Some People Believe That Professional Workers Such As Doctors and Teachers Should Be Paid More Than Sports and Entertainment Personalities. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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June 6, 2023

Some people believe that professional workers such as doctors and teachers should be paid more than sports and entertainment personalities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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There is an ongoing debate regarding whether professionals, such as doctors and teachers, should receive higher compensation compared to athletes and entertainers. I strongly disagree with this argument as I believe that an individual’s earnings should be based on their market value and the scarcity of their talent and skills.

Market value should be the determining factor for compensation, and when considering market value, it becomes apparent that athletes and entertainers have a significant advantage. Unlike doctors and teachers, whose influence is limited to their patients or students, sportsmen and entertainers can reach a global audience through various media and events. This can be best illustrated by the pop star Taylor Swift, whose music videos have been viewed billions of times on YouTube. The widespread interest and viewership that entertainers and athletes generate attract sponsors and advertisers, ultimately leading to substantial revenue generation. Thus, it is only fair that athletes and entertainers are rewarded more due to their global reach.

Moreover, the rarity of exceptional talent in sports and entertainment sets these professionals apart from others. While many individuals can pursue careers in fields like medicine or engineering through hard work, there are only a few who possess extraordinary abilities in sports or entertainment. For example, there may be numerous aspiring musicians, but only a handful such as Taylor Swift, can consistently produce music that deeply resonates with people. Similarly, the extraordinary achievements of athletes such as Michael Phelps are extremely rare. The rarity of such talent increases their market value and justifies higher compensation.

In conclusion, it is entirely reasonable that athletes and entertainers are paid more than professionals in other industries due to their high market value and the scarcity of their exceptional talent. (286 Words)

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  1. -//some people believed that professional workers such as doctors and teachers should be paid more than sports and entertainment personalities.//-

    Whether professional workers who acquired specific skills and have applied on their works should receive a higher paid than athletes and comedians, has been an ongoing debate. Since income of an occupation should not be dependent on its cultural influences but the substantial skills of that the job requires and how the job could make changes on lives. Therefore, I agree that professional workers should obtain higher earnings than those whose income is from sports and entertainment sector.

    When taken technical requirements into account, it becomes apparent that professional workers, such as surgeons, teachers and trade workers, need uncommon skills that require hard works on learning related theories and knowledge. These skills are not accessible to the majority and everyone who learn them have to be examined in advance. It reflected that professional workers have the extraordinary abilities that allow them to develop and master the skills that normalities cannot conceive. For example, a doctor or a medic student needs extra semesters and credits in the college when comparing to conventional undergraduate since the knowledge they learn is more different. Professional worker also required to participate in work placement before they get qualified, without years of apprenticeship or traineeship, trade workers and teachers would be unable to accumulate sufficient experience before serving in the community.

    Moreover, the income of the job should be valued through the positive impacts the people bring to the mass. Doctors and teachers are always having greater social responsibility and huge impacts on the people they deal with, whereby they help people to live a better life in different ways. It is not exaggerated that these jobs are the life-saving ones, especially when professional workers treated their duties respectfully. Doctor Without Boundaries and Teacher Without Borders are two good instances of devotees who are proud of their work and contribute to not just their community but whoever in need in unreserved way. These professions work in chaotic environment where people are affected by disease outbreaks, natural hazards and wars. Though doctors, teachers and technicians from various fields work in such environment in voluntary, yet they are not getting paid for what they deserved most of the time. In contrast, athletes and entertainment personalities do not necessarily bear any social responsibility like doctors and teachers do. It is not surprised that these people were getting into troubles because of indulgently using drugs, neglectful behaviours and argumentative speeches.

    In conclusion, professional workers should have received much higher salary than sports and entertainments icons, when their natures require comparably harder studies, higher social responsibility and moral standards.

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