Team Activities Can Teach More Skills for Life Than Those Activities Which Are Played Alone

Team activities can teach more important skills for life than those activities which are played alone. Do you agree or disagree?

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People can learn more important life skills through group activities than through solitary activities. I completely disagree with this point of view because individual activities can train people’s abilities to concentrate and solve problems. 

To begin with, solitary activities can help people improve their concentration. This is because when doing these activities, they do not have someone else by their side to monitor and motivate them. As a result, they need to use their own willpower to resist temptations, such as Instagram posts and Youtube videos. As they exercise their willpower in solo activities, they could become better at focusing on a task for a long period of time. Since the ability to concentrate well allows a person to acquire new knowledge quickly and therefore increases their competitiveness,  it can be more valuable than the skills they can develop in team activities.

In addition, those who take part in solitary activities can become better problem solvers. This is because when facing a challenge, they have to deal with it themselves instead of leaning on their team members. For example, solo travelers in a foreign country tend to become more resourceful and faster learners in order to overcome the language barrier. The ability to tackle problems independently is extremely crucial because in life there are many crisis situations in which a person has no one to rely on.

In conclusion, I believe solitary activities teach more important skills for life than group activities because they allow people to improve concentration and problem-solving skills.

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