The Tables Below Give Information About Sales of Fairtrade

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Lilie King

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The tables below give information about sales of Fairtrade*-labelled coffee and bananas in 1999 and 2004 in five European countries.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 10 Test 2 Writing Task 1.

Sales of Fairtrade-labelled coffee and bananas (1999 & 2004)

the tables below give information about sales of Fairtrade

Sample Essay

The tables display how much Fairtrade-labelled coffee and bananas were bought in 1999 and 2004 in 5 countries of Europe.

Overall, while sales of bananas increased in Switzerland, the UK and Belgium and decreased in Sweden and Denmark, coffee sales showed a climb in all 5 countries.

Switzerland bought far more bananas than any of the other countries in both years, with sales rising significantly from 15 to 47 million euros. Banana sales in the UK and Belgium also went up, to 5.5 and 4 million euros respectively, whereas sales in Sweden and Denmark showed a decline, to 1 and 0.9 million euros respectively.

Only 1.5 million euros’ worth of coffee was bought in the UK in 1999; however, this country increased its sales dramatically to 20 million euros in 2004, which was the highest across the 5 countries that year. Although Switzerland was the biggest coffee buyer in 1999 with 3 million euros of sales, this figure showed a relatively small growth to 6 million euros in 2004. Denmark, Belgium and Sweden also bought more coffee in 2004, but their increases were slight, to 2, 1.7 and 1 million euros respectively. 

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How to Select Data

In the first chart, the UK had the biggest figure of the five countries in 2004, and Switzerland had the biggest figure in 1999. That is to say, these two countries are more important than the other three countries. So, I included their data in both years. For the remaining 3 countries, I only included their data in 2004.

The same method can be used to select data in the second chart. Switzerland had the biggest figures in both years. These two biggest figures must be included in our essay. For the remaining four countries, you can only mention their figures in 2004. 

How to Paraphrase ‘Sales of Coffee’ 

  • Use the verb ‘buy’

Passive voice: 1.5 million euros’ worth of coffee was bought in the UK in 1999.

Active voice: The UK bought 1.5 million euros’ worth of coffee in 1999.

  • Use the noun ‘buyer’

Example     The UK became the largest buyer of coffee in 2004.

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