Some People Say the Main Way to Be Happy in Life Is to Have a Lot of Money

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November 15, 2022

Some people say the main way to be happy in life is to have a lot of money. How might having a lot of money make people happy? What other things in life can make people happy?

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 14 General Training Test 3 Writing Task 2.

Sample Essay

Some people argue that having a large amount of money is the key to living a happy life. Perhaps this is because money can make a person’s life easy and comfortable. Although money is important, a satisfying career and meaningful relationships also help to create happiness in life.

Wealth allows a person to own expensive things and live comfortably. For example, faced with high housing prices, many people must work extremely hard to rent a tiny apartment. Two or three family members crammed into such a small space after a hard day at work is neither easy nor comfortable. Wealthy people, in contrast, can easily buy a big house with several bedrooms, home offices, and indoor gyms, all of which bring ease, convenience, and comfort to their lives.

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Thinking further, isn’t job satisfaction another facet of life that can contribute to a sense of happiness? Doing unpleasant, distasteful work just to make ends meet makes life lack passion and purpose. However, those who love their work are often very fulfilled. They may feel that their work coincides with their passion and also allows them to make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Don’t meaningful relationships bring happiness, too? When a person has friends and family to share all the ups and downs of life, they feel supported and well-loved. Imagine getting promoted to a dream position, but no one cares. Despite the wealth that comes with the new job, think about how sad and empty someone would be when there is nobody to share their achievement.

In conclusion, although money can guarantee a comfortable life that may increase happiness, life is not all about money. Job fulfillment and meaningful connections are at least two other factors that can lead to happiness. (292 Words)

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