Your Friend Has Been Offered a Place on a Course at the University Where You Studied

Published on October 14, 2022

Your friend has been offered a place on a course at the university where you studied. He/She would like your advice about finding a place to live.

Write an email to your friend. In your email

  • describe where you lived when you were a student at the university
  • recommend the best way for him/her to look for accommodation
  • warn him/her of mistakes students make when choosing accommodation

This informal letter question is from Cambridge IELTS 16 General Training Test 2 Writing Task 1.

Sample Letter 214 Words

Dear Brian,

I’d be more than happy to give you advice on where to stay when you begin your course at university! I lived in an apartment building a few minutes away from campus when I attended. The building was a 10-minute walk from the main campus and 5 minutes away from the Spruceland Shopping Center. It had some gorgeous apple trees growing out front!

The best way for you to look for a place to live would be for you to look on Facebook. There, you’ll find a ton of groups for people looking to rent houses, apartments, and even single rooms in someone’s home. In addition, you can easily direct message the homeowner if you find a place that suits your needs! It would be a really great way to not only find accommodation but to also practice your written English skills.

Make sure that you don’t make the common mistakes that other student renters make, though! Don’t go with the cheapest accommodation you can find if it’s further than a few minutes away from campus. If you do that, you’ll end up being late or skipping class more often than you think you will. Also, don’t move into the first place offered if it isn’t something you like! 

Best wishes,


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