In the Future Nobody Will Buy Printed Newspapers

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March 16, 2021

In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 15 Test 2 Writing Task 2.

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Physical newspapers and books are losing their popularity. Although I completely agree that, in the future, they will not be in demand at all, I totally disagree that this is because everything people want to read will be available on the Internet for free.

Obviously, not all digital books and newspapers will be free of charge in the future. This is because for many organizations their revenue from electronic publications supports their entire operation. For example, the New York Times charges a one-dollar monthly subscription fee for their digital articles. This charge allows them to pay their employees and other operating costs. I believe this practice will continue in the future because, otherwise, they will go bankrupt.

The real reason why people will stop buying paper books and newspapers, I think, is that they can get electronic editions in a matter of seconds. After a new title is published, one has to go to a bookstore to buy the print version or wait for it to be delivered. The electronic version, in comparison, can be readily available to read in just seconds. For example, to purchase a Kindle book, a person just needs to go to and click some buttons. The book will appear in their Kindle reader right away.

In conclusion, while I agree that nobody will buy print publications in the future, I think this is not because they will be able to read every piece of digital content they want free of cost, but because it is quicker to download a digital publication than it is to acquire a printed copy. (266 Words)

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Printed Books
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  • Free of Charge
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Agree or Disagree?

Normally, when giving my opinion, I would completely either agree or disagree. However, I’m not comfortable writing about printed books. So, for this essay question, I completely agree that in the future nobody will buy printed books, but completely disagree that this is because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. In this way, I can talk about ebooks in both of my body paragraphs. In my first body paragraph, I talk about why not all ebooks will be free. In my second body paragraph, I talk about the real reason why people won’t buy printed books: they can get an ebook much faster.

If you’re comfortable writing about printed books, you can totally disagree with the question statement. In your first body paragraph, you can still explain why not all ebooks will be free. Then, in your second body paragraph, you can talk about one of the benefits of reading paper books.

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  1. In the future, no one will buy printed newspapers or books as they will be able to get everything online for free. In this essay, I will first define the advantages, then the disadvantages, and finally give my opinion on the given topic.
    I do agree with the above statement, as buying printed newspapers or books can cause intense harm to our environment, as papers are made out of trees. Trees are not only the source of oxygen, but they are also known for many other things that can be produced using them, just like paper, rubber, and plywood—right from the cheapest to the most exotic materials can be obtained using trees. As per a survey, 90% of trees are cut down for producing paper, which means that paper is the greatest threat manufactured by humans for their own needs. As a result, we are suffering global warming, and hence, going paperless can solve 80% of our problems with the environment. That’s why I support a paperless future.
    On the other hand, using mobiles, tablets, and television all day can be a major cause of eyesight weakness. Most of us are using screens to support our blurry vision because we are attached to them. No doubt, the future will be paperless, and we won’t need any printed newspapers or books future for anything, as it is possible with just one to click. But we know that the information we get online can be fake, and our eyesight can be poor. Many scientists believe that our brain processes information slower if we read it on screens, whereas reading from books makes our memory sharper.
    To sum up, the future brings many effective changes in our lives, which are remarkable, but the change to a paperless future brings equal profit and loss to both humans and our environment. In my opinion, technology is great, but books with software don’t make it feel good for any reader as it is most irritating. Being a reader myself, I hate using soft copies of books, but again, we have to change our habits according to our generation’s, and hence I do agree with the topic statement.

  2. No one will buy books or printed newspapers in the future since they will be capable of reading anything they want online at no cost.Not everyone agrees with this, and I too disagree with it because they will not be in demand at all, and I will provide a logical explanation for my choice.
    Obviously, not all digital books or newspapers are available online without any cost because all organizations have some rules and restrictions that all companies must follow to earn money, so why will they provide everything online for free? But sometimes they bring out a few books and newspapers for their publicity; it’s like one kind of advertisement as well. Companies want their brand to gain a lot of recognition online, with each individual following them. However, from the point of view of books and printed newspapers, finding free content online is quite difficult, so I disagree with this topic.
    On the other hand, a bookworm will always want to read physical books or printed newspapers, just as a real person will never stop buying paper books and newspapers. For example, if a book is first published online and then offline, one can purchase a book on Amazon from another website that has read the complete electronic version, but when the book comes out in the local market, one can again purchase this book because books or printed newspapers have an amazing scent that attracts book lovers. Moreover, I believe that not everything is available online without cost.
    In conclusion, Since everyone will be able to read anything they want online for free in the future, nobody will purchase books or printed newspapers.This is not universally accepted, and I don’t agree either, because there won’t be any demand for them.

  3. I have not got your point, I learned that we have to give clear opinion, but here you agreed as well as disagreed 😵‍💫. Shouldn’t we say such like i fully agree/disagree? 🤔

    1. Hi, thanks for your comments. I FULLY agree that in the future nobody will buy printed books but FULLY disagree this is because everything will be online for free. This is different from having a paragraph that agrees with a point but having another paragraph that disagrees with that same point. Hope this helps.

  4. In opinion essay and discuss both the essay if I write two ideas in each body paragraph then it will not affect my task response? Please give me suggestion for this.

    1. Hi, if you do that, you will be listing points instead of fully developing your points so I think it will affect your task response.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, but the bottom of you essay, in the tips, you write down”If you are comfortable writing about printed books, you can totally agree with the question statement.” but why? I think we should totally disagree?

  6. I always follow only your writing style dear.

    Your writing is more convenient for me than any others site..lots of love for you..

    My IELTS exam just knock on my doors …wish me luck for that

  7. Hey… Glad that i found your website, you are doing a great job. I want to ask something
    I want to fully agree with the statement (BP1 ) and in BP2 i want to acknowledge the disagree side (some people would argue…..) So, if the point for disagree refute my aforementioned point for agreeing in bp1 then would it be okay??
    For instance, BP1 ( agree) = online pirates make it easy for people to have access to even paid articles free of cost
    BP2 ( disagree) = not all materials are for free
    Is this in coherent? Sorry for the long text, i m too confused. Hope you understood.
    Waiting for the reply

  8. To be honest, it is one of the best websites I have ever seen and the writer of this website is doing her work diligently to make us understand easily.
    Best whishes and cordial love for you. @Lilie_King

  9. I love your website because of beautiful design and perfect writing essays , I believe that you are a successful person who respects their audience.
    thanks a lot

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