The Charts Below Show the Percentage of Water

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March 28, 2021

The charts below show the percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

This essay question is from Cambridge IELTS 11 Test 1 Writing Task 1.

Percentage of water used for different purposes in six areas of the world

the charts below show the percentage of water

Sample Essay

The pie charts provide data on the proportion of water consumed for agricultural, industrial, and domestic purposes in six parts of the world.

Overall, agriculture is the largest consumer of water in Central Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, while industry consumes more water than either of the other two sectors in Europe and North America.

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In Central Asia, Africa and Southeast Asia, a significant proportion of water consumption, 88%, 84%, and 81% respectively, is used for agricultural purposes. Conversely, neither industrial nor domestic water usage exceeds 10% of total water usage in any of these three areas; the exception is Southeast Asia where industrial use reaches 12%.

Compared to the three areas mentioned above, South America consumes proportionally less agricultural water, at 71% of its total water consumption, but more domestic water, at 19%. 

Europe and North America use water differently. In both these areas, industry accounts for around half of the water consumption, whereas agriculture contributes only 32% to 39%. The remaining 13% to 15% is used by households. (172 Words)

How to Group Data

I grouped the last three areas in a paragraph because their agricultural water uses are all greater than 80 percent. Then, I talked about their industrial and domestic uses are all small and also pointed out the last area is an exception

For the second area, I talked about how it is different from the three areas mentioned above.

Lastly, I grouped the first and third areas in a paraphrase because in these two areas industry is the biggest user of water.

How to Vary Your Language

Domestic use
  • Residential use/consumption

Example     Residential use accounts for the smallest proportion of water consumption in Europe.

  • Households

Example     Households account for the smallest proportion of water consumption in Europe.

Example     Households consume less water than either of the other two sectors in Europe.

Water use
  • Water consumption

Example     Industry accounts for the greatest proportion of water consumption in Europe.

  • Consumer /User of water

Example     Industry is the largest consumer of water in Europe.

  • To consume /use water

Example     In Europe, industry consumes more water than either of the other two sectors.

Percent vs Percentage Points

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  1. The given pie charts illustrates information about the amounts of wate utilized for various needs (industrial, agriculture and domestic) in six different region around the world.
    Taking a quick overview, it can be observed that North America and Europe owns the largest contributions of using water for their industrial intentions which stand against other areas which their largest water consumption is allocated for agricultural purposes. In the mentioned areas, industry accounts for roughly half of the total water consumption, whereas agriculture and domestic owned contributions of 32% to 39% and 13% to 15% respectively.
    More specifically, regarding the water usage shares in Europe and North America, they seem to have a resembling patterns, which are contributed as: 13% and 15% for domestic use, 48% and 53% for industrial use, 39% and 32% for Agricultural use respectively.
    In contrary, the other 4 regions seem to have allocated their major amount of water resources to Agricultural purposes which can be related to their goverenmental policies and climate system. Regarding Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Aisa, neither industrial nor domestic shares exceed 10% except for Southeats Asia where the share reaches 12%.

  2. The proportion of water consumption for different purposes namely industrial, agriculture and domestic use in six regions in the world is illustrated by the following pie charts.
    Overall, it can be seen that in North America and Europe, industrial use of water has the highest proportion. However, in other regions, the highest percentage of water consumption belongs to agriculture.
    Regarding Industrial use, In Europe the majority of consumed water belonging to industrial use represents 53%. This figure stands at just under the half for the North America. The Industrial water consumption in other areas account for less than 15%.
    Central Asia, on the other hand, with 88% of water use in agriculture consumes the highest water in this section. This figure compromises for 84%, 81% and 71% for Africa, South East Asia and South America respectively. In all the regions, household water consumption accounts for less than 20% of the total. (Can it get 7?)

  3. The pie charts illustrate the proportion of water consumption and the purpose of it in six different countries around the globe.
    Overall, it is conspicuous that the amount of water consumed for the agricultural sector was the highest across five countries, Whereas it was the least in the case of water usage for domestic purposes in all six nations. Noticeably, two countries, North America and Europe—consumed the most water for industrial purposes. While other nations showed a small proportion of water usage for industrial areas.
    At the first glance, it is clear that the highest proportion of water supply used by three countries Central Asia, Africa, South East India and South America for agricultural purposes with the 88, 84, 81 and 71 per cent respectively. On the other hand, the least portion of water had been used by these countries for industrial sector with in ratio of among the least 12, 7, 5, and 10 percentages.
    Moving ahead, significant amount of water had been consumed by Europe and North America for Industrial sector following the ratio of 53 and 48 percent simultaneously. While, for the purpose for household activities these country use a small percentage 15 percentage and 13 per cent. (Please see and provide feedback with your speculative band)

  4. The chart provides information about water used for ,industrial use, agricultural use, domestic use in six areas of the world. (just introduction. Please anybody check my introduction and mark band score type).

  5. The Pie graphs Provide how the amount of water which used for several reasons in North America, South America Europe, Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia of the world.

    Overall, it can be seen that the proportion of water, which used maximum for agriculture in South America, Africa, Central Asia, and South East Asia, whereas, the percentage of water, which consumed minimum for domestic in all the pie Chard’s, Further, water used middle for industrial in North America, Europe, and South East Asia.

    Looking at the pie charts that, I more detail it is evident that the percentage of water, which used for agricultural increased from 39% in North America to 71% till South America, but reduced to 32% in Europe and then again up warded unpredictably to 84% in Africa and this figure increased Constantly to 88% in Central Asia and to 81% in south East Asia respectively.

    Turning to the remaining pie charts, about Industrial and Domestic, it is clear that the amount at water which used for industrial decreased from 48% in North America to 10% in South America, and Improved to 53% in Europe, moreover declined unexpectedly to 7% in Africa and 5% till Central Asia but shoot up slightly to 12% in South East Asia.

  6. The pie charts display the proportions of purposes for water usage in six different areas around the world.
    Overall, although water supply went the largest for agricultural use across all regions except in North America and Europe, these two areas use up water predominantly for industrial use.
    The areas of South America, Africa, Central and South-East Asia, spend the highest proportion of their water reservoirs for agricultural reasons, at 71%, 84%, 88%, and 81%, respectively. They, except the South-East Asia, had alike distribution of water for industrial and domestic use, with less than 20% of their water supply go to industrial purpose, and no more than 10% of the remaining proportion to domestic use. In comparison, South-East Asia uses up more water for industrial use, at 12%, than for domestic use, at only 7%.
    Sharing the same proportions, North America and Europe, use water mainly for industrial purposes, at 48% and 53%, respectively. Only about a quarter of water go to agriculture in North America, while about two-thirds in Europe. These areas also have less than 15% of their total water consumption that go to domestic use.

  7. The six pie charts illustreate information about water consumption for various purposes in six areas of the world.

    Overall, water comsumption for agricultural is taken highest proportion in South America, Africa, Centra Asia and South East Asia. However, Domestic use in the less water used in this charts expect South America.

    In terms of, North America and Europe they used most of the water in industrial use which accounted for 48% and53 respectively. In addition, Agriculture used water almost a third in Europe and North America in 48 percent. Whereas, domestic used is less amount of water in North America and Europe with a minority.

    South America, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia most water consumption for agricultural use which accounted for 71%, 84%, 88% and 81%, respectively. However domestic use is consume less than a fifth in this four areas, while industrial use accounted for 10%,7%,5% and 12% in South America Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia respectively.

  8. Dear Lilie, regarding what you mentioned in other posts, must it be mentioned “any of the other sectors” instead of “other sectors” in the second paragraph?

  9. Dear Lilie, in paragraph 3, the second sentence seems to have no “Subject”. I think “in” must be omitted, and it should be “None of these three areas are the proportions …”. So, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. May I know why do you talk about domestic use rather than the bigger proportion, agricultural use for North America and Europe?

  11. Hey Lilie, pls help me I’m not able to get even 6 bands in writing, although I have tried your strategies. I only want 6 band in this module pls help me.

  12. I must say your blog is best & comprehensive about every topic, which not only gives us clear ideas but also help us to organize those ideas.
    Thanks a lot ma’am. Keep it up with great spirit.

  13. Please review mine

    The six pie charts illustrate the proportions of water utilized for various reasons in six areas of the world.

    Looking at the graph, it is apparent that water is mostly used in the agricultural sector in most parts of the world, while water utilized for domestic purposes covers the least portion of the chart.

    Water is heavily utilized in and covers a significant portion of the chart in Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and South America at 88%, 84%, 81%, and 71%, respectively. However, water was used only for 32% and 39% in North America and Europe, respectively. Water is used for industrial purposes by nearly half of the people in North America and Europe. However, in comparison to the rest of the world, these figures were significantly lower and were never higher than 12%.

    Water being used for domestic purposes was least popular in North America, along with central and southeast Asia, accounting for only 13%, 7%, and 7% respectively. In contrast, water utilization for domestic purposes never went above 20% in rest of the world

  14. This essay is supper helpful, most importantly the part you explained how the grouping was done. It actually gives one insight on how to tackle any question in task 1. Thanks for this.

  15. Hello Lillie, I can’t be more grateful for your effort publishing these great essays. The best ones I’ve ever seen on the internet!! They really help me a lot!! Thank you sooooo much !!!!

  16. The following pie charts show the consumption of water for different purposes in six different countries named North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and South East Asia.
    Overall, the consumption of industrial water is highest in Europe and lowest in Central Asia, whereas most and least domestic water is consumed in South America and Central Asia (also South East Asia) respectively. Central Asia consumes most agricultural water whereas Europe consumes the least. Also, from the charts it can be seen that all are agricultural countries except for North America and Europe. Along with this it can also be said that water consumption for domestic use is least in each country.
    Industrial water consumption is highest in Europe (53%) followed by North America (49%) followed by South East Asia, South America, Africa, Central Asia (12%, 10%, 7%, 5% respectively). Use of domestic water is highest in South America (19%) followed by Europe (15%) followed by North America (13%) followed by Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia (9%, 7%, 7% respectively).
    Agricultural water consumption is highest in majority of the mentioned countries. Maximum usage is in Central Asia (88%) followed by Africa (84%) followed by South East Asia (81%) followed by South America (71%) followed by North America and Europe (39% and 32% respectively).

  17. The given pie charts represent us the proportion of usage of water for various purposes among six different countries in the World.
    As an overall trend, six countries preferred using water for agriculture than using domestic and industrial. Less preferred is using industrial purposes except for North America and Europe.
    According to the first three countries are North America, South America, and Europe. The usage of water for agricultural purposes has the percentage of 13%, 71%, and 32% respectively. Among the three countries, Europe’s and America’s water use for industrial accounting for 48% and 53% which have the highest proportion. South America’s industrial use has an insignificant proportion. Domestic usage of water has a tiny proportion with 19% in South America. Other countries follow 15% and 13%.
    As can be seen in the last three countries agricultural usage of water has a very large proportion in Africa, Central Asia, and South Africa with 81% and 88% respectively. However, those countries’ usage of water for domestic aims has a tiny fraction. The least usage of water is industrial which has an average use of 8 percent.

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  19. Dear King,
    thank you for your help.
    I have 2 questions.
    First, Can we use “Instead,” instead of “By contrast, in none of …”?.
    Next, I think that the “in” must be omitted in the above sentence, must not be?
    Thank you a lot.

  20. Hi Lilie,
    I am overwhelmed by your beautiful writings for task 1, I need to take my exam in two days and its really a blessing for me at this moment. I am just wondering if you could help me in developing task 1 anytime in future,in case i need to retake test, I would be regardful for that.

  21. The given pie charts illustrate the way people in six particularly different parts of the world consume water for their individual needs.

    It can be seen from the pie charts that African, Asian and. south American mostly use water for Irrigation purpose, while North America and European consume water for their Industrial use, mainly. Besides, the proportions of Households using water make up the minorities of the total in almost these regions, except South America.

    To be specific, the proportions of water used for Agriculture account for vast majorities in Central, South East Asia and Africa (81%, 88% and 84% respectively). The figure for South America is 13% lower than that in Africa, at 71%. Besides, North America and Europe just use nearly two-fifths and one-third of total water source (39% and 32%, respectively). In contrast, Industrial purpose just makes African and Asian users consume a low amount of water, with just over 10% in Africa, 5% and 7% of total in Central and South East Asian.

    With regard to Residental use, this purpose of using water comprises 9% of total in Africa and 7% for each in Central and South East Asian. Meanwhile, the proportions of it in America and Europe are slightly higher, with 13% in North, 19% in South America, which is 5% lower than that in Europe, at 15%.

  22. the given pie chart illustrate the percentage of water consume by three sectors namely industrial,agriculture,domestic in six different nation. overview, It can be seen that in all given nation agriculture sector use significant water except north america and europe whereas, water consumption in domestic sector show tiny percentage approximately in all given six area. North america used 48% of water for industries and almost 2 fifth(39%) consume for agriculture but it was half usage of water as compare to africa in agriculture,although,only13%water used for domestic purpose in north america. South east asia and south america used same quantity if water for commercial sector whereas,south east consumed half water for domestic area than south america and there is not much variation in agriculture usage both nation used approximately similar amount of water. Africa utilise 84% fresh water for irrigation although, 7% and 9% water consumed in industries and agriculture respectively. next,central asia consumed has significant record of water consumption which used 88% water in agriculture and 5% least water utilised for commercial sector whereas, domestic usage slightly tiny than Africa

  23. The givn pie charts illustrate information about three main seperated water usage in six regions of the world. It reveals significant differences and similarities between those areas.
    According to the charts most of the regions have been used to water for the agricultural purpose except North America and Europe. In contrast, that two regions had been consumed the water for industrial manners with nearly a half propotion rather than others. On the other hand, the pie charts indicates the other four areas use considerably less than 10%. In addition, South America, Central Asia, Africa and South East Asia had been put up which water consumed for the agricultural section for more than 70% out of total.
    As well as that the highest percentage of a domestic use had been gone to South America with 19% and the lowest part had been gone Central Asia and South East Asia equal with 7%. Furthermore, North America and Europe had been contributed to household utilizes in simmilar fractions.

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