The Plans Below Show the Layout of a University Sports Centre Now

The plans below show the layout of a university’s sports centre now, and how it will look after redevelopment.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 4 Writing Task 1.


university sports centre now


university sports centre future plans

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The plans display how a university’s sports center looks now and how it is planned to redevelop it.

Overall, the center is to become completely roofed over and multi-functional, with different types of facilities being added.

The entrance of the center is in the middle of its southern wall. Upon entering, reception can be seen directly/straight ahead. Behind reception is a 25-meter-long pool, which has a changing room to its west and seating to its east. All these facilities are to remain unchanged.

However, the gym north of the pool is to be extended eastward, and the outdoor courts east of the pool is to be removed to make room for a sports hall and two dance studios. These new amenities will have a changing room added to the south of them.

There are also plans to demolish the outdoor courts to the west of the central pool. Instead, a new indoor leisure pool is to be constructed, with a changing room south of it.

Lastly, a sports shop and cafe are to be built southwest and southeast of the reception area respectively.

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How to Group Information

  • The entrance and reception desk could be mentioned together.
  • The central pool has a changing room and seating, so these three things could be mentioned together.
  • The gym, sports hall, two dance studios could be grouped together. Notice that they actually share a changing room on the southeast side of the sports center. So, the changing room could be grouped with them.
  • The leisure pool has its own changing room. We can group them together.
  • Lastly, we could group together the two remaining facilities, the sports shop and cafe.

    Common Mistakes

    “Reception” is not countable. Usually it is just “reception”.  But you could use it attributively, and then the following noun will require an article: “the reception area“.
    • Once entered, a reception can be seen directly ahead.
    • Once entered, reception can be seen directly ahead.
    • Once entered, the reception area can be seen directly ahead. (Here, it’s better not to use ‘a reception area’ because the context is a public building, and a public building, such as this sports center, generally has only one reception area.)
    Also note that the second time you mention reception, you should still use “reception” instead of “the reception”. The first mention /second mention rule applies to countable singular nouns where you use the indefinite article first, and then the definite one. Here, the situation is different. If it’s uncountable, it never takes an article.
    • Once entered, reception can be seen directly ahead. Behind the reception is a pool.
    • Once entered, reception can be seen directly ahead. Behind reception is a pool.
    • Once entered, the reception area can be seen directly ahead. Behind the reception area is a pool.

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    1. Which one will be the correct?

      Introduction last line: how it is planned to redevelop it , or
      how it is planned to redevelop.

    2. The maps illustrates the current layout of the university’s sports center and its proposed transformation plan.
      Overall, the main theme of the planning is to reconstruct the sports center with the introduction of several basic infrastructures. The major change is the expansion of the sports center by the demolition of outdoor courts .

      In detail, it can be inferred that the new building of the sports center will remain unchanged except for the expansion of the gym towards the eastern side. On both southwestern and southeastern corners, there is a plan to build changing rooms with a cafe eastward and a sports shop westward from the entrance.
      However, reception, seating, current changing room, and pool will remain the same.
      Whilst, the northeast border will have 2spaces
      Dedicated to dance rooms. whereas, in between the dance studios and seating, there will be a sports hall with the gym on its northern border.Moreover, in the northwestern corner, there will be a huge leisure pool connected to changing room on its lower side.

    3. Hi Lillie, I have a question here: why is “the gym north of the pool” instead of “the gym north to the pool”?

      1. Glad you asked. Hope this helps:

        The gym north of the pool…✔️
        The gym to the north of the pool…✔️
        The gym north to the pool…❌

    4. hi, i didn’t understand why you have written that “the gym West of the pool is to be expanded…..” as according to the maps the gym is situated on the “Northern” side of the pool.
      Please help me. Thanks

    5. The map ilustrates the layout of sports centre of the university at present as well as how it will look after the development in present centre have minimum number of facilities that will boost in the future according to plans.
      In an overview,the large number of facilities will be added in sports centre,also its area will be broaden after the redevelopment.
      According to present map of the university sports centre have swimming pool in the center of it. reception situated in the southern part of the centre. Moreover changing room,gym, seating courts surrounded to the pool and there is two outdoor courts located in the east western part of the centre.

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