The Bar Chart Below Shows the Top Ten Countries for the Production and Consumption of Electricity

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Lilie King

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The bar chart below shows the top ten countries for the production and consumption of electricity in 2014.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 13 Test 3 Writing Task 1.

The Bar Chart Below Shows the Top Ten Countries for the Production and Consumption of Electricity

Sample Essay

The bar graph displays the ten nations that produced and consumed the largest amounts of electricity in 2014.

Overall, China and the United States led in both electricity output and use. In addition, generation exceeded consumption in all the countries except Germany. 

At 5,398 and 5,322 billion kWh, China generated and used more power than any of the other countries. The United States was the second largest producer and consumer of power, at 4,099 and 3,866 billion kWh respectively.

Of the other eight countries, Russia was the only country whose output and consumption were over 1,000 billion kWh, at 1,057 and 1,038 billion kWh respectively. The Republic of Korea, in comparison, only produced 485.1 billion kWh and used 449.5 billion kWh, making it the smallest electricity producing and consuming country. 

In terms of Japan, India, Canada, France, Brazil and Germany, their outputs ranged from 526.6 to 936.2 billion kWh while their usages ranged from 455.8 to 856.7 billion kWh. It is also noteworthy that Germany was the only country that used more power than it generated, at 582.5 and 526.6 kWh respectively.

197 Words

How to Paraphrase “Production of Electricity”

  • Electricity production
  • Electricity generation
  • Electricity output
  • To produce electricity
  • To generate electricity 
  • Producer of electricity: China was the largest producer of electricity.
  • Electricity-producing country: China was the biggest electricity-producing Country.
Note that once you’ve established the context in your introduction paragraph, you can omit ‘electricity’ and just use ‘production’ or ‘consumption’.

Example:     Generation exceeded consumption in all the countries except Germany.

How to Paraphrase “consumption of electricity”

  • Electricity consumption 
  • Electricity use
  • To consume electricity 
  • To use electricity 
  • Consumer of electricity 
  • Electricity-consuming country 

Note that you can use “power” to avoid repeating “electricity” too many times.

How to Avoid writing Too many words

The key is to group together Japan, India, Canada, France, Brazil, and Germany. Please read the last paragraph to see how I added data for these six countries.

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  1. I gave up after reaching half of my essay. Because I was just listing countries from top to bottom. I want to say that the way you grouped the data is wonderful

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