which they can’t afford to pay .
    By sum up all the statements I believe mostly there are positive accepts for the people who can afford to have a place , while negative reasons for the people who just try to show them selves wealthy in society.

  2. Home is a kind of place where people can find peace. Nowadays individuals from some nations prefer to have own house instead of rent. From my perspective, having a personal property have a list of benefits, it saves money and it is easy to decorate or personalize home as per our choice.
    First of all, when anyone has his personal property that actually gives him a lot of mental strength because he doesn’t need to worry about the money to pay rent. And I believe, for that reason, there is better chance to save money as well as he can use that money in some other purposes. For example, in Bangladesh people who owned a house they can spend more money on their children’s education or some owners save that money for future. Furthermore, there is a great chance to use the savings amount in business purposes.
    Secondly, a house owner has the full rights to change decoration as per their direction whereas tenants always have to take permission from the owner if he wants to personalize the home as his own thoughts. For instance, A house owner in Bangladesh can easily do some interior or some exterior changes example like adding a new balcony or changing general room to a master bedroom.
    To conclude, I consider that having a home is much convenient than to be a renter as there is a chance to save money and also a chance to spend them in various ways and another benefit is it is more straightforward for owner because there is an opportunity for personalization.

  3. It is observed, in some countries, buying a house rather than living in a rented one’s is much more essential for anyone. This is because people want more privacy and personal space. I strongly believe that owning a home is more positive situation than negative because it is a good investment for a long term.
    Hi mam, can you help me to improve this introduction paragraph?

  4. Dear Lilie, could you give me some advice plz?🥺 How can I get higher mark? THX!!!!!🙇‍♀️🙇

    It is true that nowadays people in some countries believe that owning a home is more important than renting one. In this essay I will discuss the reasons why this concept be formed and why I think this is negative.
    For centuries, regardless of region and race, people have been desired to have a shelter to strengthen a sense of security, which brings them a chance to have initiative and can’t be expelled by householders without reasons. Besides, in some countries, people just label this thing as one of life goals and raise it as a standard assessing if people are successful or not. I do understand why part of people dislike renting because the home acts like the root to a plant for them as this kind of asset belonged to people totally, which is totally different comparing renting someone’s houses.
    However, with the development of society, there are more and more houses of flats waiting for people to buy it, but the price of that is usually so high that amounts of people have to take on huge debt for years. In my view, this is very unnecessary to afford because of others’ judgements or a sense of security. Nothing is more satisfied than diposing own income freely, replacing becoming the slave of house or anything else. Therefore more and more people choose to rent house, enjoying the same quality of life but less expense. After all, nothing is permanent even a home. So why people should push themselves to afford the price of owning a home?
    In conclusion, I believe that the drawbacks of owning a home may outweigh its advantages and people should accept and adapt the idea of renting in today’s society. (287 words)

  5. In some countries, people decide that having their own home is preferable to renting it. That could be because of financial reasons, which persuade people to invest their money in this specific market, not to lose it. In this essay, with the presentation of an example, I will argue why the inflation rate in some areas persuades people to put themselves under pressure to buy their own houses, which harmfully affects routine life enjoyment.
    Being a landlord rather than a tenant in some regions could be because of monetary inflation and instability in the real estate market. For example, in Iran, the worth of any home format (villas, apartments, and flats) has dramatically soared in the last 20 years, specifically in metropolitans like Tehran and Mashhad, with more than 200% up to 500%. As a result, the people who can afford to buy their own house should do that. The issue that persuades citizens to buy even compact-size flats with getting a mortgage and putting themselves under financial pressure. If young people invested their disposable income in this market and bought housing, the value of their possessions might remain constant with inflation during this economic downturn.
    As a result, this approach causes high-stress levels and makes routine life difficult. To afford a house, they must work hard and sacrifice their daily enjoyment to save money.
    Buying a house or renting a home always depends on lifestyle, income, family, and location; in some countries like Iran, inflation surges could be more problematic than in others, causing people to struggle to find affordable housing. In my opinion, This unstable financial situation puts ordinary people on a complex cycle that prevents them from enjoying routine life.

  6. Dear Lilie,
    Hope you are doing well.

    In the last sentence, why do not you use a comma in the sentence “… and as a result …..”?

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    1. Hi Masoud, if you want to use commas, you need to use two: and, as a result, is a negative …

  7. in a few nations, it is crucial for individuals to purchase a house instead of renting.
    this is because in the long run, people realise that purchasing a home is more cost effective . in some countries, rent is paid others pay rent yearly monthly.
    however, I believe that this is a positive outlook to the housing crisis that has plagued societies because it takes away the burden of thinking about monthly rent. also, buyers are free to remodel the houses to their respective tastes. this option is not usually made available to them by their landlords if renting were to be the case.

    furthermore , real estate is widely recognised as a industry that does not depreciate and so, buyers can sell their house after a number of years at a much higher value of money. homeowners can also decide to lease out parts of their houses to other tenants in order to recoup the money spent on purchasing their homes.

    in conclusion, the positive side outweighs the negative sides of becoming a homeowner and it cannot be overemphasized that purchasing a home is more profitable than renting.

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