Some Ex-prisoners Commit Crimes After Being Released From Prison. What Do You Think Is the Cause? How Can It Be Solved?

Some ex-prisoners commit crimes after being released from prison. What do you think is the cause? How can it be solved?

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Sample Essay

Some ex-prisoners reoffend after their release. I believe this is mainly because they have difficulty reentering society. To solve this problem, prisons should prioritize rehabilitation over punishment.

Reentry into society can be difficult. Many people break the law in the first place because of poverty. They have no skills to find a job that offers livable wages, so they commit crimes, such as theft or robbery, to support themselves. After separation from society with years in prison, and with a criminal record, they become even more undesirable in the job market. This leaves them little choice but to continue to make a living by illegal means after imprisonment.

Rehabilitation programs can be a good solution to this problem. Since many people become repeat offenders not because they are unafraid of jail time but because they lack employment opportunities or other means of reentering society lawfully, prisons should not be used as places to punish but as places to rehabilitate. There should be rehabilitation programs in place to teach inmates valuable skills that will help them find a job and become responsible members of society after incarceration. For example, some prisons teach prisoners how to code, and some of these people have gone on to work for technology companies after they are released.

In conclusion, being unable to reintegrate into society could be the main reason why some ex-convicts commit crime again after serving prison sentences. To reduce recidivism rates, rehabilitation initiatives should be launched to help inmates learn valuable job skills to prepare them for their reentry into society. (259 Words)

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  • Ex-convicts
After being released from prison
  • After their release
  • After imprisonment
  • After incarceration
  • After serving prison sentences

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