In Some Countries, More and More People Are Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer, Rather Than Playing Sports or Doing Exercise Classes. What Are the Reasons for This? Is This a Positive or a Negative Development?

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October 12, 2022

In some countries, more and more people are hiring a personal fitness trainer, rather than playing sports or doing exercise classes. What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or a negative development?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 17 General Training Test 2 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Personal fitness trainers are becoming more and more popular in some countries. I believe this is mainly because people in these countries are becoming wealthier and busier with work. Unfortunately, this is a negative development because it prevents people from making more friends through sports.

Some countries have significantly developed. Take China, for example. It used to be mainly a manufacturing economy. There was no way poor Chinese factory workers could afford gyms, let alone enjoy the luxury of personal trainers. They played sports in public spaces for free to exercise. Now, China has grown to be the second biggest economy in the world. It has more and more high-paying workers who have the money to splurge on expensive personal coaches.

Another reason might be that people today are more occupied with their jobs. The good old days when people only needed to work eight hours a day and five days a week are gone. Some countries now have a “996” work culture that often requires employees to work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. This means that they wouldn’t be able to show up for a yoga class that starts at 7 p.m. on weekdays or play basketball with friends on Sundays. Their best option would be to hire a private trainer who can accommodate their busy work schedule.

This can be bad for people’s social lives. Playing sports or attending group classes is a great way for people to meet those who share the same interests as themselves. This can make exercising more interesting and therefore easier to get through. Certainly, a person can develop a good relationship with their trainer, but this relationship will probably end once they stop being a client.

In conclusion, some countries are becoming richer and their workers are required to work longer hours. This gives rise to the growing popularity of private fitness trainers. However, it can be harmful to a person’s social life and therefore should be seen as a negative trend. (336 Words)

Task Response

  • Please pay attention to how I discussed personal trainers as well as sports and exercise classes in each of the body paragraphs. If you ignore sports and exercise classes, you won’t address all parts of the question.
  • The first question uses the plural “reasons”: What are the reasons for this? That’s why I provided two reasons. It’s best not to mix the two reasons you gave in only one paragraph because you want each of your paragraphs to contain only one main idea.

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  1. Hi Lilie, I hope you are doing really well. Recently, I took my ILTES test and got overall 7.5. I wanted to thank you because of your fantastic website. You know when I was studying for the test, I really hated to practice writing and just avoided doing that. But reading the essays on your site was one of the things that I did and helped me a lot.
    Thank you for writing these impressing essays, and please do continue helping students in this way!
    Good on you!

    1. Hi Zahra, this is great news. Thanks for letting me know and thanks for sharing your score here. Do you mind also sharing here your scores on the four sections?

  2. Hey, I have my exam in 4 days. Could you review the essay that I wrote (if you have time)? I’d be really grateful. Thanks.

    The essay:
    An increasing number of people are opting for a personal trainer instead of playing sports or doing exercise classes. A personalized training regimen set up by a trainer can benefit an individual more, because everyone has different fitness requirements. It can also help people who suffer from social anxiety. I believe that this is a positive development because it reduces the barriers faced by people who want to get fit.
    A personal trainer creates a set of exercises which are more suitable for a specific person. Not everyone suffers from the same problems. Although performing various workouts or taking part in sports does promote overall fitness, but there are people who suffer from a wide range of bodily pains such as in their knees, backs, or elbows which restricts them from indulging in such activities. These people can follow fitness programs which are developed keeping in mind the pain that they experience. Therefore, without even leaving their property people can stay healthy.
    Which brings me to my next point, social anxiety. Unhealthy people generally suffer from body image issues which cause them to suffer from anxiety. It can be tough for such people to join an exercise class or play any sport, which usually involves a lot of people. Rather than not working out at all, they can hire a personal coach who can help them to get in a better shape. This promotes fitness and helps people to get over their negative body image by transforming themselves.
    In conclusion, the trend of rising personal fitness trainers is a positive one. Since people refrain themselves from joining any physical group activities due to physical or mental reasons, I believe personal trainers can help them tremendously.

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