Some People Think Watching TV and Films Makes Children More Creative

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March 30, 2021

Some people think watching TV and films makes children more creative. Others think that it can actually lower their creativity.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

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Sample Essay

Some people feel that TV and film viewing increases children’s creativity, while others claim that it can make them less creative. Although TV shows and films may contain too much detailed information, I think they positively impact children’s creativity because they can make children excited about something.

On the one hand, TV programs and films can be too detailed. Take for example documentaries about lions. They have all the information children want to know about these creatures, such as how they hunt, form a pride, and raise their cubs. Therefore, there is no room left for children to imagine what lions’ lives are like in the wild. However, I think imagination is only one part of creativity. All these facts may inspire children in other ways, such as creating new methods to protect lions and their habitats.

On the other hand, it can be argued that children may become excited about something after watching a TV show or film. Some programs are very educational; they vividly inform children about exciting current affairs, such as breakthroughs in scientific areas. This can inspire them to create something new in the future. For example, Jeff Bezos would not have founded his spaceflight company Blue Origin if he had not watched the 1969 moon landing on TV when he was a little boy. I agree with this argument because the biggest inspiration for something comes when one can feel the excitement.

In conclusion, even though TV shows and films can overwhelm children with facts, I still think they can help them become more creative because of the excitement they create.

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How to Vary Your Language

Watching TV and films:
  • viewing TV and films
  • watching TV shows/programs and films
  • TV and film viewing

Please don’t use “imagination” in your introduction when you are paraphrasing the question statement because imagination is just one part of creativity.

There is no good synonym for “creativity”, so just use a different word form: creative.

Useful Vocabulary

  • to overwhelm someone with something
  • to form a pride
  • to raise cubs
  • in the wild
  • habitats
  • inform someone about/of something
  • current affairs
  • a spaceflight company
  • moon landing

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