Some People Like to Try New Things

Some people like to try new things, for example, places to visit and types of food. Other people prefer to keep doing things they are familiar with. Discuss both these attitudes and give your own opinion.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 16 General Training Test 2 Writing Task 2.

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Some people like to have new experiences, while others prefer to keep doing what they have always done. I support the former attitude because I see it as a positive way of thinking and behaving toward life.

Those who keep doing the same things may be afraid of being disappointed. If, for example, they go have dinner at a new restaurant but find the food not to their taste, they may well end up feeling their money is wasted and their evening is ruined. If they just eat somewhere they have been before, maybe there will be a lack of excitement but at least they won’t be disappointed. I personally do not like this way of living. I believe using disappointment as an excuse for refusing to make any change is cowardly behavior.

People who like to experience new things, on the other hand, usually have a very positive view of life. They tend to be excited and optimistic about the new opportunities that could come along with a new experience and not be too afraid of the potential downsides that it might bring about. Often they are rewarded with good outcomes. Take for example those from small towns who took the risk to move to big cities. Many of them have found better jobs than they could have if they had just stayed in their hometowns.  I like this attitude because, as discussed above, it can help us find our next opportunity in life.

In conclusion, some people keep doing the same old things to avoid disappointment. However, I like those who have an interest in trying new things because they are more positive about life. (277 Words)

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  1. While there is a group of people who like trying out new experiences, there are others who rather stick with the things that they already know. Whilst keeping with the things that are familiar to us is important to feel comfortable with ourselves , I believe that we should be open to new experiences in order to discover things that may suit us.

    On the one hand, maintaining a routine and staying in our comfort zone is important to feel safe. Habits are essential if we want to keep order in our life, since in this way, we are in control of the situations that happen on a daily basis. Even small actions can be made so that we keep this routine, for example, choosing everyday the same dishes for lunch, or reading the same book genre at the local library.

    On the other hand, trying out new things helps us to discover the inexperienced. By trying and experiencing different types of activities or items, we are able to find out what might or might not interest us. For example, I like signing up for new activities every year. Last year I started boxing classes, but I was not good at it. However, this situation helped me to discover that I am actually keen on group sports, such as hockey. If I had not tried out boxing, I would have never found out that my real passion is hockey.

    In conclusion, although keeping doing familiar things and staying in the comfort zone is important in order to maintain our calm, experiencing new things will help us to discover things that we did not know that we liked. I strongly believe that we should have an open mind to try out new things.

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