Some People Believe That Universities Should Focus On Employment Skills for the Future

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July 5, 2021

Some people believe that university education should focus on the skills of employment for the future. Others think they should focus on academic study only. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Sample Essay

Some people think that the focus of universities should be on skills for future employment, while others argue that it should only be on academic study. I agree with the former viewpoint because teaching employment skills offers students a higher return on their investments.

On the one hand, academic study is the foundation of innovation. It equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to bring new ideas to reality. For example, without the academic theories acquired at school, scientists would not have been able to find a cure for AIDS. Since employment skills can be gained at work, it would be better for students to concentrate only on academic study to make the best use of their time. However, I think most students do not have the ambition to become inventors who change the world. They just hope their college degrees can help them get high-paying jobs.

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On the other hand, higher education will be a better investment for students if it focuses on preparing them for work. Many people take on huge student loans to go to college. Employment skills can increase their chances of getting high-paying jobs. As a result, they would be able to pay off their debts and have money to live more comfortably. I agree with this argument because no one wants to spend tens of thousands of dollars learning academic theories just to end up working at an Amazon warehouse.

In conclusion, even though academic theories play a major role in innovation, I believe tertiary education should be more about helping students develop skills for future employment so that their investments are not being wasted.

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    1. People hold different views about whether high education should pay more attention on practical skill learning or theoretical acknowledge. It is no doubt that academic courses are important for college students to study, however, I do not agree that university should do more than simply focus on academic study.
      To a certain extent, I agree that the purpose of most students who are undertake years of training in college or university and gain relevant qualifications are prepared for the workplace. In recent years, there is a growing demand for well-skilled people who can work in the fields in computer science, interior design and film-making which means students should be taught relevant practical skills, such as programming, design or photography. By doing so, they can realize ambition and live better quality of lives through mastering these useful skills. Moreover, It is essential for university or college to focus on certain key skills to improve the employment rate.
      On the other hand, I believe that students have obligation to complete the academic tasks consciously. It is a fundamental requirement for students to process academic study every day and achieve good performance pf each course. While university or college should have the intention to cultivate the capability of social skill or give speech in the public to the majority of students. According to a research by Chicago University based on 700 American students who were often got chance to public speaking, 80% of them resulted in higher wages than those who never practiced speech in the public.
      In conclusion, It seems to me that it is very important for students to focus on academic study and university should pay more attention on practical skills training.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. In your body paragraphs, you need to first discuss other people’s opinions, and then say why you agree or disagree with them. Please read the sample essay to see how I gave my opinions in the two body paragraphs.

  1. To compete in the comeptitive era,the skills are play major role.Many people believe that university focus on the different kind of employment skills which help students in future.While others contend that the college’s should focus on academics only so students theorical knowledge increase.In my opinion, university must be provide professional skills to students which help them to shape their career.

    On the one hand, academic study is pillar.If the theorical concepts are clear of any students consequently that become easier for him to do practical work.for example,if any student wants to become scientist so he need to go through with the theories only.Even though,through theories anyone can become expert in their respective field.

    On the other hand,the employment skills play vital role in the career.students get enrolled in university for the good job with handsome package,which is only possible if university provide employment skills in terms of vocational trainings, group discussion,seminars,workshops through these activities students get professional environment which help them to cope up with future challenges.

    To conclude,academic study is pillar but only academics can not help to get success.In my opinion, practical exposure and employment skills help students to get good job and help to get success.

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