The Maps Below Show an Industrial Area in the Town of Norbiton

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June 21, 2022

The maps below show an industrial area in the town of Norbiton, and planned future development of the site.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 17 Test 1 Writing Task 1.

Norbiton industrial area now

norbiton industrial area now

Planned future development

planned future development

Sample Essay

The maps show a currently industrial area to the east of Norbiton and redevelopment plans.

Overall, the goal is to redevelop into a residential neighborhood, with additional housing and other supporting facilities.

Currently, there is a roundabout that connects a southern and an eastern road, with several factories in the area that are to be removed in the redevelopment.

The area around the eastern road is to be for housing, a school at the end, and a playground to the north. Another road is planned to be added north from the roundabout and over a river, with housing along the western side of the road. The farmland north of the river is to be replaced by additional housing where a road parallel to the river is to be constructed and linked to the northbound road. There are also plans to construct another road northwest from the roundabout. More housing is to be built along one side and at the end of this road.

To the southwest of the roundabout, shops are planned to be constructed. Across the street to the southeast is to be a medical center. A second roundabout is also to be added where the south road currently meets the main road in a T-intersection. (207 Words)


  • Will: It expresses a degree of certainty and therefore isn’t suitable for describing planned development. The trouble with the word “plan” is that it can be just an idea that has not yet advanced to the stage of being definite.
  • Be going to: You can use it but don’t overuse it because it’s informal.
  • Be+to+verb: It’s formal and is used for telling planned or scheduled events.
    Example: Some housing is to be built.
  • Be Planned to: Some housing is planned to be built.
  • There are plans: There are plans to build some housing.

3 Different Clauses to Describe Changes

Use Inverted Sentences to Describe Locations

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  1. The following plan display an industrial area in the town of Norbtion now and the area after development.

    Overall, they will build a new street runs across the river. And the addition of new facilities will offer convenience for the population

    The industrial area it east of the town. There road in the south of the town. The first left of the road will drive you to the area. Upon entering you will see the round-boot in the middle of the area, there are one street from the round-boot, it takes you right. The round-boot surround by factories. North of the round-boot there River, and you able to see the farmland above the river

    After development, the big round-boot will still be in the middle of the area ,but will be added a small round-boot before it. There will be added two new street, one will run across the river north of the round-boot and the second one will take you to the west. Insted of the factories, there will be housing surround the round-boot. And when you go through the street that take you east of the round-boot, there will be school in the end of the street and playground before the school. The next right and left of the roundabout there will be medical center and shops respectively. Moving to the street that take you north of the round-boot, once through the river you will be able to see housing, and the farmland will be relocated to the east

  2. The two maps represent the current situation and forecasted development in future of an industrial place in the town called Norbiton.
    Overall, the major changes that will be made in the industrial place are building a school, medical centre and new shops will be established. Also, a bridge will be in development and a playground as well and lastly factories will be erected and housing will be created.
    The future development plan starts with moving the farmland in the north to the east and a housing is built first then a bridge is made so that people from outside can enter the industrial area.
    Now, as we enter the industrial region, a few more housing will be set up in the east and west. A school will be constructed in the east and with it a playground as well in the north, a little bit close to the river. A new medical facility will be built as well, slightly far away from the centre of the sector. Finally, in the west, shops will be created which will be closer to the entrance of town.

  3. The maps illustrate some changes that will be developed in the Norbiton industrial area.
    Overall, it is clear that there are some modifications will come in an industrial area of Norbiton city namely playground, school, shops although the river and town will never changed.
    To start with, currently, Norbiton industrial region is consisted by a River, which is flowed throughout at north side and there is a band at northeast area. Moreover, at the middle of the area has a roundabout and it creates two path. One is on right of roundabout and other one is at south site that is added with long path which is located throughout the south area.

    According to the proposal, only town will remain not relocated from the original side. The most significant developed will be between river and long path. A medical center will be constructed at southeast of roundabout and shops shall have been located opposite of Medical center. Moreover, in the future plan, a playground and school will be constructed south of the River where has a band. In addition, people will live at southwest corner where is a factory now. Although a bridge will be built middle of the industry.

  4. The maps show the current industrial area in the town of Norbiton and the planned prospective development. Overall, the plan is to replace the factory area with a residential area.

    The road will be widened by two more. One will include a bridge to connect agricultural land separated by the river, while the other will be a dead-end road, and there are two houses there. The farmland road has two houses, one near the official traffic roundabout and the other at the end of the road (in the farmland area).

    A shop and a medical center will be built near the roundabout. The store will be on the side where a factory was located. The medical center will be on the opposite side.

    The road pointing east (the frame of reference is the large roundabout) has three houses, a playground, and a school. The largest house is on the right side of the road (still taking the big roundabout as a reference system), on the left is a playground and two smaller houses, and at the end of the road is a school. Finally, a small roundabout will be built in the southern part of the area on the long road.

  5. The picture illustrates the industrial area as well as planned future extended area in the Norbiton town.
    As it observed, in the industrial area to the north is the river followed by farmland in the other side. To the middle is aroundabout which connects all the 8 factories and also town to the west.
    In the additional, redeveloped plan has two aroundabout roads with inter link each other.In the center there is quite a huge aroundabout which will lead to the north through bridge which cross the river and connects the housing and farmland to the left side. To the east side of aroundabout there is housing in both the side and in the right is playground and to the right is school. To the south is second aroundabout with takes to the town in the west and also shops in the left and Medicine shop in the right.
    To sum up, the picture of norbiton town has changed from industrial area to the residential area with all the facilities provided.

  6. There are two maps, one which shows the industrial area at present and one which shows plan for its redevelopment. A great many changes are anticipated to take place.

    Currently, the industrial area is located on the east side of the town, with a river at the north, separating the farmland from the industrial area. There is a roundabout at the center of the area with factories surrounding it. To the east of it, there is a road leading to a another factory, with multiple factories along either sides of the road. There is a main road at the extreme south of the map.

    The proposed changes will completely reshape the landscape of the area. Along the roundabout located at the heart of the area, the factories would be replaced by housing, a hospital and shops. There would an additional road built along the northwestern side of it to access more housings. To the north, a bridge is planned to be built across the river to the farmland on the other side. To the east, a school would be made and factories along either sides of the road would be replaced by housings and playground. All of the factories would be replaced by housing and a supplementary roundabout would be made at the southernmost main road for safer access.

  7. The maps illustrate the trading area in the town of Norbiton and the changes that will make in the near future on this site.

    Overall, the major changes in the future will be the inclusion of housing which turns it into residential area.

    In current era, Norbiton is occupied with farmland and factories. In the roundabout area inside the map, there are clotting of factories and a river on the north side. If we compare it with future model, the circular area inside the map will established with shops and medical centres including a playground on the north east direction and a school on the eastern side. Number of factories will be declined in near future due to the increment of emergency services.
    Moreover, a new road will develop from the roundabout to the north direction which passes through the river and end up in the farmland zone. In the farmland zone will be converted into sleeping area for the people. On the contrary, a new roundabout will establish on the south which provides luxary to reach shops and medical centre easily. In the end, the town remains same as it is.

  8. The map depicts an industrial area in Norbiton that will be developed into residential housing in the future.
    Overall, the commercial industrial area will be transformed into a residential area with facilities like schools, shops, a medical centre, a playground, and housing.

    In the first map, we can clearly see that currently the area is completely occupied by a number of factories and a river, which is located on the north side. Aside from the river, where Framland is currently situated, on the west, there is a wall separating the town and the industrial area, which will still be there in the future.

    On the second map, the future plans were developed. Where the roads are extended on all four sides, connecting all the facilities and residences The farmland is banished, and houses have been developed here; all the factories are directly transformed into housing. As you enter the area, a medical center on the right and shops on the left are planned, with housing opposite the shops. If you go to the medical centre and take your right, you can see the school, which is located straight at the end of the road, and walking a little further on the left, a playground will be developed in the future.

  9. I am understanding of your describe, I am very weak in English but I am trying in English. Inshallah, I will be IELTS exam within in June month, pray to me.

  10. A big thank for your great essay. I have a couple of questions:
    – In the sentence “Another road is to be added north from roundabout” is north parts of speech an adverb?
    – In “The farmland north of the river is to ” is “north of the river” an adverbial phrase?
    – Looking redevelop up in dictionary I found that this has to be transitive, but the sentence “The goal is to redevelop into” has no object and seems unusual to me.

    1. Hi Mohamad, thanks for your questions.
      1. Yes, “north from the roundabout” is an adverbial phrase.
      2. No, farmland north of the river = farmland which is north of the river. “North” is an adjective here.
      3. Perhaps, you should look up “develop” instead of “redevelop” in the dictionary. “Develop” can be intransitive. See it here.

  11. The two maps illustrate the future development plan and current scenario of factory belt of Norbiton city. Overall, all factories will be replaced by housing society with public amenities. Also, few road extensions are also planned to for residential housing purpose.

    It is quiet evident from the two maps that, present industrial belt is planned to be converted into complete residential area. A school will be constructed after demolishing the factory situated at the end of the road in the east side of present roundabout. In addition to this, a playground is also planned to be constructed in between the two planned residential building just north side of the connecting road between current roundabout and school planned.

    Some new developments are also planned. First, the road crossing of main road and loop road will be converted into roundabout and shopping complex and medical shops will be constructed at north-west and north-east side respectively. In addition to this, two new roads, first in north-west direction, and second in the north direction upto other side of the river, of presently located roundabout will be constructed for giving access to newly planned housing buildings.
    [191 words] … Someone may please give band score.

  12. Hi Lillie,
    Could you please check my essay and let me know the mistakes?
    Given maps illustrate the existing industrial area east to the Norbiton and the redevelopment plans.
    Overall, at the end of this project all the factories are to be replaced by a residential neighborhood with other common amenities.
    Currently there is a roundabout connecting with one eastern road and a southern road with several factories in the area.
    The industrial buildings along with eastern road are to be replaced by some housing, playground and a school at the end. There is a plan to be constructed two new roads connecting with roundabout at north and north – west. The farmland over the river is to be partly replaced by a newly added road where parallel to river which meets the northbound road after the cross over to river, and some new housing are to be constructed along all new roads.
    There are plans to be constructed a commercial area at the south – west to roundabout, a medical centre to south – east and also a sub roundabout for main road at the end of southern road.

  13. Hi Lilie, thank you for the valuable material. However, I think the idea that we shouldn’t use “will” while describing a map seems like nonsense.
    Here is my essay, if someone wants to read some other samples.

    The maps illustrate how an industrial area in the city of Norbiton will be redeveloped

    Overall, several changes are expected to take place in the future. The most notable of these will be the elimination of all factories and the transformation of the site into an urban area.

    As the first map reveals, there is a ring road, with an extended road to the east, in the center of the map, which is connected with the road running from the southwest to the southeast. Along the roadside, eight factories are situated, while the river flows to the north of the area.

    In the future, the roads are planned to be extended significantly by building a new street to the northwest, a T-intersection running from the ring road to the north and crossing the river, and a new orbital road at the southern intersection. With regard to plants, all of them will be demolished and supplanted by accommodations and facilities, such as a playground, a school, a shopping line, and a medical center.

  14. Sorry but I think there are some fundamentally misleading items here. Use of “will” is perfectly fine in my opinion if qualified by the short phrase “According to the plans / planned redevelopment”.
    Also, students should comment on the data given and not infer purpose or goals so it is wrong to talk about goals as it suggests an opinion which is the preseve of task 2 writing. The overall statement should make reference to the extent of the changes in a superficial manner. Additionally, task 1 writings should not be referred to as “essays”; this leads to confusion between task 1 and task 2. Finally, it is too long and students should be deterred from going over 185 words so they don’t (a) spend too much time on the task (b) increase the risk of error by “over-writing” and (c) risk incurring a word penalty.

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback.
      Why do you want to use “will” and “according to the plan” at the same time? Generally, being more concise is considered better style.

      “The goal is to” is simply another way to say “the plan is to”.

      The sentence that contains the word “essay” is simply there for the SEO purpose.

      I agree that 170-180 words are ideal but every task 1 is different. For these particular maps, if you can write only around 180 words and at the same time cover all the key features, please post your work here and let’s everyone read it.

      1. I would use the 4 words “according to the plan” so as to be able to use “will”, which, being 4 words, is hardly unconcise. Since you mention being concise, then shorten the whole piece from over 200 words. The “plan” as you put it, is not the “idea” or “objective” so I disagree that it is “simply another way” to say the same thing. As far as I’m concerned, there should be no sniff of what can be regarded as opinion in task 1 but only factual analysis. In any case – and as stated previously – the overall statement should be just that, an overview comment on all the data represents and not what the “goal” or objective is. I still feel any reference to “essay” re task 1 for whatever reason can be misleading to students. Re your last point, the standard instructions are to focus on “main features” so not every single point which, in my view, can result in minor points being grouped in summary fashion or even left out where they would increase the word count too much. I might well take up your challenge or better, have one of my students do so!

  15. Hello can you please have a moment to look at my writing?
    Norbition industrial area, which is located in the east from town. currently has a main load in south and a rotary road with plants in the centre. Northern river crosses between industrial factories and farmland.
    It is planned to develop to a residential area where can accomodate family-unit-people with housings and facilities of education, medication, and shops. In terms of road, two more roads will be constructed from the rotary though there is only one. One extended road stretches to northern east with houses. The other reaches northern farmland across the river to have a big housing. In order to extend this road, a bridge will be installed. Where it was used to be factories will be place for children. School will be established at the end of existed path where playground is connected. Around rotary, new convenience facilities will be located such as Medical centre and shops.

    1. Hi, thanks for your question. How would you describe the location of the industrial area in relation to the town? It’s illegal to build factories in the town center.

    1. Thanks for your question. In your sentence, “would” is a future subjunctive mood. It’s probably too weak for a planned development.

    1. I’m not going to argue with native speakers but you have to consider the fact that this is an IELTS task. The reason why they show us a planned development is that they want to test if we’re able to use languages specific to an industrial plan like “be planned to”. In fact, when I was preparing for IELTS, one of my teachers who is an ex-examiner told me not to use “will” and “be going to” for a planned development. If you have access to an examiner, you can ask him or her.

      1. Yeah, you are completely right. Could you possibly explain that it is okay to write a sentence as an introductory paragraph?

      2. Hi, I don’t quite understand your question. Yes, your introductory paragraph can contain only one sentence if this is what you’re asking.

  16. The given map depicts the present industrial zone of Norbiton and future development plan of the town. Overall, at present there is a river ,farmland and eight factories in the town but future development includes all required facilities of being town such as shops, school and housing scheme.
    However, in the north of the town now ,there is a river from west to east in flow with a farmland on its north side. In south ,there is a circulatory road surrounded by eight factories along the road.
    Comparatively, In future planning image, there are two circulatory roads connecting with five main roads. In the north of town, river is not in flow as before but crossed by a bridge and road towards housing society in its north west and farmland on its north east. Moreover ,In south east there is school, playground and a medical centre which are surrounding three housing schemes while the south west side is planned with a road along with three housing schemes and shops in its south. Consequently, in the development map, there is a seminal shift from industrial zone to a socialized town.

  17. (Please have a look and feedback please)
    The given diagrams show the plan on Norbiton industrial area for future. The most certain change is that this town is to be changed to residential area from industrial area.
    First of the plans, the road of this town is going to be extended to the north across the river as well as to the northwest from the roundabout in the middle. It could allows housing development success with better access. There are plans for residential areas at the end of the new roads. Moreover, there are more households to be settled in the east by demolishing current factories.
    In addition to road and housing plans, there is another plan for facilities in terms of school, playground, shops and medical centre. Playground and school are planned to be built in the east part of the town, and shops and medical centre are to be in the south right under the big roundabout in the centre of the area.

  18. The two diagram illustrates the present and future situation of Norbiton industrial area in the town.
    Over all, it is clear that the plan is to develop industrial area with connection of road from factory to farm land. Moreover, bridge will be built over the river which separates industries and farming land. Likewise, factories will be demolished and resident buildings will be constructed. As a plan there will be more road networks in place with further improvements like ring road diversions.
    Currently, the Norbiton industrial area which is located at the east side of the town connects with running highway from town and further road is diverted with `L’ turn towards the factory. To the north of the factory expanse the river flowing towards east has completely isolated farm land from the factory. Likewise, the present-day map shows only factory buildings within the perimeter of industrial area.
    According to the proposal, there will be extra road connectivity inside the circumference of industrial area. Most significantly, the road will link the farm land with bridge constructed over the river which have divided these two places. Furthermore, there will be important developmental activities initiated as such like shops, medical center, school, playground and residential buildings on both farm land and factory.

  19. You write such lovely essays and Reports..Thank You for guiding us..But I am confused how you got just 7 bands in Writing. Such kind of Essays deserves band 8.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. All essays on this site were improved by native speakers so they are much better than what I wrote on actual exams.

  20. Hi
    I think it seems incorrect:
    “The farmland north of the river”
    should be replaced by:
    “The farmland to the north of the river”

  21. The maps illustrate an industrial area at present and the way of developing it into a residential area in the east of Norbiton.

    Overall, the location is bounded by a river to the north and a road to the south, whereas the industrial location is planned to be converted with upgrading facilities.

    In terms of the current situation, there is a roundabout in the middle of the area that connects eastern and southern roads with several factories around the roundabout and roads. The future upgrading shows that a plathora of novel constructions have been decided to be added to the eastern road, such as a school at the end of the path, a playground between the main roundabout and the school, and housing areas. Furthermore, a new northern road is planned to be built, whereas a bridge is designed to be established across the river to reach the farmland and similarly constructed houses.

    The future development of the map depicts that there is a newly added roundabout to the south road, while it has been decided to affix a medical centre to the east and shops to the west. Moreover, according to the growth plan, a road is going to be built to the north-west of the map, as well as several houses along the road.

  22. The maps show a currently industrial area… this does not seem correct to me. It should be something like “The two maps depict an industrial area to the east of Norbition and its proposed redesign.”

    1. Hi, don’t worry. “Currently industrial area” is correct. The adverb “currently” modifies the adjective “industrial”. This essay was corrected and improved by native speakers. There is no error. Hope this helps.

  23. Please have a look at it. looking for useful suggestions.

    These maps illustrate the site preferences of Norbiton industrial sector at present and its planned upcoming development.

    Overall, the main theme of the planning is to develop the eastern part of the Norbiton town into a residential area with the introduction of several basic infrastructures.

    At present, the main road in the southern part of the town connects to the industrial area with a T-intersection that leads to a roundabout. This roundabout extends to the eastern part with factories along the routes on either sides and at the end. A river flows from west to east part of the town separating the northern farmlands from the factory area.

    In the future, a smaller roundabout is to be added in the main road which connects to the existing roundabout in the north. This road is to facilitate shops in the west and a medical center in the east. Existing factories are to be completely demolished to make spaces for new facilities of housing and infrastructures. Similarly, road in the north- west region is to be planned to support housing and the existing roundabout is to be further increased towards the northern area over the river to introduce housing facilities by shifting the farmlands easterly. Likewise, a road parallel to the river is planned to access housing. Finally, towards the east and north-east part of the town, schools and playgrounds are proposed respectively along with several housings.

    1. In the introduction, the use of the word preferences, please if can explain the use of it. Also which one will be more suitable at present or in present

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